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  1. So last weekend I got married and me and my wife bought beautiful matching Stirling silver wedding rings. (Expensive too) In my vanity, I thought mine was a tad too shiny so looked up and found a method to darken the silver by placing it in a bag with a recently crushed and boiled egg. The article suggested 5 hours, I checked mine after 20 minutes and it was completely copper coloured! I presume this is oxidisation with sulphur compounds. How can I reverse this? I’m currently boiling in baking powder to no avail. Please help, my wife is going to kill me!
  2. hmm i wasn't sure about the rollover i'll probably change it and yea it was for a project im doing.
  3. Ok i think i've finally finished my website... http://antidepressants.zxq.net/index.html What do you guys think (both content and design) any improvements to make?
  4. hmm i have an alt tag on all my pictures but none of seem to do anything when i hover over with a mouse.
  5. After a several days crying over my computer I've knocked up a basic website that seems to work ok. However one thing im yet to work out is how to get a caption for a picture when you hover over it? Also im trying to create a roll over image which changes when you put the mouse over. Some people say I should use Javascript while others say use css. What do you guys think? I tried using .. <img src="rollover0.png" id="Phenylethylamine" onMouseOver="getElementById('Phenylethylamine').src='rollover1.png'" rollover0.png="getElementById('Phenylethylamine').src='rollover1.png'"> ...which changes the picture when you hover over but not back when youtake the mouse off.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. I think i've finally fixed all the problems with html but im having trouble finding a way to make borders and move pictures around etc. I've found a way to do it with css but im not sure if I can just add it to my html. Can you mix and match html and css?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I took your advise and sat down this morning and wrote my first piece of html which wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be. That said I just put it through a validator ( http://validator.w3.org/ ) and there's a ridiculous amount of errors that which i can't seem to fix. One thing I can't work out is how to make the whole document a certain font. It only seems to work if i use the <font face="arial" font size="5.6"> </font> after every paragraph not just in between the <body> tags. Also the validator seems to think theres something wrong with my image tags which are <img src="serotonin.png" width="80" height="60"> and <img src="antidepressants.jpg" width="200" height="150"> Anyone know how it can be fixed?
  8. I'm currently trying make a website but html is scaring me a little bit. Do any of you know of any simple to use free software or templates that I could use to save time?
  9. I always found this website quite good at understanding atomic orbital shapes.. http://winter.group.shef.ac.uk/orbitron/
  10. I think he probably means the group of compounds used in chemical warfare.. ie mustard gas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustard_gas
  11. Try looking in Hardware stores, you can sometimes get it under the name of 'wood alcohol'
  12. Cheers thanks for the help. Hopefully this will force me to start revising.
  13. Just a quickie.... Anyone know how i can have a powerpoint file open every time I start up windows?
  14. I made some nice green flames a while back with copper oxide and methanol....
  15. Slightly random question but anyway..... As a keen shisha pipe collector I spend a lot of my evenings practicing blowing smoke rings while I watch tv. Recently I've been wondering whether it would be possible to create other shapes i.e. stars or triangles and experimented with making hollow shaped tubes to see if I could make any. As expected it didn't really work. Why is this? Is there a reason why rings seem so stable or are other shapes possible? What do you think?
  16. For the last few months i've been travelling and using my Ipod as a flash disk to store photos. Anyway after coming back a few days ago I found out for some reason I can't copy them back onto my computer. Everytime I try to copy a photo it comes up with a message saying 'Cannot copy Image_2873 the Parameter is Incorrect' Anyone have a clue whats going on as I really don't want to lose the 3 or 4 thousand photos I have. Cheers
  17. Thanks for the ideas Woelen. At the beginning of this year I did briefly considered Scandinavia/Eastern Europe but for various reasons I decided against it. I think the main thing was when looking into it I found Scandinavia to be far far more expensive I originally thought. My decision was final when I was told Beer averages at £3.50 a pint in Norway! Why this might have been an overstatement, after travelling in Russia for so long last summer I also felt like I should go somewhere where the cultures are entirely different to any European country or place I'd been. However, of course for non European Countries you need to leave Europe and I need to stay relatively close by to get back in August so i'm a little stuck. I think so far Turkey/Middle East is my best bet but I still keep on changing my mind. aargh I hate being so indecisive.
  18. Not site seeing tours as such no. I'll stay in hostels where it will be easier to meet other travellers but I also hope to meet locals aswell. How long I stay in each place is dependant on a lot of things but I won't be getting a job or staying in one place too long.
  19. Just thought I'd give you an update as I've almost finished planning my travels and I'm far too excited to keep it to myself. Anyway I'm starting out in Naples to visit friends then travelling South to Sicily where I'll leave them and get a boat to North Africa. Arriving in Tunisia I'll go West through Algeria (undecided), Morroco, Mali and maybe further South depending on how much time I have and how accessible the countries are. I've then got a month or two to travel back to Croatia where I'm going to meet up a few people in August but I'm undecided on my root back. My first thought was going via Greece, Albania, Bulgaria etc but I haven't really had time to look into the these coutries and I know Greece is slightly costly to travel in. My other thought was going up through North East Africa and through Libya, Turkey, Syria etc but again more reseach is in order. I'm trying to avoid planning this too much as iIm certain once I meet people I'll quickly change my mind, then again I still need a rough idea on how to spend my last two months. Can any of you recommend any relatively cheap/not too touristy countries in europe that would be worth visiting? I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with choice at the moment.
  20. aj47


    Yea I've heard that too, its hard to believe when you work somewhere like I do. I think the only time i've ever been susceptible to peer pressure is at my work where I end up drinking upwards of five cups a day just so the tea lady won't get offended. Saying that I've been to quite a few countries where people seem to drink more tea than the English. I remember in Russia I once asked someone for a drink of water to which she replied 'water? what do you get out of water, have tea we're not peasants here'. I spent quite a while convinving her that I genuinely wanted water and wasn't just being polite.
  21. aj47


    In Russia and some Middle eastern countries they drink regular tea without milk but they drink using a Samovar. Simply put it's a big urn with concentrated tea which you add to your cup and dilute with boiling water to your taste. My brother recently brought one back from Russia and use it quite alot now, there great.
  22. It will be closer to 70% perchlorate. I'm a bit bored of flash anyway.
  23. aj47


    Not my idea but in our house we put a brick in the head of toilet so less water is used each flush. Also we grow quite a lot of vegetables and herbs, vegatable peelings etc are saved to be made into compost for the garden and other food scraps are given to a family friend who uses it to feed his pigs.
  24. aj47

    Thermite pan

    Very nice, great choice of music aswell Dragonforce are awesome! Could you expand on the 'thermate', I have a fair amount of slightly impure barium nitrate from barium carbonate that I'm willing to experiment with. I've also been experimenting with copper thermites recently with varying success. As expected most are not as impressive as Fe2O3/Al with the exception of CuO/Al and CuO/Zn which burn unexpectedly fast.
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