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  1. In addition to Lucid Dreamers explanation, there was also the formation of housing. We could now shade or warm ourselves with more advanced shelter every generation. This slowly ruled out hair as a natural survival variable. But of what's left, such as armpit hair, are for sexual reasons, I believe. the armpit releases heavy amounts of sexual hormones, and the hair acts like a flower holding pollen. I can't explain the hair on our heads, but who knows, we may be completely bald in 500 years. Execept for those people that look like the offspring of a cave man.
  2. I'm turning that into a biology lab rap. gonna sing it for the whole class.
  3. I have a question: Besides sunlight and genetics, what about the diet aspect? I have noticed that heavier people tend to have more moles. Sometimes an unbelievable amount. This is, in my opinion, bad diet and poor standards of living (in some cases). I know I've read somewhere that this is one reason for mole growth/change. Is there any more science behind it?
  4. Why only mammoths? We've all seen Jurassic Park. The DNA taken from fossilized mosquitoes. It's only a matter of time....
  5. There is always the possibility that there are formations in the universe we haven't identified yet. Missing dark matter, maybe. Give those brilliant scientists more time!
  6. It has a very similiar background. We were trying to stop the IMO from populating other parts of the ocean with potentially dangerous 'alien' species. But Roswell. Sure. How could I have been so stupid. Anything on the science of interstellar space travel? I want to know if we already have a potential for acquiring light speed? We have all heard of the Philadelphia experiment, right? I'm still a bit skeptical, but to me that's even more provoking than Roswell.
  7. The International Maritime Organization? How were they blasted out of the sky? And if these aliens are the one from the water ecosystem crisis, we are talking about different aliens.
  8. I know I always thought testes was the excepted vulgar for testicles (among many others! ) But in most science text books, testes is used, and my bioloby professor has always said "testes" Not a single time has he been heard saying "testicles" The "testify" root of testes is actually true. To testify, one man would grab another man's manhood. But tell me, I wonder what kind of man you have to be to apply for that job!
  9. sleep paralysis describes everything you experienced down to every detail. What is interesting is that I have similar episodes, but without the body rigor. And I have an intermixing of reality and a dream-like state than seem much longer than they really are. My eyes are usually open, I think, and I wake up with a feeling of nausea and I am, on most occasions, sweating excessively. It's also ironic that I usually had them in my Algebra II class! As a side-note, I have experienced rapid blood loss in my head so severly that coupled with the feeling of weightlessness and a cold-body temperature, my vision has completely blacked out while I am walking. The sensations are hard to remember because of impending fear, but the 'blind vision' lasts for a very short time, and is proceeded by hazy vision. I know this is more common, (especially for people with anemic disorders), but I thought I'd mention it.
  10. I know that in 14th 15th and 16th century Europe, family members were inordinately kissing, and even on the mouth, what today we would consider sexual. No one today kisses their sister's or brothers on the mouth in the same fashion they would their girlfriend/boyfriend. I have no idea the origin of early kissing or the natural behavior process, but I do know that we (humans), like animals, if were shut away from any form of civilization, would know what to 'do' when we were introduced the opposite sex. It is a natural urge and behavior that we can't get around. There are certain instincts that humans are born with, and they are unquestionable and often unaided, they just come with life. i.e eating, sleeping, emotion, mating. unavoidable.
  11. It has always been a heated topic for debate whether we have been "visited" or not. But when will we reach outside our own solar system to prove or disprove life in other areas of space. You see scifi shows and books about interstellar travel all of the time, yet how far is humankind from making a breakthrough and finally starting up the interstellar space race? How far are we from such technology? I hoping sometime in my lifetime.
  12. I came up with what you did. Not sure if they can be simplified any more though.
  13. All are good answers, but the classic answer is "waterfall."
  14. an embarassment really. I never knew the answer; I had overheard it one day and that is how I remembered it. I was hoping there would be a better answer than that. And you're right, not even a valid riddle, and if it was, who is supposed to guess that solution?! Thank you for that. Here, I'll post another that may not be so childish. Bright as diamonds, Loud as thunder, Never still, A thing of wonder.
  15. the organization of this thread has diminished considerably. I'm not even sure which riddle is which, and of those which have been answered. In that light I will add another riddle! You are in a completely enclosed room, with no obvious way of getting out. (i.e. no vents, doors, or windows.) All you have is a mirror and a table. How do you get out of the room?
  16. Isuit. Before I spend any more time on this code, to which I am already pulling my hair out over, was your friend serious? I am wondering wether your friend is intelligent enough to come up with this code himself or if he was just screwing around. I've tried everything!!!!!!!!!
  17. How about this one. History teacher, "Can anyone tell my why a member of congress would go back to their home town before the start of a new session." student, "to go home for Christmas." teacher, "NO..(amid laughter throughout the class), to campaign." I even had to smile.
  18. Apart from anti-cancer therapy with oglionucleotides, is there no room for natural mutation. After all, a triple-DNA may be what makes up extraterrestrial lifeforms. Now that we have legitimate prove of triple-DNA sequences, how about quad-DNA structure??!!??
  19. I'm going to try an explain this as briefly as I can. I will try to use the car example of inertia. Traveling 55 mph in a car you would say you are also traveling at 55 mph. If there is an abrubt stop, you are propeled forward at 55mph until you are stopped, hopefully with a seat belt. Earth is a fixed reference in space, and in our solar system. Time moves the same for all inhabitants of earth, but maybe not for the inhabitants of another planet. If our average age is 75, and on another planet it is 105, it is all because of the velocity at which the planet moves in its frame of reference. The ship is the same way. the inhabitants of a space ship are the same inhabitants of a car. They would move (and age) according to the movements of the ship and its surroundings, which are much faster than that of earth's. Therefore, because the entire universe is propelled outward at a fixed rate, and galaxies, solar systems, and planets are at fixed rates, a space ship is its own accelerator because it moves independently to its surroundings.
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