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  1. I understand that the computer tower itself, being made out of metal is already adequately EM shielded by design. The components in the tower wont be transmitting the signal to my speakers so really the cable leading to my speakers themselves is acting like an arial and looks like the weak spot; I still need to get these wrapped up.
  2. Thirded, i'm glad CaptainPanic found the thread because it's immediately what I thought of and saved me searching the link.
  3. 1) If the Southern states wanted to leave the union there had to have been a political division, one of the catylists was that northern states were looking for emancipation of the slaves while the southern states industry relied heavily on exportation of goods produced within the salve trade (Cotton Etc.) and needed to keep them. it's not possible that this political agenda was enough to make the south wish to withdraw from the union? 2) The UN/NATO would surely have something to say about that? if things did kick off in the US then that would surely force the hand of other countries to join the conflict?
  4. Sounds to me like the way to start a civil war. infact, wasn't this the exact same reason civil war broke out in 1861?
  5. Time limit bothers me, other than that it's a good quiz. And yes... a bit laggy on "less capable" machines.
  6. I guess this is the same reason you find caffeine in many off the shelf painkillers. How would guzzling down a few cups of Espresso with your headache tablets affect them?
  7. Perhaps i'm missing somethign but hasn't the answer already been given as heart disease? I don't understand how gender can be the leading factor for early death over the lifestyle choices of those individuals?
  8. Sorry I guess you must have found those links as there are only those 5 pages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ischaemic_heart_disease "The medical history distinguishes between various alternative causes for chest pain (such as dyspepsia, musculoskeletal pain, pulmonary embolism). As part of an assessment of the three main presentations of IHD, risk factors are addressed. These are the main causes of atherosclerosis (the disease process underlying IHD): age, male sex, hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol and high fats in the blood), smoking, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and the family history. " I'd only be guessing here but High Cholesterol, Smoking, Hypertension and Diabetes all strike me as something to be found more often in developed countries; either from the lifestyle a richer country can provide with it's fast food chains and non-physical labour forces in comparison to 3'd world countries. I should look into this further, I would imagine the International Labour Organisation (Another branch of the UN) would have some statistics on this, i'm looking now but not having much luck. I suspect the lifestyle a richer economy provides is considerable factor in this. http://www.ilo.org/global/statistics-and-databases/lang--en/index.htm
  9. If you look at the bottom of the page there are links to further pages which go on to categorise it either by wealth of the country or by continent. the second page in particular. I guess they're trying to stay neutral and keep away from "3rd world" terminology and a higher wealth should be analogous to Modern-Medicine using countries. Presumably.
  10. Top ten causes of death: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs310/en/index.html 2011 World health report: http://www.who.int/whosis/whostat/EN_WHS2011_Full.pdf
  11. So my neighbor has what I assume is HAM radio and a huge ariel outisde his house; I'm assuming HAM, could be Citizens Band but i don't know enough about it to tell the difference. Anyway I use my computer rather regularly and all i can hear instead of what should be coming out of my speakers is really loud chatter from his signal. Its very annoying and so I was considering wrapping my speakers in aluminium kitchen foil to botch up a kind of faraday cage but i'm skeptial if this would help? Any ideas? do you need more info? Regards
  12. I would like to cite medicine as my candidate for good things to come from the world wars. Medical advancement is often seen to accelerate in times of war and both the following links explainsome of the reasons why WWI http://www.vlib.us/medical/ WWII http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/medicine_and_world_war_two.htm I'd also like to point out that while certain atrocities were carried out by Joseph Mengele; most of what modern medicine knows about the treatment of hypothermia victims comes from the experiments the Nazi's carried out. I could also probably cite dragging Germany out of economic depression after the first world war in preparation for WWII as a benefit but i think that may be subjective.
  13. That would make more sense to me; Though on the test area it doesn't appear there is any roofing. How would the energy be transmitted to the train if there were no conductive surfaces?
