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  1. Well she does like them, and uses them, but what she'd really love is the same thing, with homework. Her favourite is Hippocampus and even though you can do assignments, she'd prefer it if it was compulsory, you know? Lol, it's ok! Yeah, she loves it! I like it too, but seriously, evil teachers give me waaay too much!
  2. Do you live in America? Becuase in the UK she is the exact age for school, she is actually slightly older than usual. She is in the second year of high school, you go into high school age 11/12. She mainly wants biology and english, but she'd like other subjects. And she'd really need homework, she is a nerdy child, loves her homework!!!
  3. Well, she does go to high school, but she wants to do extra lessons if you know what I mean. So she doesn't want any like certificates or diplomas or anything, just a little something outside of school, with homework to do for it.
  4. So I have my cousin here, who is 13. She is a really mature 13 year old who wants to self study online. she wants to find basically an online school. She quite likes Hippocampus and Khan Academy, but she really wants better ones. She particullarly likes Biology. It would be helpful and brilliant if the school had lots of subjects/courses, such as The Sciences, English, History etc. She has only just 13 and she hasn't done anything really complicated, but she's pretty good at Biology and English! So yeah, links qould be great and a little feedback on some sites please!!!
  5. ooohhh chocolate!!

  6. Ok, well I'll be getting African Dwarf Frogs and I want to some easy and simple experiments with them. I do NOT want to kill the little critters but I want to do experiments to find out stuff about them. I also have a hamster can I do anything without harming it?
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