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  1. Isn't the terminal velocity of a person ~130 m/h? I know he's wearing the suit but surely the extra weigth is negligible. on a side note, the last person to do this ended up getting some horrible injury to his had didn't he? due to a leak in his suit. Good luck to him.
  2. Just bought a dingoo... Anyone know Dingux?

  3. They're really there so that you don't just bring your own lunchbox and sit in the resteraunt using their facilities without paying up. But yes, thats what always crossed my mind when I see them either that or you and your friend pre-plan what you want to eat then just order each others food for yourself.
  4. Anyone ever been to a resteraunt with those signs that say "Please not not eat your own food"?
  5. I work as admin in a large financial services firm. We come accross terms like FSA (Financial Services Authority) and MMR (Mortgage Market Review) rather often but always, ALWAYS I think Food Standard Agency and Measles, Mumps and Rubella.
  6. Leader Bee


    In the history of our solar system the dinosaurs extinction has been a relatively recent event. The time when there were rogue planets flying around space however was billions of years ago, so long ago infact that the planets were still hot and molten from the collection of dust from the suns accretion disk. Long before the earth could even support basic single celled life, never mind complex organisms like the dinosaurs. The timing just doesn't fit.
  7. No I don't think it is necessarily cross pollination, because that would involve using seperate species to germinate a new plant with the desirable properties. Using pollen from the same species but from plants within that stock that have been selected specifically because of their desireable traits is more what I meant.
  8. I don't know if it counts but over time I suppose you could use selective breeding (is that the right term for plants?) to produce a strain with properties you desire - I.E larger/More fruit or something that simply grows faster. You would of course need examples of these plants to breed into something where these particular properties were more prominent.
  9. As seen in Jupiters distinct cloud bands?
  10. No, you are correct and this confusion has been down to my poorly worded explanation of the process.
  11. While temperature is one of the main factors in creating wind you'll also find that humidity is a factor too. Storms can last a long time over the ocean and you may have noticed on the news tropical storms being reported for some weeks before they arrive in cities but they only last at most a couple of days once they're over land so topology is also a contributing factor to weather. Mountains that are high enough are like their own little islands of weather systems too. Wind from regular pressure systems can be forced to rise up their steep sides creating stong winds, clouds, rain and snowstorms.
  12. With a maglev train you only need to supply energy to the vehicle itself right, not the tracks too? I'd have thought you'd be able to run these mroe efficiently than the current wheeled designs.
  13. Could someone explain to me why amplitude modulated radio stations transmit further distances in the evening? I have read somewhere that there is a change in the atmosphere that allows this at night time My guess would be that there is no electromagnetic interferrence from the sun but i'm unsure of the specifics of how this really works. Why doesn't it affect FM transmissions? Cheers.
  14. Perhaps a question to ask is "Is torture ever effective"? If so, why should it not be used.
  15. It kind of reminds me of how EA hired scientists to write an article on how Tiberium from the command and conquer universe works...
  16. I believe this is because Blu-Ray is a Sony developed technology and when the PS3 came out it was one of the cheapest players around. Perhaps Sony wouldnt let Microsoft use the technology or MS just didnt want to pay the licence fee's. Sony were making a loss on their PS3 hardware as far as i'm aware but the fact they had the cheapest players and an already established target audience (Gamers) they knew they'd have enough units in households to make up for this in Blu-Ray sales later down the line... Partly why HD-DVD failed to become popular from how I understand it, not that it was inferior.
  17. Are you looking to create D2O? It doesn't work like that. Cheap and easy won't happen and it's why it was there was only one D20 plant in (switzerland?) during WWII - it isn't cheap or easy.
  18. It'd suck if you'd done something really bad, the cops caught you and you ended up like Prometheus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus
  19. I suspect you well get interesting results with an airtight tupperware bowl and perflurocarbons.
  20. I agree with your sentiments on alcohol advertisements; Personally I don't like the taste of alcohol (though i'll drink it occcasionally) but it seems a lot of people do, though I feel this is not by choice but by social pressure. I can't help but feel that they're drinking it because they're told it's cool and fun and I think that if the marketing of such drinks were downplayed then perhaps the instances of consumption of alcohol (in excess) would drop. However, alcohol has uses other than drinking. 40% alcohol + water is a common base for chemical reactions, it's used in cleaning products, paint strippers etc, used in cooking - steak and ale pie anyone? I know the topic is "how alcohol affects modern society" but I feel I need to mention that once upon a time, alcohol "Mead" was the drink of choice because it was SAFER than water. That being said, water is now treated and is completely safe to drink (some people would argue this I suppose with it being chlorinated) but it's clearly got antibacterial properties and it's useful to have around if youre really stuck - think 3rd world/deprived countries with access to basic equipment, it makes for a good antiseptic and has at least some kind of anesthetic property. Banning it outright would be ludicrous. using alcohol in moderation is the key issue here and some people just don't know what that means. Perhaps the best thing is to introduce a law similar to the speeding laws but how to administer that law? It's not like you can measure somones alcohol consumption just by taking a few pictures of them dancing badly then sending them a fine in the post for being drunk. What about a breatheliser test at the bar and refuse sale to anyone over the limit and limit the number of sales of bottles of wine one could purchase per visit to the shop? I guess that wouldn't stop people stockpiling the stuff though. I think It's really down to educating people on the dangers of alcohol rather than making it look like a cool lifestyle choice. Most people are smart enough to make their own decisions given the correct information.
  21. Looks an awful lot like some kind of worm to me.
  22. Old news but perhaps this has some relevence to the discussion? http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/29025/
  23. Dont you think youd just be better off with a pulsejet? They're cheap, easy to make, simple and often have no moving parts depending on whether you decide to go for a valved or valveless design.
  24. Bankruptcy is clearly a "Made up" notion, value is attached to money but as has been mentioned before almost everything has a value. Before the invention of money i'm sure people traded in livestock and crafted items - ceramics/tools etc which would be a perfectly viable economic system should all money be wiped from existence and infact has been used and continues to be used in remote areas. Take for example remote indian/brazillian tribes with no access to mettalurgy or any kind of minting system; How do they buy things? I imagine the reason "Money" was invented is because an agreed upon value for each different coin brought some stability to the economy, whereas one cow is not the same as another, hand crafted items will never be the same and differ in value/quality. Anything can be used as currency should someone attached an agreed upon value to it and thus as USD,GBP and JPY are primary, secondary and tertiary currencies whatever we decide to use afterwards would be the reserve currency for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shell_money
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