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  1. i dont think you are hulucinating i can sometimes focus on a far away object and sort of see it up close without the travel. what is creapy is my dreams that come real a few days later actually from experimentation the ringing that never goes away is usually electricity try moving your ear near a wall socket that is in use and the ringing will intensify i hate to say this but you are an idiot we are not talking about floaters. take a light bulb shrink it to impossblt small but incredibly bright. atatch five million of these to electrons and release hem in the sky and you will have an inkling of what we are seeing
  2. erin i see similar things to you when in a dark room but i wonder is your vision showing you what is making the noise? but what of when looking at backgrounds that are multi coloured and none of the colours are blue
  3. I see the specks like you do but I have to ask how do you see colour solid or created by the combination of thousands of little dots

  4. Please tell me how you see light I know no other person who sees light like I do not my family not my friends not my community. I need to know that there is someone like me out there They are not squiggles they are more like spheres and they dart around live like not as if they were dust or particles but rapid changes of directions moving in both straight and curved lines and they overlap cluster bounce and some even stay still long enough that you can see he distortion as clearly as the colour black is not colourless But do yours move about and stay there in your vission not suddenly dissapearing? You see them too the living lights. Particles needle thin and far away yet just ou of reach. They move with their own will almost as if they were alive and they never stop they almost have a hive mind
  5. Email me dragoon349@gmail.com it's about the "living light" as I call it.

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