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  1. Well openminded to their purpose I guess, because as I see it they wont find anything. He said that they are using it to study solar influences on climate. Maybe its has nothing to do with the chaos theory, but I know I remember reading it on a site about the chaos theory, and it didn't distinct this as being something different: the more and more precise of a measuremeant made, does not make a prediction any more accurate-- its just as likely to still diverge greatly from calculations. So therefore if psychotically exact measurments are basically useless---- how is something set deep into space going to have anything except psuedoscience connections to its affect on our weather? I'll see if I can find again the site that tied this in with the chaos theory.
  2. Oh- thats weird, I never heard of that (the planet coliding with Earth). Ok yep migrating is right then, i didn't know how he meant it. Thanks for clearing that up
  3. version of the drink i mean. . . whatever. Hey just for fun somebody give me a report on Everclear, I don't know much about it (the drink) except that sometimes kids bring it to school in a different bottle and pass it off as pop or even water. Then I'll give you a report on the band, if anyone doesn't, know----- they are so freakin the coolest band, well my favorite anyway.
  4. Hah, thats a good intrepretation. I imagined people would perceive it to mean and Indian brand of the drink.
  5. Ohh, that thing. I've been there before and noone was there. I'll try it again now. Yep I can see how that would have been very eventful----- especially since I have seen ANY crowd there at all yet. --------------- Nice explanation, I know that IRC is really some codeword----- and I WILL FIND OUT . . . . . .
  6. How will that satellite tell much anything about our climates---- especially if you think about the chaos theory (the degree of exactness does not nessisarily make a prediction any more accurate (thats part of the chaos theory right?)) Sorry---- do I offend anyone besides myself? I personally would be offended by my own attitude. I need to be more openminded, thank you everyone for not holding it against me------ or maybe you don't even know what I'm talking about, but thank you anyway.
  7. Doc, no offense, but where have you been? It is well established that the field HAS flipped rather frequently in the past, they don't really know when it will again. I agree that there is not substantial evidence for planet X, but you don't know it doesn't exist. I don't really care personally. Pluto shouldn't even be called a planet, I heard it was smaller than our moon--- you can verify that if you want (maybe i'm wrong)). Planet X has been theorized to explain the strange orbits of neptune and pluto. Maybe it depends on how the word MAJOR is applied, but my science teacher (Mr. Harris, one of the best in the nation(excuse my bragging)) told us that geologically evolution occurs much faster when magnetism is the strongest (its getting weaker right now, so things could be boring for a while).
  8. cHIs, my new scotish brother, thank you for the support. If I get it working I'll make sure to give you link to view the project from the camera on board. Or if I write a book about the imagined quest, I'll send you a copy. About the electronics, I don't know much either yet, I just know I could if I put my mind to it, and that once I did thats what I'd do with my knowledge. As of now though I am busy with developing other skills, such as learning Navajo (and my favorite band is Everclear(incase anyone wonders or cares the reason for my name(its still open for interpretation but thats what it originally means))).
  9. What is an IRC channel? Let me in to you secret network with your secret messages. If you don't i will hack my way in and annihilate all!!!! ------- ok don't take that seriously, i don't want to be banned, just tell me what it means please.
  10. I need to get off of my butt and get a job. I'm gonna work for my dad today, I haven't for a long time because when I do work for him regular he runs out of work for me (tax accounting office, I do the filling and mailing and such), so I need to find a regular job. I'm going to make a resume right now, and go job searching at the mall for an ordinary job after work today. Anyway I'd really rather have a fun job, I'm only 16.5yrs old so I suppose my options are rather limited. Anyone got any good ideas?
  11. Hah, this is hilarious. My theory is that parents used these to put into their childrens heads things they thought important as information, or something like that. You can look up more details on it but I learned that Ring Around the Rosie is about the black death. The ring is some sort of ritual infected people did, maybe to try to cure themselves, they had Posies in their pockets because they thought the good smell would over power the smell of rotting flesh (which they believed then spread the plague)----- I cant remember what ashes refers to, maybe skin turning black, or maybe it was another ritual. And then we all fall down---- that is self explanatory of the inevitable end. Rather sick don't you think?
