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  1. Thank you for pumping the positivity
  2. after reading this you may want to ban me out of charity--- but does that really solve the problem? THINK THINK THINK Oh my heck i am such a hypocrit to my own beliefs----- but---- what is the purpose in me saying these (purpose is all that matters)----- and what is the purpose in that------- and that----- and that----- and . . . . . My final advice----- THINK HARDER
  3. I believe parents play a HUGE role in the psychology of their offspring. They are solely responsible to the feedback and such given to their children in their early years---- to later years. Parents build the foundation---- yes there is freedom to us, but everything is built on top of the foundation, which basically our parents complete control over. OK this isn't really debatable I think, and maybe theres not a lot of purpose in the statement, so i'll make another: Why is everything as it is? Its OUR fault, why are we all here--- your parents led you down the path of psychology which would predispose your interesest in such things. But what is the purpose of us being here? There is a reason for everything--- the ultimate reason I am addicted to this is because I think too much (you may say its all psudoscience, but i do it a lot anyway). This is a psychological PROBLEM my parents i believe are significantly responsible for. I should be socially functional but I'm not. I'm here. SOME ONE SAVE ME!!!! Sorry, I shouldn't have said that, I do believe there comes a time when you have to forgive your parents. I have to forgive mine, and take it my responsibility to become a good person, to pass on awesome traits to my children. I need more effort, I need to start making better decisions with my life. THE WAY IS OUT THERE, SEARCH AND YOU WILL FIND. this I have faith in but doing it is more difficult. And what is purpose in doubt? OK i'll stop talking now, I'm just talking circles and not solving anything, including the ultimate problem---- my being here. And the sad fact that I plan to get on tommorrow to see your replies.
  4. OK we are getting more skilled in making things smaller right? we can or will be able to make make nano machines right? say we can connect these things to our brains via chips in our brains transmitting and recieving to the nano machine cells. Now say that this is biological. Obviosly biology is much more advanced than technology, because it can reproduce itself and all sorts of other cool stuff. These really small cells are sensors at least, i don't know if they'd be able to do anything. NOW say that we naturally have these. THAT is how i explain telepathy---someone in tune with their nanobiorobot sensors. These things being so small are also very versitile, they can travel extremely fast, and even in between time (stopping everything around them on our level (if this is possible)) they are perfect calculators of our surrounding and send transmissions back to us, it is only a matter of us seeing and understanding these signals. You may argue that why aren't we ALL in tune with the nanobios, but think about how complex biology as we do know it is---- theres a lot of things that cant be explained except with crackpot theories like this which cant be prooved, but at the same time cant be PROOVED wrong. PLEASE DONT BANN ME LIKE ADAM AND ZARKOV I DO NOT TRY TO PREACH MY IDEAS I ONLY WANT FEEDBACK ON THEM TO SEE IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY POSSIBLE. PLEASE FORGIVE MY SCIENCE FICTION TENDANCIES.
  5. Actually I take that back, I'm not that boring. Actually I'm on the verge. I have a lot factors that would destine me to loserdom, but then I've also been blessed with friends that don't always realize what a loser I am and so they keep me a level above all that. I am very grateful. All good in me, I owe to factors outside me. Sad yes, but I am glad I have opportunity to see the light and ESCAPE.
  6. Rad Ed, where do you work thats got such exciting thing going on (Area 51?)? I'm just a boring teenager, today I picked up some applications for various grocery stores----- i don't think I'll have anything like that going on down the hall.
  7. ^ don't know if i quoted that right, oh well . . . . . so if silicon is slower could anything make a life form with faster reaction than carbon? Or would it not be strong enough to stay together, or is carbon as simple as it gets? Could there be such thing as other forms of matter---- such as refined matter------ the reason I ask is my religion which believes God does things by physics (well esentially member of every religion try to proove themselves in similar manner) ---- we believe that spirits are made of refined matter, I know this isn't very specific, and sounds like just a made up explanation to satisfy psychological 'needs' but I'm sure if you thought about it you could think up a way that this makes sense. I'm too busy to think that hard right now. About metallic organisms not really being able to work--- could we MAKE them work, if they don't occur naturally. Yeah I know all our computer research is done in silicon, but are there any other matter with capability to be molded if we tried. Could you make a cell out of nano gears and such or something like that? I would really like it if someone could answer ALL of these questions. ALL of them. My brain I think has more capacity for imagination than actually figuring stuff out (hey maybe its not different from you, whatever you tell me probably you learned somewhere else, unless your a REAL creative thinker), so help me out.
  8. Another thing that makes me think homosexuality has more to do with the possible confusions of our complex brains is because: is there such thing as any animal besides humans being homosexual? Maybe this is non-applicable since humans are so different than other animals.
  9. I agree that certain genes make it a susceptibility but the human brain is so extremely complex that I don't think natural selection will ever whipe out such problems as homosexuality. Cases will still occur when imbalances or whatever occur after birth, more related to enviroment and such than genetics.
  10. Another interesting concept arises with this (or any other) theory of infinity------ the value of more or less infinity. For example say it is a law that there will always be more of one thing than another. To make this more understandable, I'll name these two forces : Good and Evil. Divinity which is of Good has domain over everything, ultimately including evil. There will always be more good than evil. In infinity there is an infinate amount of both, but per capita (or whatever) there is infinately more good than evil.
