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  1. Right out of my mouth. "Don't you just love how Discovery Channel abandoned science in favor of reality programs?" --Azure Phoenix (See: sarcasm)
  2. or, UN-sure way. No species has lasted up past 1,000,000 years, and assuming we don't kill ourselves, the adverse affects that we have inflicted on nature will. And cosidering that dinosaurs never ruined the environment, we aren't exactly clean living. Even still, humanity may have a way, because of intelligence, to circumvent those problems. Everything so far has run a sort-of pattern for extinction, and we may be, more or less, done with before the next big one. I kinda doubt it though.
  3. But only in God are omnipotence and omniscence combined.
  4. I think it's the right-handed dominant gene at work here... With labtop computers there isn't this problem
  5. yep. the latter was right... http://www.jcu.edu/philosophy/gensler/goldrule.htm
  6. I think it's either "Silence is golden." or "Do unto other's as you would have them do unto you."
  7. It really does seem that way when you read more on a broader scale ...which ones have you read?
  8. I found this one on Atheists.com... "A religious war is like children arguing over who has the strongest imaginary friend..." --bonswizzle
  9. does that come bottled or canned? The ten commandments are just a restating of what consitutes morality, and I really doubt God had anything to do with it. If this states god's goodness, more keeping tabs on us. That's on amazon.com. God's Plan: The Hansel and Gretel story ....isn't soul pretty much all ego and personal judgement? So god then is a manifestation of our ego's, as he sucks it away from us when we die with consciousness a bi-product? This makes for earth as a harvest center, and then God's goodness is severely contradictory, for some people.
  10. ...so i'm assuming you've tried it then?
  11. sure. it was an example that roughly applies. even though muscle memory and speaking aren't the same, they both still are learned applications. Sometimes I have to stop and think about where a key is when my "muscle memory" slips. Thinking isn't always necessary to speak. Like language, after a new keyboard is learned, the muscle memory can adapt to both keyboard, and like language, there are always moments of crossover misinterpretation, but the learned programs are permanent. this is what I predicted and asked about initially. 170 wpm.
  12. You'll look like you've lived by a poorly maintained nuclear plant or gotten hit by a semi.
  13. It wouldn't be as costly a change as say changing the all the road signs in the US to metric, so what are we complaining about? Change should be dealt with, and if "intolerance to change" is the reason, it's stupid. There should be nothing trying about learning TWO keyboards, we learn more than one language. GRRRR
  14. Out of all the carnivorous plants, the pitfalls look the coolest.
  15. I really miss threads like this: http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=14801&highlight=creationism+evolution Even though they may have deserved to be banned, temporarily banned, or permanently banned, they bring up the most inticing threads. shinbits...
  16. I can remember only two or three instances in my life when I have gotten BO. It's never when I exercise or when I'm nervous. Never did figure out what triggered it. I often smell it on people who exercise, so maybe its a sign of dehydration?
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