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  1. Important note to the future ruler of the world: rid the earth of stupidity, by beating the stupidity out of stupid people! LOL!
  2. I speak Papiamento, English, Spanish, Dutch fluently, some French & German, also some Japanese which I'm studying at the moment. I guess I'm a hyperpolyglot. 日本語が勉強為ている。(Currently, I'm studying Japanese) 科学が大好きです。サイエンス フォーラムスは凄いです。(I realy like science. Scienceforms is great!) Btw, are we allowed to post in other languages on the forums?
  3. There are more neurons in an average adult brain than there are stars in the sky, ergo there are more neural connections between neurons in an average adult brain than there stars (not atoms) in the universe.
  4. As the insulin level is a central metabolic control mechanism, its status is also used as a control signal to other body systems such as amino acid uptake by body cells. For more information take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin#Effects If afterwards you still are in need of clarification, then please don't hesitate to ask. Hope that helps.
  5. Some information are only stored in your short term memory and not the long term memory(LTM). If information gets stored into your LTM, that doesn't mean that it will be stored there for the rest of your life, it can be stored there for a few days or for a few decades. It all depends on the neural connections that are made, it's use it or lose it, meaning that if you want to be able to remember certain information decades from now, then you will have to strengthen the neural connections by repetitions. This can occur naturally by reflection (when you recall something without trying to and keep thinking about), or by deliberate recall. Doing this doesn't really guarantee that you'll be able to remember it all, since neuro-degeneration caused by the effects of normal aging is still a factor. However you can fortify your memory against these effects by doing things like neurobics regularly, which studies suggest can delay the onset of alzheimer's disease. By the way, if information stored in your LTM as neural connections aren't fortified then they get pruned away, so other neural connections can be made. I better stop otherwise I'll carry on and on and on! Hope that helps.
  6. Those dots/specks you see darting around when staring up into a bright blue sky on a sunny day (not looking at the sun) don't seem to be caused by floaters (muscae volitantes) nor flashers. It is known as scheerer's phenomenon or blue field entoptic phenomenon. Those dots/specks superimposed over a flat blue background are white blood cells moving through the blood vessels of the retina.
  7. Spiking fever is way ppl describe a high fever (pyrexia); also swinging fever and spiking temperature. For more info go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrexia
  8. It would seem that whatever gryphin's intentions were, he must of either gotten the info he wanted or gotten discouraged, esp. seeing as that post was his one and only post ever. I hope he wasn't a "druggie" for his sake.
  9. I agree with Sayonara³. I see that a few ppl don't quite understand yet, AIDS is a syndrome not a disease! Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a condition that someone infected by the HIV-virus can develope; this is the state where they can no longer fight-off even the simplest infections. Someone who becomes severely immuno-compromised due to e.g. leukemia can also develope AIDS.
  10. That would be angina pectoris, which can happen to ppl from time to time brought on by physical exertion or quick sudden movements after one has been in a relaxed state for a while; for example if you were sitting down watching tv and all of a sudden you make a quick movement to e.g. quickly reach out and grab the remote. When this occurs and you try to move, you feel a sharp pain in your chest which usually subsides when you sit back down and relax for a bit. However if you get angina manifesting frequently, or if the pain tends to last for more than a few minutes then you should go see you doctor about it, for this can be a symptom of a serious heart disease (like coronary artery disease for instance).
  11. 1+1 = 10 There are 10 kinds of people: those that can read binary codes and those that can't!
  12. lance, have tried transforming the voltage? You could get the desired amount of volts just by using a small transformer.
  13. You can also get red fuming nitric acid or fuming sulfuric acid they are more corrosive then nitric acid and sulfuric acid!
  14. Does anybody know of a safe and easy way to make CS2(l)? I needed to extract sulphur.
  15. When NI3 is wet it is more stable so they place on the ring stand when it's wet then when it dries it can be detonated! NI3 is very powerful, it doesn't take really that much to blow you into a million pieces!
  16. Try looking at the MSDS of these chemicals (MSDS=material safety data sheets) You can find them at http://ull.chemistry.uakron.edu/erd/
  17. powdered aluminum is made by crushing aluminum to (powdered)dust. Not by a chemical reaction!!
  18. 2NaNO3(l) -> 2Na(l) + N2(g) + 3O2(g) For doing that I would advise you be very careful and be sure you have the right equiment of good qualty to do this. I also advise you to use NaNO3 instead of NaHCO3 because NaHCO3 can give you H2O and this can be very dangerous! Sodium reacts very violently with water, it can be explosive! When doing electrolysis of molten NaNO3 you must seperate the Sodium completely from the oxygen because it will oxydize and am pretty sure you want Na(s) and not Na2O(s). Be sure to get the MSDS of Sodium before you do this, so you know how to handle and store you Sodium so that no explosion occurs!!!!!(MSDS= Material Safety Data Sheets)
  19. Can you describe the procedure please, thanks that will be allot of help!
  20. depending what for chemicals you want, you can buy some at a hardware store, pharmacy, etc. p.e. you can buy MgSO4, MgO, NaCO3, stuff like that at a pharmacy and HCl,pure metals like Zn, Al, Cu, etc. at the hardware store. then you can start making stuff MgCl, ZnCl and much more. Just have look around at your local pharmacy for starters.
  21. Atoms pass energy as photonic energy, for atoms to pass heat they have to pass Photonic energy as infrared (EM Radiation). To do so they have to pass a certain intensity of photonic energy, that's 10^-19 J to be exact! Photonic energy is electromagnetic waves that are "made" by the nucleus of atoms.
  22. Does any of you now of an easy way of make solid iodine? I know Iodine is made by oxidizing Iodide with Chlorine gas: 2I- + Cl2 -> 2Cl- + I2 Also I know it can be made by: NaI(s) + H2SO4(l) -> HI(g) + NaHSO4(s) and then: HI(g) + H2SO4(l) -> I(g) + SO2(g) +H2O(l) I know that these methods can be applied but I don't have good equipments for me to trapping and guiding the gases(at the moment) , so any body got any other methods that involve gases and aren't a little too complex for doing this????
  23. Yt2095, about your question of which one comes first in reactivity Sn or Pb, well: If you have a solution of Pb 2+ ions and you placed Sn(s) in it you will get Sn 2+ ions with solid Pb. However if you have a solution of Sn 4+ ions and you placed Pb(s) in it you will have solid Sn, Pb 2+ ions and Sn 2+ ions! A solution of Sn 2+ with solid Pb placed in it, nothing will happen!
  24. You can always buy diluted H2SO4 at texaco or at a place that they sell carbatteries, just ask for (car)battery-acid. To make the conc. higher you can just boil it. Do this in a well ventilated area, namely outside if possible cause the fumes are VERY POISONOUS!
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