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  1. I had always thought he bought the gun in order to kill someone else, out of rage, delusion, or protection, it doesn't matter, it matches up it he hired a guy to install security lights. However, do we know why exactly he went back to his house?
  2. Kermit, if you want to complain, you might want to hear how my short stories class went my junior year. (and yes, colored pencils were involved) after reading "the most dangerous game" by richard connell, we had to color a map of what we thought the island looked like. When we read Poe, we had to make collage posters. (the teacher only really cared about how pretty it looked, so reading poe was absolutely unnecessary.) we would get told all of the answers to a test just before we were given the test, which were easy and worded for elementary kids, no critical thinking involved. And if we got an "A" we would get stickers, which I think is what my first grade teacher did. Our treat for completing a short story, and what acted as a substitute for critical thinking was to watch the movie of what we just read. I remember after we took a week to read Irving's "the legend of sleepy hollow," we were told how to pass the test with an A, and then we watched Tim Burton's redition of the story which took another three days. If i remember right, there wasn't a story we read where we didn't at least watch something afterward. For vocabulary, we had words like, mutual intermittently coherent vibrant rectify compatible versatile secede simulate eccentric query enthralled evasive I can remembe learning these in middle school. Moreover, they are some of the same words used on our Iowa standardized tests for the past 3 or 4 years. (it's interesting how they never change the words or the definitions) this teacher was the same I had for junior english, and she is a fat and stupid and she is not nice to people who correct her, like me. She stated that her weakness as an english teacher was that she couldn't spell, and she wasn't lying. She made us label on our research papers with astericks where the compound and complex sentences were, because she couldn't tell the difference. She had no idea where a comma was supposed to go. In conclusion, it should have been easy, but it was hell. I felt the same way you do. I even served in school detention because of her because I couldn't stand to be wasting my time. You can only look forward to more challenging classes. For me, I shot up a few levels of difficulty and am taking college American Literature with a teacher who has an IQ of someone who at least graduated high school. EDIT: she also does "of mice and men." What's most peculiar is how she'll be teaching "The Hobbit" in her novels class and her Junior English class simultaneously. She hasn't changed her novels book list since she started teaching. They are, Of Mice and Men The Catcher in the Rye Lord of the Flies The Hobbit The funniest thing about her teaching the Hobbit when I was in her class is how much she overlooks. She has been teaching it for over 10 years, and students would correct her in class. Her famous response is "Is it?" Absolutely unbelievable for a "children's book."
  3. that's the whole point of this thread. It's absolutely pertinent to bring in possible suspects to find out why he was murdered. Motive is one of the questions asked during the suicide/homocide case. I am neutral. You can find Courtney Love's eulogy reading here. This is one of things which steered me toward the whole "Courtney killed Court" uproar. She sounds so phony during the whole time, and if you can download the audio, it is better. The sobs are interplaced almost cinematically. In addition to the drug data and body weight data bascule expounded on, there is quite a bit of evidence because of his situation just before his death. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/kurt/kcmissing1.html Cobain had already attempted suicide several times by ODing. He could have just as well killed himself after he escaped from the hospital. Why would a suicidal man take a plane back to Seattle and by a shotgun along the way just to committ suicide without making any prior contacts upon arrival? As far as I know Cobain had no attachment to his house, where he must see it before he died. Also, he said in his journals or somewhere that he went home to get away, and it did not at all sound like he would leave for home to kill himself. However, there is a big gap missing where many questions are left unanswered. The fact that there were no finger prints on the gun, and that Cobain was too weak and drugged to pull it himself, and the gunwound in the wrong position to be pulled with his toe. However, the reports show a lot of evidence saying it was a suicide. For instance, this police report makes reference on the last page to Cobain convalescence in Rome and the current tension in Love' s and Cobain's relationship. Relationship tension with love and cobain is hardly a matter. Furthermore, everything in the report is descriptive of suicide. The rest of the reports are here http://www.thesmokinggun.com/kurt/kurt.html The only thing that baffles me is him purchasing a shotgun. Does anyone know what Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic had to say about everything?