  11. If there were alternate universes, there would be infinate of them for every possible random movement of subatomic particles---- eh? Yeah well I don't think there are anyway. But if there are I bet in one of those universes I am not a loser. I wish I was there. (my depression has nothing to do with my paranoa of banning (recently conquered), I'm not THAT kind of a loser.
  12. whos the latest oracle? I'm thinking maybe its me, because of my near banning encounter recently(don't know if you know what I mean but I'm sure I would of been banned had I gone further along certain lines). Or is it Michael? Anyway, who cares about Nibiru, I have a brontosaruas swimming in the lake behind my house (as we speak). BTW, why were there so many name changes for bronto (there were, I DO know what i'm talking about(maybe))--- it didn't call it self any of those names anyway so who cares. So i'm not sure if thats the right name for it, but at one time it was. I am talking about the long necked one.
  13. So what about my idea--- is it absolutely wrong, posssibly right, or probably will never know
  14. OK fine fine fine. Forget Area 51, I was just asking if the box was possible, not nessisarily for anything to do with Area 51, it was a side comment. Yes I do live fairly near Area 51, I don't really plan to invade it. Thanks for the posts, please don't ban me
  15. I wonder if anyone intentionally ever posts in the psuedoscience section---- well today I am. By the way you should all read 'Psuedoscience for the responsible'---- I personally think that Adams first statement is great proof for the existence of the 10 commandments, if you want you can read my ideas about how everything is about faith anyway, which is currently on the front page. But I think may favorite is the theory that socks are clothes-hanger larvae----- just out of curiosity does anyone who lives alone experience the phenomenon of vanishing socks? If so then I think hogslayer should get that theory published and written into all new science books. ANYWAY ON WITH MY THEORY. Actually i don't believe this anymore, but at one time I was quite convinced myself: Time is a measurement of heat. First lets talk about absolute Zero. Say there is a machine that can achieve abosolute zero--- the temperature gets colder as the power to a certain chamber of this machine is increased. Well all you do is give it more power than needed to achieve absolute zero, and it will definately happen. Just forget however the heck that is possible for right now. Now at absolute zero, there is absolutely no particle movement. If there is no movement, there is no time being experienced. Time is something that just nessisarily happens when something moves from one place to another: it takes time. If there is no movement, which there is not movement when there is no heat, then Time is turned off. Time decreases as Heat decreases. TIME IS THE SAME THING AS HEAT.
  16. Wow this is a hilarious thread, I especially like hogslayer's comment and Adams first one (no really)
  17. Interesting thoughts. I really have no idea how to answer that, except if I thought long enough I could make something up. Maybe you'd have to talk to a biology expert for that. Good post though. I guess then I'm just replying to put this up to the top of the active list so someone who with more knowledge can answer it, and too raise on up my number of posts (I really think I should get some kind of award for my rapid growth(its seriously like an addiction, I need to stop and start becoming productive right NOW
  18. Mr. Michael F. D.----- maybe its just because you are from uzbekistan and so your usage of english is not in a very understandable vernacular to me---- still I'm not sure it excuses that you talk like my highschool physics book reads. Our science teacher along with all of the students rather dislike it, because it makes everything much more complicated than it needs to be, with no good reason at all. It was a poor purchase by the school district------ please stop talking like my science book, thank you.
  19. Is it possible to create a box (or any other device, this is just the first thing that popped into my heard) with capabilities to pressurize and depressurize so extremely that it could sink incredibly fast in the ocean, or become boyant in our atmosphere of air? If so I am going to buy one to invade Area 51.
  20. My views here may be uneducated or something-- but thats what forums are for, to learn. If we live in a 3D world, then all particles are 3D--- so is there any smallest particle, or does size go infinately smaller? See my idea is that if there is a smallest particle, wouldn't it be indestructable or something, because how would you break it down? A theory I set forth acording to this, which is probably wrong but I don't particularly care : what if the 'smallest' particle is a universe--- after that the orders repeat. Makes things easier anyway. There is infinate universes in everything, and we are one universe as some particle of an atom in a universe above our order. If not what are the orders infinately, how do we ever find out, or is that probably too complicated for me to understand?
  21. I agree with fafalone. My idea of time is very simple--- the universe is made of stuff--- stuff moves--- it takes time to do this. Anything wrong with that idea?
  22. Actually I think he means the EMBREYO dies after a few days (thats what he said)--- not even a fetus, or visibly distinguishable as human---- get that? It isn't born, its beyond premature. More like a miscaraige, or maybe even they are pass off as a late period.
  23. Sounds cool, but I'm still busy with Navajo, and some other online HIGHSCHOOL classes. Yeah maybe when I get out of highschool
  24. Do Pixar movies come out in other countries too? SWIM DOWN!!!!!! On a side note, strawberries attract snakes: the mice eat the strawberries, the snakes eat the mice, SO BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU THROW YOUR STRAWBERRIES!
  25. I'm not sure if this is THE site, but it somewhat explains what I mean as part of the chaos theory. "Small variations in initial conditions result in huge, dynamic transformations in concluding events. That is to say that there was no nail, and, therefore, the kingdom was lost. The graphs of what seem to be identical, dynamic systems appear to diverge as time goes on until all resemblance disappears." http://www.duke.edu/~mjd/chaos/chaos.html My favorite part of the theory though is that seemingly random phenomenon could actually be part of a complex order, could seemingly ordered phenomenon actually be random? Guess THIS part of the theory doesn't have anything to do with the original post here, but I think its extremely interesting.
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