  12. My explanation is that the psychological function of the poem was not considered by its creator. Our continuance of it is out of sick habit and lack of choosing replacements.
  13. Hey I bet he does other stuff too, its not his fault they hide all the cool stuff. You are right we cant trust the TV, but thats a different subject. I will believe what I chose too, its my freedom, I have no reason to discredit the channel as of now.
  14. thanks guys a lot for your input, self destruct mode is a definate nessesity, its a good thing I got you consultation. As for the matter of the base still being used, I saw a recent Discovery channel special on Area 51 showing that it is still active--- it seemed to not have been for a while, but it is now. A satellite which can somehow legal view the area shows major changes and additions in structures--- and that the parking lot is full of cars. Also theres a guy who plants a strong telescope on the nearest legal mountain and watches trucks drive back and forth inside the base (i guess all the exciting stuff is concealed, so my idea might be profitless for anything except novelty). To find anything really useful would i would have to do a full blown project which I absolutely do not have the money for. (or the guts to be secretly tortured and terminated by the government if it fails to keep our(i'd definately need a whole underground crew to pull it off) identities unknown). Well at its still fun to talk about I guess.
  15. Good point skye but why don't we replace the material used in the function with things more applicable and useful and such. I mean I think its high time we revise things, the newest rhymes are probably hundreds of years old, and we still haven't gotten around to updating stuff? How lazy are we? I think that true love, which is what a parenting relationship should be is all about communication, and I don't see what the message of nursury rhymes communicates except ideals that clash with what our actually pertinent to modern times. Ok maybe modern mentality is related to those non-pertinent things, but is that a good thing? Whatever the answer is--- examine it at least, don't give up on excuses for unquestioned methods.
  16. Matt, lay off the drugs, acid is how my friends's mom tried to kill herself. Not cool dude.
  17. Holla to Solja, nice we got a hiphopper representing in the science forums. Yeah deja vu is weird, its one of those phenomenons that provokes you to believe in something beyond, I've kinda lost the energy for that sort of thing in my life. Actually I've had a few experiences that go beyond deja vu, like dreaming something and it seeing it later occur. Its happened to to me twice, I had earlier envisioned places. Nothing of any significance happened there far as I know of, just dreamed them before ever going there then later found it.
  18. I personal see spanking as one means of a programmed response-- an alternative to actually solving what ever problem is being punished. I know it could be extremely difficult to figure out how to deal with the psychology of a small child--- but I do believe it is possible, and if you love them enough you will take the preperations to parent them as best as possible, which I think includes dealing with problems in ways other than spanking and such, preferably even by prevention. Always have hope and faith for the better way.
  19. Hah, you remind me of my best friend, who is kind of crazy, his parents put him on depression meds because he's kind of addicted to talking about death and plays videogames all day-- he has been nearly suicidal before too. His mom failed in commiting suicide when she was his age, so I guess they just wanted to take all nessisary means. He's also girl crazy, not lovewise (he admits) just hormones Hey I used sleep walk when I was younger---- weird experiences, glad thats over. I have insomnia, but that just might be self inflicted from addictions that keep me up late at night such as posting on science forums.
  20. Yeah I read blike's post, and I personally think that is so awesome. My area has a 10 time higher cancer rate than average and it specifically in a certain area of this county (Davis, Utah) not infecting surrounding places. It seems nobody is sure why, we used to think it was the burnplant because that is about in the center of the radius of problems, but the burnplant is next to the airforce base, and I heard some rumor about chemicals there seeped into the ground. Anyway I would so love to see a treatment---- couldn't you almost call that a cure? My scoutmaster died of lukemia a few years ago. My close friends my friends father lost his first wife to a malignant brain tumor--- he remarried and his next wife had breast cancer, she had a mastectomy and is so far cancer free. My other friend lost her father to a brain tumor. These people live just in a mile radius. I don't know if the Mormon film Charly came out much anywhere else in the country (personally, I think the acting was mediocre, but if you think about how life really occurs, its pretty accurate), well its a love story, which in the end the man loses his wife to cancer------ that story is too close to home, I do not know what I would do if that happened to my wife-- it would be the most terrible thing in the world. It would be about the most amazing thing to have a chance to escape from such a horrible situation.
