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  1. Is there something you don't agree with and if so, can you be more specific? So not only you leave out what you mean, but then you start with personal attacks... LOL these forums suck! No one discuss here anything objectively... I don't want your sympathies... do you have to say anything of any relevance? Just in case if you get offended and discussion takes even worse turn (because people here have thin skin): because why do you speak of my personal issues, I went here to share news, if I wanted to talk about my psychological issues I go to psychology forum, no offense taken, but it is like wtf?
  2. Summary: "The serotonin theory of depression started to be widely promoted in the 1990s, coinciding with a push to prescribe more SSRIs." News: https://bigthink.com/neuropsych/depression-serotonin/ The article links to a "systematic umbrella review" which has altmetric 20 of 166,614 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41380-022-01661-0
  3. I recalled I could check user manuals, what they say there! For BIOMAX (expensive one) they say eye protection is not necessary, they only say you shouldn't look directly into it. I would have to check relevant manual of device I'll get to for instructions... I also could get benefits, if it hit my eyes indirectly, as I have also eye issues. I will check with my doctor too also about this for sure! Anyways I wanted to be sure, if it hits eyes indirectly, if it is not damaging! Which seems it will depend on a device too, but should be safe without glasses! Thank you for answers!
  4. Did you meant to use glasses when it is reflected like from a wall, or when it is situated directly above your head? No glasses are perfectly hermetic tho! Although after like a reflection from a wall: IR glasses on top of that would limit significant amounts energy that reaches your eyes. Then it could be perhaps OK? - I also read even with eyes shut: it shouldn't directly aim towards your eyes (I Am still not sure about this)! I Am going to google yet IR glasses tomorrow, or hopefully fins something specific... Thanks for answer!
  5. I suffer from chronic pain and I want to use Red Light Therapy for sleep (so not directly aimed at eyes) but I have also inflammation and RSI! I can't find a definitive answer (because I have insane headaches and I can't even read currently) whether or not it is safe! I read NIR should be safe, because it is low energy radiation and it doesn't increase heat of an eye to the opposite from a laser! Also an ophthalmologist said the same thing, that it should be safe of this reason! But I also read it shouldn't be aimed direct even at closed eyes!!! But like on a wall, so it hits you indirectly! So what would be problem in this case, if it doesn't increase heat?! My question is: would red light therapy be safe then - if using NIR, which should be (810-850nm) from this article: https://platinumtherapylights.com/blogs/news/red-light-therapy-side-effects? I Am worried that reflection off monitor, glass table, or a window could damage my eyes! I plan to use it only like 5-15, or like 15-20 minutes before sleep! Also note they also say both red light, with NIR when used are more efficient to treat problems (so in that case both 630-660nm + 810-850nm I guess): https://platinumtherapylights.com/blogs/news/red-light-therapy-side-effects ctrl+f this: It’s important to note that although red and near-infrared wavelengths absorb into the body at different depths I will probably ask my doctor also, or go like to ask an ophthalmologist, still would like to here your opinion! It would help a lot, thanks!
  6. I was referring to an old discussion. I don't know if you were part of it. But other people know! I don't want to unnecessarily mention it, because it is depressing as hell - the ultimate worst think that could happen! Because if anyone who is superrational thinker knew about it, pain would motivate him to try change it by any means necessary! It is similar to aliens, people would rather join than compete... Einstein said: "nations are infantile disease of mankind" - couldn't agree more... But maybe Putin really thinks he will go to heaven, or it is identity politics - I don't know...
  7. Sarcasms OK... Lol imagine being that insensitive in grave situation like this! I would feel that first hand as I Am from EU, if it came to that. Or maybe you don't care about people dying... Try to imagine 3rd degree burns, not sure what yield would be used on a city of 1 million people! If it were also only to force negotiations... I experienced 9/10 pain multiple times, if you knew how it feels haha...
  8. I wasn't telling that to let it of my chest, you don't understand me at all... Just wonder how come no one tells putin some 200 IQ genius, or something... If it was true indeed you wouldn't be laughing (which you don't know)... Also many people can suffer either way...
  9. Nuclear Deterrence is stupid AF... One person can press red button and there is little anyone can do, as Putin has key personnel on his side, there is no chance of overthrowing Putain: except maybe if military person refused to press the button I heard! Besides high alert ICBM, human error during escalation and fog of war... Also modern leaders are uneducated on Nuclear Deterrence, or they forget (I heard) not sure! There are those who know what I Am talking about... I wonder why no one tells them! Roger Penrose should tell Putain, or he will condemn us all to hell of (imagine what those people with 3rd degree burns will have to go through)... Even there is probably no one could EVER do anything, even super intelligent AI... And if you think I Am irrational: you are delusional! Because no one can take pain over a certain threshold... You just don't admit it to yourself, because you would be depressed and tortured every second by immense pain... And that is all good for individuals, because evolution hides truths if they are not necessary for survival and if everyone had depression all the time - that would suck! But this is very possible threat (and even it is not certain, even so it is soo huge of a threat that any superrational thinker would try to change his behavior accordingly and try to counter it by any means necessary) and you are committing to logical fallacy, unless you know every possible permutation of everything and even then possibly... Humanity will probably destroy itself, which sucks for reasons I can't tell - as I don't want to cause depression unnecessarily... Problem is geniuses commit to art to escape (existential boredom, ego and suffering) and don't go to politics, or to get power, so minority psychopaths rule us, while majority of people are no inherently bad - they are brainwashed a lot and desperate - life is tough AF!!! Also geniuses are pushing boundaries and have criminal record and what not, so they couldn't run... Or they are pushed away by insecure people, or abused: so they either retire, or don't get even a chance in their lives (when I saw what geniuses go through in their lives - it is disgusting at best)!!! And elites like you and peer-review cartels are the problem!!! Also nobel prizes are joke, everything is pre-determined, or random probably anyways... You are just stroking your ego, as achievement is illusion... https://quotepark.com/quotes/1729479-arthur-schopenhauer-now-if-plurality-and-difference-belong-only-to-the/ Novel prizes serve only as motivator for people which don't know, not sure if it is good for science itself, probably not... It is not like you chosen your environment, or genes which determines your intelligence. There are still lots of elites in scientific circles slowing down progress... I talked to 160IQ cleared criminal record, after 1000 applications can't get a job... Also our ethics/laws are stupid... So given everything... coincidentally we are fucked! https://academyofideas.com/2013/12/the-ethics-of-schopenhauer/ https://bigthink.com/high-culture/schopenhauer-music-will/ PS: hopefully it won't happen, but Putin is not very likely retreating (fighting to the end) and diplomacy will be probably impossible! Besides his mental state is in question and he is near at his expectancy of life... Also it could escalate to war between NATO and RU and some officials/generals in US were worried in past Putain could use short-range nukes to force negotiations... We will see I guess...
