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  1. Back after being away from this site, attending to other matters. On the topic in question, thinking outside the box concerning the statement, "I'm afraid 100 % free and 100 % ethical is impossible," assuming it was possible, then what? That is, on this apparent moral scale, does 'Good' need itself for things to thrive or, comparatively, needs 'Bad' to relativize itself? And, does 'Bad' need itself to justify its essence of being 'Bad'? What if all was 'Bad'?
  2. In order for a teacher to pass their message, they mustn’t shout at their students nor mustn’t they shout down their students. The above situations only instills fear in students such that were there ones who had questions that they wanted to ask, owing to the hostile, belligerent attitude of the teacher, instead do end up cringing in fear, unable to rise up and pose their problems in the quest for possible solutions. That is, the foregoing only fosters dolts. This school ought to nurture creativity by allowing others to express themselves within the parameters of the classroom everybody here finds themselves in. I do believe here everyone’s a star in their own respective right and I can hence only help you shine brighter by giving you the space to grow and be, by being a beacon of enlightenment that doesn’t stifle your search for answers. To me, there’s no such thing as an insignificant; irrelevant question. Too stupid to one, but the necessary piece that solved a puzzle to another. As such – and don’t get me wrong – by default, to the extent that we’re in this school, are we stupid. Stupid, seeking knowledge because in being taught; exchanging ideas, do we become unstupidified, as it were. And in most time times, this is abled by one getting of off their high horse of apparent success by thinking outside the box since success is an enemy of wanting to move forward; it, success, creates a fallacious sense of a comfortable zone. Stupidity, as an aspect of exploring the unknown if you do catch my drift, is a gem. Diametrically, it unshackles growth in vision in the course of people wanting to root it out and stem its virulent infestation by instituting progressive measures. Thus said, I am not going to engage in infantile spats that merely do serve to unnecessarily divert attention away from other ardent learners from more pressing concerns and so, this bellicose discourse’s forthwith terminated. xxxx Of these https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwicpP3_96T5AhWN_4UKHdb4BZAQFnoECAYQAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcourses.washington.edu%2Fbangblue%2FL1vFA08_9.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3_otPkdApNfyy_kBj4sC7o; https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj-5JXF-KT5AhVQ0oUKHS-oAkkQFnoECAcQAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww2.mpia-hd.mpg.de%2Fhomes%2Fsemenov%2FLectures%2FHeidelberg_Uni_2012%2Flecture4-first-molecules.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3-Oowakz_UWsZWthPoJSB6, going by Hubble’s ‘Primeval Atom’ of which was the Big Bang, if the Earth was uninhabitable due to its hot ambience that eventually came to cool down, couldn’t volcanic events be deemed as having aided in the said cooling process as well as contributing to stability by acting as retardants, RetroThrusters so to speak, to its rotational velocity?
  3. I don’t know who you are; actually don’t care. In your response yesterday, I found that you’d said I stop playing games – very unbecoming language! Do you think I came here to play? In this forum, people’re in school with the exception being that everyone’s a student just as they’re teachers. The inference here’s that in learning, one makes mistakes because to the extent that we’re defined by our limitations, then is our scope of perception equally limited. Accordingly so, in our limitations’re we bound to make errors; and by making errors, do we stand to be corrected since no one’s here who emerged from their mother’s embryo fully knowledgeable, perfect. If that were so, no one would be here. We wouldn’t be exchanging ideas because, then, everyone, fully knowing, wouldn’t be in need of answers as they wouldn’t be having questions. If one has a problem understanding what the other’s saying, one only needs to simply ask for more clarification because, then again, not everybody here’s totally fluent in English; they’ve other tongues as their primary source of communication. The long and short of it’s that we should be accommodating. So, I don’t know what you’re doing here if you can reduce yourself to calling others names.
  4. My apologies if I gave you the wrong impression – thought I was within the parameters of the discussion. My intention was, since differentiation essentially signifies a rate of change, this rate of change, to what extent does it impact on systems considering that ‘A’ will be different at point B. That is to serve as illustration, Siamese Twins at the end of the day’re particular in distinct ways. Of, “In fact there is a hypothesis that one source of heat in the interior of the Earth is due to phase changes which progressively release heat and thus slow down the rate of cooling,” can it thus be deemed that volcanic activity served as retrothrusters in terms of getting the Earth to cool down, in the process of its coming to be? Kudos.
  5. Mass presupposes an instantaneity while electromagnetism does enegry in motion – two separate instances; as it were, which is first, the chicken or the egg? In the context of our local circumstances I could say it’s their combined effect under the auspices of instantaneity, can gravity be adduced.
  6. So, of, ”You need a way for the various elements to move toward the center of the body and displace others,” can’t it be inferred that the essence of this correlative process, across the board, underpins all processes even on the grand scale? That is, in this displacements which can be deemed as being at the heart of a differential event, do energy transformations occur; for instance, heat’s converted to cold? If the above’s in connection with my statement, I am not saying the Big Bang and the Supernova events’re one the same thing – I did say that the Big Bang predates all. When I made to reference to them, it was in relation to their association. Thanks all the same.
  7. Mistermack, so, since the Big Band predates all, how does what occurs in the Supernova process stand in relation to the Big Bang; putting it another way, the Big Bang’s the Main Routine while the Supernova’s a SubRoutine. Can the SubRoutine’s process violate in any way, the Main’s Routine?