  21. Good or Bad quote? I think its a funny quote. Yeah I don't know whats up with Nursery rhymes, they are old and don't even reflect modern ideas, so what on earth are they teaching once a child learns what they mean? I guess they aren't nessisarily bad, but they really aren't good either, just a waste of words--- which in itself could be a bad thing. I probably wont teach my kids nursery rhymes, whats the point? Leftovers of cultural evolution, like the appendix is left over from biological evolution (actually I personally believe we are created by God, so I don't know why we have an appendix, I really don't care----- just using the concept, because I do believe evolution can be proven to occur as we have obviosly evolved dogs by way of unnatural selection)
  22. Wow nobody posts in this section very often. Well here is my big engineering feat---- and I think it could possibly be not very expensive. OK, finding Area 51 is not difficult, just look up the road, and drive down it until you get to the sign that says lethal force will be used against tresspassers. Well I think i got a way to get past the sign---- remote control. Obviosly simple radio wont suffice, because there's probably no safe or legal place to get close enough range----- so what about remote control by satellite? I am definately not buying a satellite- so what if you could adapt existing equiptment to do a different function? OK this likely needs very expensive materials, but it is surely possible. My first idea was to use my TV satellite, but after thinking that through, the dish is both the reciever and transmittor, so theres not really a way to seperate it and attach it to small aircraft. And then again, does the satellite really transmit anything, or does it just choose what to recieve? My next idea was XM radio--- but you got some of the same complications there. My next idea was cell phones--- you got problems with losing the signal but if I was an electronics master (which I would have to be to engineer such a device) i could probably program in an autopilot program to kick in during such times. My idea for a craft is a helicoptor, so that program could just set it to hover. The biggest problem with cell phones is that they keep record of who buys cell phones ---- they could track me down, they'd probably be able to track me down anyway, but that'd be too easy. My solution to that problem is,since this idea requires adaptation of existing devices, the device could be designed so any cellphone could be plugged in. My final idea for the medium of adaptation, not really much diff. from cellphones---- is Nextels new coast to coast walkie-talkies, which must run through satellite to do so. Another problem about all of this is power--- that could be remedied by launching the aircraft from somewhere in Nevada, or from my house in Utah, it could have a battery to start with and then a solar power back up. The other engineering thought I have is after going through all the trouble of adapting existing equiptment---- is there an easier way? Could you build you own device completely to recieve and transmit through satellite waves already bombarding the earth? The final matter--- once I fly this baby into Area 51 what does it do? Obviouly it will be caught---- and it would take a few trys at this to obtain any information probably----- and after a few times, if not by the first time--- I will be caught---- the government has that much power. So tell me what you think about my idea, and if you are rich enough to pull this off in full scale, fill free to do it, don't worry about including me, hopefully we'll see it on the news. If not just tell us here your results.
  23. Oh man I gotta bring this up to the top again, I just think it is so freaking funny (no offense to the participants- thank you in fact) that most of this thread is entirely about an argument over converting and reading certain file types. It is so hilarious to me. I have no idea why Adam contiued to post such a short message with unexplained meaning, accompanied with a ridiculously long signature. Actually I thought it was kind of funny, and possibly true (though I don't have experience to say for sure) the points it brought up---- except the last one I don't think its been that well documented. Very speedy, lights however are. You can go to the black mailbox on the road to Area 51 to see such things (a farmers mailbox located at a site where large government light shows are regularly visble). Or my backyard, yes I saw a UFO, actually only once, it was a bright white light, much to large to be a meteor, (really it was as big 20 stars put together at least) and way to fast to be aircraft. My mom and my friend, in seperate places, saw the same thing the next night (amazing they were out at the right time to see it). My friend directly saw it, my mom saw a bright flash of light out of the corner of her eye while driving in her car near the mountains. It might have to do with the fact that we live near a major airforce base in Northern Utah. Another interesting thing to know about the area is that our cancer rate is 10 times higher than average ( diameter believed to be around the burn plant, but the burn plant is right next to the base). I'm not a UFO fanatic though, I have other things to do, but those are the facts.
  24. Rock on, dude . . . . still not sure about the ethics of it, but we have enough time to figure that out before it starts happening anyway.
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