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  1. Hmmm i sort of feel like saying sorry, but I don't believe thats the appropriate response as it wouldn't seem genuine. So i will say: ---------------------------------- <ingrained in those dashes are my thoughts, so switch on the telepathy machine and read my mind to save me the trouble of finding words to translate myself. Ok maybe the vernacular thing wasn't a good point (I cant even entirely remember exactly what I said) but I still think he has too many numbers. I (and most people) like things more conceptual, it is more understandable. There is nothing wrong with not incrypting science into textbook language. Better yet tell it in a parable. Parables is the answer!
  2. Oh I know how the reindeer fly------- hot air organ that, uhhh, feels with hot air, and floats.
  3. I'm sure Santa slows down time like on the Matrix. I also bet that the american government has shot him down by now---- we definately wont have this problem under Scottish dominion.
  4. Women are the best creation in existence. You ask the questions, I will answer --- and prevail.
  5. I'm sure all would forsake the dark side (anti-scottish) after reading the Scottish NewWorld Order constitution, proposed by Greg on the thread about The Future of the Planet.
  6. I want a flock of sheep. Daisy, you must be the only woman on this site, what do you think about rule #3 of the Scotish NewWorld Order Constitution(Gregs list)?
  7. GREG I LOVE YOUR RULES----- please get started already, GLOBAL DOMINION TO THE SCOTS!!
  8. sorry i didn't really research it, and i've never been there myself. Maybe you think pixar is just stupid American humor or something. Ok guess that doesn't make much sense, I should have thought that one through. SWIM DOWN!!
  9. Sorry, just having a little fun. I'm just kidding mostly--- I wouldn't ruin a possible friendship for the dumb reason that he talks like a too wordy science book and I think his theories are BS, thats what my friends think about me, and they still think i'm an ok guy most of the time.
  10. I actually do regret saying that. But right back at you anyway. BTW its not like I hate you, who knows maybe we could be friends in real life---- or maybe not
  11. theory #187 : Michael F.D. is crazy. Maybe it's his parents fault. ©2003-2500 © Everclear Ideas Enterprises Corp.
  12. Well I think its a pretty good story that some people here wouldn't mind reading it, but I won't do anything like that for a while
  13. I don't know the science of refined matter, I haven't thought about it myself, and neither has anyone else. But just because we don't know doesn't mean its not true---- say I told (well someone more educated than me probably) some one who had never heard about it before about some advanced physics fact, without explaining how it works--- that person might be likely to not believe it if it sounded far fetched enough---- and if we could go back in time to tell people from like the 15th century they'd just call it witchcraft or something and burn us.-------- yeah i know this explanation wont satisfy anyone here though probably, I'll tell you when i think up a way I think it could work.---- but who knows maybe its true function is not really understandable to us, i'll try though.
  14. jus bringin this back to the top for some feedback
  15. I think everyone should stop talking and just read each others minds------ then there wouldn't be any miscommunications
  16. actually that probably has more to do with Hogslayers Theory--- socks are clothes hanger larvae---- socks disappear, and you got too many hangers-- its obviously true. So what is you 10 quid a larvae of?
  17. Another government perpetrate lie: they didn't find anything incredible in Einsteins disected brain------ they actually found severly enlarged nanobioroboticsensor-reciever/transmitor glands--- with traces of radiation that tells us he got the answers from the enlightened spirits of his Jewish anscestry.
  18. Einstien is better because he is a Jew. Another interesting fact: people think Einstien never succeed in achieving a unified theory, actually he did-- on his death bed. The government confiscated the information and much enjoys watching everyone squirm and suffer in confusion.
  19. My heck I already posted this reply once, and it was a good story but somehow it didn't show up--- i'll do it again, but it wont be as good. So yesterday morning I finally got inside Area 51--- I stopped time to build my craft (it actually took a month with my superior resources(they found me FYI(an underground superpower, but thats another story))). One of the main projects there is the construction of such a face, to survive with a small host of saved Earth inhabitants after armageddon (next year). When our face rises out of the ground the face on mars will see us, it will give us all the knowledge we need to usher an age of peace for the new world. But then an evil alien race broken free from being frozen on pluto will come and take over the martian face--- they will secretly put us in bondage slowly. Once we realize this, a gigantic war will begin, at its climax a third party alien race will intervene and kill everyone---- in its own last moments as its last survor is fataly wounded by a misguided attack from Earth forces. The evolving lifeforms on Jupiters life sustaining moon Titan (thats its name right?) will discover all this in a few million years, and hopefully will have the wisdom to not build any destruction yeilding faces.
  20. Ok I'm officially done being paranoid then
  21. oh ok that makes sense too, I just wasn't sure
  22. I bet I'll break 100 posts tomorrow----- how depressing---- but I still have freedom. Time will tell how it is used. I think then the answer is I should stop letting time tell me, and ME start telling time.
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