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  1. Email me dragoon349@gmail.com it's about the "living light" as I call it.

  2. Here's the links guys! Courtesy of the board member who pm'd me, Di:
  3. Radiohead - firstly, cool name (I'm a fan too). Secondly, yep, your experience sounds pretty much like the same thing I, Losfomot, and Clayton seem to get (plus someone else who pm'd me), making 5 of us on the board so far. Like you, I wouldn't explain my ones as flashes either, but rather specks of light. I'm so pleased other people seem to know what I mean, and I'm also pleased that we all seem to be pretty fascinated with them, and share a desire to find out what they are. Some of the things you've experienced, like seeing them when you close your eyes, and making pictures out of them, I ha
  4. Sorry it's took me so long to reply to the latest here guys, but I haven't been on the board for a while (and didn't really expect any more, to be honest!). Anyway, thanks again to everyone for all the latest input. I had a look at that Visual Snow board, but from what I can decipher from the posts I've looked at, I don't think what I see comes under that, though I couldn't actually find anything there with an overview of what the symptoms of that condition are, so I can't rule it out. Maybe I'll do a post to see if others there experience what I do. So thanks for that Molotov. Losfomot -
  5. "Platonic", and I'm thinking this will be a very short thread..
  6. Hi, I am having trouble understanding some things. Firstly why is Piebald trait related to a gene on an autosome and not an X chromosome? The mother is the carrier of the trait and the father is not, they have 4 children, 3 of them (2 sons and one daughter) are affected and 1 isn't (another daughter). What would be the chance be of one of the affected sons passing the trait down to his children? I worked it out to be 1 in 4 chance but I am not so sure now. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  7. My faves lately are Led Zeppelin, REM, Sonic Youth, James Brown, various blues artists (particularly John Lee Hooker), Queens of the Stone Age and Radiohead.
  8. Coquina - Yep, I'm fairly sure they only happen when I'm outdoors. I've only seem them in the daytime, and I think I can see them when it's cloudy, but I usually notice them more when it's sunny. I can't see them anymore when I close my eyes One thing I forgot to mention is that I have to let my eyes go out of focus to see them, and it's not just something that happens randomly, as I can actually see them at will, by doing this. I know what you mean about the flashing lights after bumping your head, but I wouldn't say it's like that much, or at all. Ed84c - what I get doesn't seem much
  9. I wear glasses most of the day, except usually when I'm reading, as I don't need them for that, and it feels like I'm resting my eyes by not using them for a while. I wore contacts for a few years, as as a vain teenager and early twentysomething, I couldn't bear the thought of looking "geeky". I got a pair of glasses to wear around the home though, for when my lenses were in rinse, and over the years I just started to wear them more and more, as they didn't require all the tiresome cleaning and putting in/removing time that contacts do. As I've got older, I guess I've developed more confidence
  10. I've looked on sites the internet, but haven't been able to find out about these little darting specks of light that I see when I look up towards the sky. They don't appear to be in the sky, but are more like somehow produced in the actual eye, as I believe they move with the movement of my eyes. They're not "floaters", as they look very different to them (much brighter, for starters). I've never noticed them when I've been indoors, so I think that bright natural light is a factor. So, kind friends, can I ask a few questions of anyone willing to answer any of them, and maybe help me out? :
  11. Creation as in procreation, new life, babies, new-born animals, seeds growing to fully formed plants etc. Do they all use existing atoms and molecules? If so, please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area.
  12. I don't know about the powering up a spaceship bit, but doesn't nature create matter from energy all the time, i.e. via the creation process and new cell growth? Maybe we could somehow learn from nature if we wanted to create new matter.
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