  4. are we pointing fingers as to who we think it was? Or are we only saying that he was most probably killed by someone else?
  5. yes, it is very vague and stupid.
  6. This is exactly what I thought.
  7. here's how it went down. When I came upon this problem, which was one of many ambiguous question on this test, here's what I thought... A. They constitute millions of species: well, with mammals probably not, but with insects of course. A is correct so therefore an incorrect answer. B. They are the most abundant living things: yes, no wait, no, bacteria are the most abundant. possible correct answer. C. They are some of the first organisms on the earth: this in itself is infinitely debatable so i think i'll put it as "maybe" D. they are very diverse in nature: this is true so it is obviously an incorrect answer. E. They are found in every conceivable habitat: NO, they are not. correct answer. now its between B, C, and E. B is obviously a false statement, and I concluded that C is not as strong as E, so I went with E. E is a outright false statement since animals cannot live where bacteria lives, say. ...when I got my test back "E" was marked wrong. Now, my professor is a pretty smart guy. He tends, however, to make frustrating multiple choice questions like these. To make a long story short, C is the correct choice, and after the complaints and debate went on, my professor also allowed the answer "B," since this was an obvious mistake on his part. I felt that I should also get E as a possible answer, but as I was the only one to see it as a correct answer, he faithfully shook his head. Does anyone else think that "E" should have also been a correct answer, or should the question at least been eliminated to prevent any more controversy? Regardless, I felt cheated.
  8. Along with that theory, God created the universe and some say he created it to evolve on its own, in which case, this would mean that God is not in power, so to speak, anytime other than at the Big Bang. So this would mean that if God dies nothing would change in our world. For those who say that death and life do not apply to a God, then it could also be called hibernation, but this would defeat the purpose of a God in the first place.
  9. This is a multiple choice question about animals that appeared on my last AP Bio test. Which of the following is not true about animals? A. They constitute millions of species B. They are the most abundant living things C. they are some of the first organisms on the earth D. they are very diverse in nature E. They are formed in every conceivable habitat. Pick what you think is the correct answer and justify it with your reasoning.
  10. starbug1


    and it just kinda hits me how sad that is. That this is only being talked about on science forums, and will never be picked up. The weak and the disabled and the mental will continue to churn into society at a rate that doesn't seem to be under any control. The science itself, as we know, has been labeled "not a science." And the whole practically of the process is such a room for error. I hate even talking about it.
  11. by laws of evolution, by the time humans (if?) become immune to AIDS, wouldn't a disease just as deadly evolve, such as we've seen with the flu?
  12. "retarded" is not a sexually transmitted disease.
  13. 4th season: "Retarded" the one with the discovery documentary on firetrucks, funniest espisode to date, IMO.
  14. pod next word: establishmentarian
  15. Tungsten has the highest melting point (family guy- "education television")
  16. very true. I was taught that parapsychology is and will never be considered a real practical science for two reasons: 1) results are inconsistent for each trial, so no truth can accurately be taken from collected data. 2) methods for practice are slipshod, and everyone uses a different method. Is there anything else to add to this?
  17. What?!?! You didn't like that made for tv movie about Supervolcanoes with the really good actors and outstanding plotline and seat-gripping soundtrack? If it were any better I wouldn't have fallen asleep! Now that's saying something.
  18. I think it was dinosaurs that never went past one million. It's three million that supposed to be a long time for a species, very few have lived longer...I think. yes, and while the evolved form of the species..evolves, the old dies, or becomes extinct...I'm sure you already knew that.
  19. more or less...I was joking anyway, that's what the smiley indicates
  20. Is it too late to jump start this thread? ...I can relate to a lot of the things AzurePhoenix has done. I've also got an experience with a fire-blowing metal pipe from the ground. Mine wasn't a 20 foot flames, but it was about half that. One fourth of July, a few friends and me were screwing around, and we threw some firecrackers (small ones) into one of these vent shafts. It was at night, and luckily our heads were outta the way because a huge blue-orange-and red flame shot out! It sounded like a miniature rocket for about 8 or 10 seconds!
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