  8. Of the above, doesn’t that Supernova process then mean a process that occurred after or within the context of the Big Bang? If so, after the said explosion, the elements that occurred, are they defined within the shell, as it were, that they occurred in or within the mother, so to speak, Big Bang’s? That is, at what point does the classification begin? And, Swansont, at what point do you think the differentiation does begin or end?
  9. Point taken: my apologies for being empathic – but nevertheless, why did you’ve to share something so personal if it couldn’t evoke some sentimentalism in others – “I went here to share news,” your words, not mine. So, “LOL these forums suck! No one discuss here anything objectively...," were you objective? Nobody needs to know about your mental status if you assume some people can’t consider them along personal lines. Concerning what I meant, I think my statement, “In my opinion, the issue’s not so much about the what but rather, the how," is self-explanatory.
  10. Looking at your examples concerning ‘Components Of A System’, my take’s that an activity triggers what underlies an event; a kind of Butterfly Effect, if I may.
  11. Revisiting this 2020 topic, ‘What's The Point Of Calculus??’, well, Finitude and Infinitude’ve to be defined, hence the use, arbitrary one could say, of ‘0’ and ‘1’. The ‘1’s illustrates the known while the ‘0’s the unknown; that is, what’s there associative factor?
  12. A mental status, like Siamese Twins, goes hand in hand with environmental circumstances. Because man reacts to stimuli that excite whatever areas in the brain, the corresponding areas accordingly respond by synaptic action through secreting chemicals in line with the triggers that underlie the conditions that circumscribe the environmental circumstances. In my opinion, the issue’s not so much about the what but rather, the how of this article https://bigthink.com/neuropsych/depression-serotonin/. And to our colleague who’s said that, “I have ADHD and ASD, I Am terrible at expressing myself. Please don't take everything I say literally! I read millions of articles... I Am open to all possibilities and don't have definitive opinions. And if evidence says otherwise, I will change my positions! Thank you for understanding!” for all it’s worth, hang in there; painful world, but what can I say to ease your situation? I understand and am sorry for your pain.
  13. Eise, first of all, my intention when I quoted Velikovsky was to make the point that even if we make mistakes, there’s room for improvement because we aren’t working; thinking in a straight-jacket environment. So, not that I didn’t understand the gist of what was cutting – to whoever made a mistake, the idea was, rethink; revaluate. On Immanuel Velikosky’s concepts being surpassed by time, no problem; I noted that a long a time ago. My statement wasn’t in their context.
  14. Martillo, Immanuel Velikovsky in his book, ‘Earth In Uheaval’, said, “All fruitful ideas have been conceived in the minds of the nonconformists, for whom the known was still unknown, and who often went back to begin where others passed by, sure of their way. The truth of today was the heresy of yesterday. Imagination coupled with skepticism and an ability to wonder if you possess these, bountiful nature will hand you some of the secrets out of her inexhaustible store. The pleasure you will experience in discovering truth will repay you for your work; don't expect other compensation, because it may not come. Yet, dare.,” pg 271/303. As long as one is trying, mistakes’ll be made and the most important lesson of it is to learn from that, any, experience.
  15. Hallo. The context of that statement therefore means that the concept of Infinity’s an illusion.
  16. Hallo. Answering your question with another, what if these Black Holes’re Heat Sinks?
  17. Hallo. The last time, ‘Jul 1 swansont locked this topic’, – under this subtopic, ‘Religion’ – a related discussion that was cutting, it was apparently cut short after the, in my opinion, misplaced presumed that its discussion had stepped outside its boundaries. I’d like to give my views here, but the ack ack…
  18. NTuft, in our pursuit of answers for those aspects we know nothing of; even do not comprehend, do we start from the known to the unknown. Because if we knew, then we wouldn’t be asking questions. Let us not try to be emotional; that’ll tend to limit the free pursuit of thought. Objectivity and being open-minded ought to be the baton by which we interact.
  19. At this realm of mankind that we do find ourselves in, to the extent that we can process rational thought, then it can be presupposed that it’s upon man in the usage of reason to know what constitutes the boundaries of that which is right and wrong hence act in accordance with that which is just, in order to maintain interpersonal relations that’re empathic to the next person. It’s in the context of the foregoing protocol of human relations, that institution’s’re built and norms of engagement’re established. As such, on the basis of the above, I can’t attribute to myself aspects that seem to be judgmental without according the other side, some space to be…to be to the extent that that leeway doesn’t interfere with my right to be; to think, to live to the best of my potential. Because by judging, do I start to infringe on the other’s rights by limiting their freedom to think and hence, express themselves. Unshackling you begins with me allowing you to think.
  20. Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you will be judged. - Bible Hub; are you God’s spokesman to make the deduction that others’re going to regret? No offence intended, but if you were God, what would do if people chose their own paths other than that which you, perhaps, may’ve in mind?
  21. Hi all. In response to Merril's question, we were to look at the passage of time as a straight line which in essence espouses a break-down process, analogically, can't curved space-time be describing a differential process?
  22. Hallo. Starting by quoting, Iain McGilchrist's statement above that, "Objectivity involves the habit of mind and spirit, not the following of external procedures or rules; put another way, the objectivity lies not in propositions, but in a disciplined disposition," the answer to 'Who Created God's this, a question as well, who created who created God? We'll end up in a loop.
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