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  1. The Dvorak keyboard looks to be somewhat better. I wonder why it isn't seen more often.
  2. that may be, but I'm talking about a new 'standard' keyboard. I know they have variations. I know that different countries also use the basic qwerty keyboard with some variations. I'm not looking to get a new dvorak keyboard either. I was wondering how crazy is was that we still use the keyboard some guy came up with in the 19th century when it is ridiculously outdated. and we still continue to learn on these keyboards. would changing the keyboard completely offset what we have learned, and if, would this have an impact on the business world what with typists struggling to learn a new system of letter. I often though we have never changed it for exactly these reasons. Can you explain why you think why?
  3. I remain open to contructive debate. As you said there are no experts here, therefore no claims are truthworthy or available for official evaluation, so this doesn't really work. The authority behind the judgements i made was...there's no authority needed! In conclusion, there is just as much reason for me to be skeptical as the other side is, for the conspiracy theories are not so vague and belittled everywhere as to automatically deem them absent of anything worth mentioning because they lack expertise or authority. Valid data has been produced for both sides of the argument, and the skeptics are not all for the conspiracy theories; they, if I may remind you, exist on both sides. Just because I have no expert voice on the subject, that doesn't mean I should back off and say "you know, after reading what I wrote, there may be reason for me to remain skeptical about this because my evidence is dubious, which is not at all true." Rather, maybe you think I should just back off because who's going to listen to a 17-year old kid anyway?
  4. The reasons we have the particular layout we have today are out-dated and irrelevant for today's use on computers, as the original design was modeled for use on a keyboard. would it be effiecient or beneficial to change the standard QWERTY keyboard layout?
  5. Sure, the CPU is newer and pretty awesome I must admit. I bought a 30G video iPod and it works great. However, the video feature is almost useless, as the battery will virtually drain itself completely using the screen light for 20 min. I've even got a dvd on my ipod, and there's no way to watch it anywhere without it dying on me. I'm a fan of apple products, but the fast battery drain on the ipods is somewhat disappointing. Does anyone else have this problem? It's not much of a problem because I know the quality is much better than anything else on the market. Those other mp3 players are a piece of plastic. The ipods are relatively light, but the other ones are just ridiculous!
  6. Among other things, warm-blood keeps the body in equilibrium. This keeps bodily functions as well as brain functions in check. Hence, as gcol stated, we can perform in a wider range of temperatures, and this, while not exactly a sign of intelligence, it is a sign of higher evolution, so there is some similarity.
  7. always have to bash down old-wives tales with scientific reasoning. *sigh*
  8. starbug1

    Green "Blood"

    If this human-type organism has an extra component to its blood, such as an enzyme or a slightly different composition, it's a very real possibilty. If you think about it, the color of human blood (red, purple-blue) is familiar to us, but it could just as well be green or black or yellow, and we think twice...thus proving why the human-type aliens depicted in movies always seem to have green blood.
  9. duly noted bascule, it was on my reading list anyway... I thank you all for posting, and I'll take this as my first debating lesson...I learned quite a bit.
  10. "Sometimes I find myself chatting with Jehovah's Witnesses for hours when they come to the door. I even look forward to it!" "Who reads?"
  11. I'm assuming they don't know about the "good cholesterol" either, am I right?
  12. On that note...Michael Crichton's novel, The Terminal Man, narrates the life of a man with psychomotor epilepsy. His condition causes him to have uncontrollable violent episodes, and his brain triggers, or misfires, affecting the olfactory senses, generating an awful, fetid smell prior to the epileptic episodes. This is not a smell illusion, though it does show that the brain can produce different scents that can be perceived only by the patient, in this case a violent paranoid with psychomotor epilepsy. It's an interesting, earlier read by Crichton. However, not as good as his later books. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Terminal_Man
  13. I prefer Abraham Lincoln over President Bush I prefer thin people to fat people "Your data suggest a moderate association of European American with Harmless Objects and African American with Weapons compared to African American with Harmless Objects and European American with Weapons." (this in large part thanks to MTV, rap videos, and video games)
  14. I think YT is smarter than he lets on
  15. Stairway to Heaven played backwards hints at direct satanic lyrics...no way. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/stairway.php Can anyone else say "tampered with?" I happen to like that song.
  16. "my wife," automatically implies dinner. I read it "tonight I'm taking my wife out to dinner." If you had inserted a name, then it gets classic gangster. "tonight, I'm taking henry out." I would have suspected foul play there.
  17. I got my lab back and I mentioned the problems with heart disease, heart attack and stroke, and how blood pressure affects metabolism and everything in between. I was docked for leaving out "stroke volume." One of the main reasons high blood pressure is such a risk because the stroke volume is less than a physically fit person, therefore, reducing the amound of oxygen in every pump of blood. Therefore, furthermore, muscles, tissues, et cet, do not receive enough nutrients to keep a body healthy. so, minus one. Overall, at least, I knew what I was talking about. Thanks for any input
  18. There is speculation that L. Ron Hubbard's son was murdered by Scientologists because he was homosexual and trying to abandon the church.
  19. The bacteria on your teeth combine with sugar to form lactic acid. this causes the pH in your mouth to rise, causing the local loss of calcium in your teeth, then leaving your tooth enamel exposed and suseptible for tooth decay. Brushing with fluoride helps to keep a protective sheath over your teeth preventing this from happening. This is why your supposed to brush 'after meals.' This doesn't speed up the wearing away of enamel, it doesn't wear it out at all. ...Wikipedia probably does a better job than me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooth scroll till you get to "Tooth Decay."
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