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  1. I think most people would probably go insane with one long day and even worse one long night. Also it would completly mess up our sleep pattern as melatonin the neurotrasmitter responsible for deep sleep is broken down in light. but i guess most people would probably adjust after time, who knows
  2. I have always understood the universe as having boundrys where space time is bent into a higher dimension. For example it would be like 2 dimsional beings on a piece of paper that had been bent into a sphere tring to escape off the edge. Any one else heard that theory, i think it was mitchio kaku who said it. Also someone pointed out that if the universe was infintite and had been there for ever, when we looked at the sky it would constantly be lit up from the infinate amount of light from the infinate amount of stars. Sorry hope this hasn't been said already.
  3. quote -Many theorists in the field try hard to find some observable measurement that can be attributed as a consequence of the theory'' Arent they looking at the ditribution of dark matter which they believe is a consequence of a parallel universe in a higher dimension??
  4. If optical isomers have the same physical and chemical properties how can they be seperated or syntheised with out creating a racemic mixture. I know the 2001 noble prize for chemistry was involved in this but can any one give me a link or explain how it works??
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