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  1. i made some NaSO4 but i didn't filter it, so wather was there, and in lap of the next day it was like crystal.
  2. maybe dissolving cooper in nitric acid and then add the h2so4 will work. you can also boil the h2so4 until you get an oily solution.
  3. yes, but you can try to ignite the kno3 with a burning stick.
  4. i want it because i was meaning if someone can make any chlorate easly. i see now' that is better doing with salt, anyway. thanks guys, i have a source of ClO2 but not of Cl2O5, thanks.
  5. read books, if you like programing you can get free tools to programe and also a tuto. i found one it's called palmos developer suite, i have it, it's free http://www.accessdevnet.com/ however it's only for the palmOS, for the tuto you can search for codewarrior books, principle of programing. there are also a lot of programing languages. like VB
  6. Hello. I was thinking if could i do some HClO3 with Cl2 as source, puting some Cl2 in water will do HClO3, and puting it in h202 will do hclo4, will this combination really work? or it will do just hcl?
  7. i think this post should be in physics, the gravity
  8. burning kno3 is no equal to burning a simple piece of paper.
  9. i searched in the forum, and found this, http://kclo3.velp.info i hope it will be usefull for you.
  10. yes, according to the info. they are nasty, and dangerous, thanks for all guys
  11. one time, i melt it with potassium nitrate, it really melts at hight temperatures
  12. yes, i was reffering to the warfare mustards but, i don't want to break any law, it was just for curiosity, because it's a strange name for a warfare compund, i mean, what have to see the mustard with the sluphur, just the color i think...
  13. i have to add one, to make a good white screen of smoke, cheap and easy, just add paraffin to the KNO3/C12H22O11. i don't know how much do you need, buy if you see when you take burning wood and you put it on a candle you will see the finnest white smoke, Naphthalene also do the work, but when you put a lot it's difficult to ignite it...
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