  14. Just browsing the internet for cool physicsy stuff i came accross this: "New "Flying Train" prototype: Apart from aerodynamic drag, trains usually suffer from mechanical resistance in their drive system as well as rolling resistance from the wheels on the track. Researchers at the Kohama Laboratory, Institute of Fluid Science at the Tohoku University in Japan (link) tried to lower overall resistance by adapting another aspect of aerodynamics on its Aero-Train concept. Using the aerodynamic wing-in-ground (WIG) effect, the Aero-Train is able to fly above the track at a height of 10 centimetres (4 in). The WIG effect occurs when flying very close to the surface. Cruising at its maximum speed of 500 kilometres per hour (310 mph), the aerodynamic lifting force becomes extremely large with a much smaller drag force. Solar panels are placed on the guide-way's roof, while wind generators are placed alongside in those places where wind energy is generally available. The generated electricity can be fed to the train directly or stored in its on-board batteries. The researchers expect the system to generate much more energy than is consumed by the Aero-Train, thereby making it double as an electric power plant. The next stage in the development is to build a larger Aero-Train prototype with room for six passengers and a maximum operating speed of 350 kilometres per hour (217 mph). The final, full-scale Aero-Train, with a length of 85 metres (279 ft) and seating capacity for 325 passengers, is aimed to begin service in 2020. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: DRIVE SYSTEM -- Ducted electric fans + WIG-effect MAXIMUM SPEED -- 500 km/h (310 mph) LENGTH -- 85 m (279 ft) WIDTH -- 12 m (40 ft) WEIGHT -- 70 tons (154,300 lbs)" The part i've bolded I don't really understand and was hoping it could be explained to me. What i see is that it's somehow a magical perpetual motion device that powers it'self by moving and charging the wind generators; I could perhaps forgive the solar panels part but am I missing something?
  15. Will you be using 3D modeling software for this or is it a physical entity that you'll be using tools to cut? If so What tools are you planning on using?
  16. This is non sequitur logic. "if A is true then B must also be true"? This is a fallacy in itself??? Assumptions are being made without any evidence.
  17. @ Fuzzwood Is this what is known as "Linear Absorption" and applies to any elctromagnetic radiation, not just Photons and the visible EM spectrum? Further to that, does that mean radio/microwave/gamma waves/x-rays are all photon emitters?
  18. For reflective surfaces that bounce light away how does this work? How does this fit in with Newtons 3rd law?
  19. Surely one of the problems contributing to hot car syndrome is that when it's all shut up it's pretty much a mobile greenhouse that lets light and heat in but not back out? Really, wouldnt the obvious answer be having opaque windows? So perhaps some white window shaped pieces of heat reflective material you can stick up in them? I know you get these for yoru windscreen but that still leaves all other windows exposed and it clearly isn't enough.
  20. The Ivy-Mike shot image is always pretty to look at too.
  21. Perhaps he would have better luck with organic produce? As I understand it a lot of processed foods come with stabilizers and emulsifiers which prevent seperation. I don't know exactly what you're putting in your smoothies but it's an idea.
  22. To be honest, I pulled up the first image for Tokamak that google threw at me, however looking into it it does appear that this image is indeed the JET Tokamak in abbingdon. That's not your dad int he white suit is it?
  23. Pictures such as this get me excited about science. I think it's the almost science fiction quality of it when it's really science fact The Inside of a Tokamak Magnetic confinement reactor. Theres some lower quality pictures floating about of while it's turned on and the pinky/purple haze of the plasma is just mindblowing knowing we can do stuff like that.
  24. Thank you Tom, thats exactly what I thought and just needed clarification.
  25. TL;DR - too long, didn't read as I felt I was babbling by this point and thought best to quickly sum up my query. When I mention the atmosphere "pushing out" rather than being sucked out it's because of the higher pressure wanting to escape into the lower pressue volume and the confusion arises by "sucking" inferring that the area outside of the high pressure is acting upon the high pressure rather than the high pressure simply wanting to move into equilibrium. Thanks for the detailed explanation, however, Mooey.
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