  10. If you ever mature, we can have a proper discourse... I thought things like that stay in high-school but apparently it never gets better... You completely skipped everything I said and never read anything, never engaged anything, BTW that goes for previous posts too! I had +4 rep (from Philosophers which have more idea about these things than you, or others...) and because that one taboo post, you was scared: so defensive mechanisms caused you to behave like this, because you couldn't even consider such a terrible scenario -> I must be wrong... And then one guy started to stalk me to another posts of mine, arrogantly giving hot takes no reading whole discourse LOL... OK you little scientists you have no idea about Philosophy that much is clear, sometimes very smart people can thing they understand things, which they have no clue about: https://qz.com/627989/why-are-so-many-smart-people-such-idiots-about-philosophy/ PS: Smart people realize how much they do not know! You don't understand Logic and Philosophy LUL... I have many studies, but you wouldn't read anything so I won't even bother...
  11. Ok prove it, I dare you, I Am waiting on a prove! LOL projection: how unimaginative! How so? BTW you saw 1 post of me and now you know me and you are are psychoanalyzing me - sure buddy! I have bigger problems than some projection... There is evidence these guys are doing it, I read many posts where they are completely missing a point repeatedly and acting pompous... Never engaging in direct argumentation!!! Did you even read anything of my post BTW? This guy called OP's post: shipost, yet he is responding to every post of sorts, how is that a projection? More like a factual information no? E.g. https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/92709-existential-boredom/#comments
  12. If you were a man you would pick any of my previous topics and go into a discourse with me. And engage with my arguments, you have to give counter-arguments and evidence to disprove my claims, so far you didn't disprove anything! Because you don't care about time obviously, trash-talking all the time and using logical fallacies, that you can do... Go debate me on Free Will, or boredom, or decision-making etc. You are posing all the time and avoiding all discussing LOL, if anyone neutral looks at this, it is like you are almost scared! Or maybe you are just arrogant/ignorant...
  13. Again avoiding any discourse whatsoever and falling back to joke. Tactics used by insecure high-school teenagers LUL! So mature! EDIT: what are you scared of, if I Am wrong and you are right? HUH? It is almost like you are scared!
  14. Only on reddit? 😂 People decide always based on emotions at the end (except like instincts etc.) did you know that? And they use logic to justify their claims https://bigthink.com/experts-corner/decisions-are-emotional-not-logical-the-neuroscience-behind-decision-making Just first random peoples which viewed it downvoted, because they are dumb... On reddit: you get either massively upvoted, or downvoted usually... Sadly topic is less viewed if first burst are downvotes... Reddit is shithole for posting anything else than interesting news... Why you use this combative talking style and being sarcastic just because he doesn't have a rep? Never mind it was a rhetorical question... It is not very scientific claim something based on assumption... You have literally no idea what he said, so presumptuous as always! You need to first obtain that information, but you know that and instead you was sarcastic instantly... This is perfect example of elitism! Maybe you could try to engage with people arguments in good faith first, before doing this... I grant you that this is not most relevant/constructive post humankind had conceived, but! Maybe he is venting, maybe he wants a second hand opinion. What if both? It doesn't make this topic necessary uninteresting! And this is the lounge: I thought people can talk here about anything they want - with reasonable bounds ofc. Also on reddit if you ask this you get downvoted and no one will answer it... You only respond like this to low rep. people... BTW: why you even bother to comment on this, isn't that a irony? why are you automatically so sarcastic? Like are you insecure, or what? Do you have to prove something? It is not even me and I Am a very rational person (confirmed) can link you myriad of another studies and I engage with peoples arguments... because I was checking other complex topics (especially from Philosophy) note: even one of most brilliant scientists like Stephen Hawking and Bill Nye don't understand Philosophy: https://qz.com/627989/why-are-so-many-smart-people-such-idiots-about-philosophy/ and peoples' topics get totally misinterpreted and other people try to force their opinion on them etc. or not taking their side very seriously! Why can't you just engage with arguments and talk facts, you manage always to avoid talking about anything relevant and instead commit to logical fallacies... You can link sources with hundreds of citations doesn't matter, you just AD hominem or something... Pinnacle of scientific discourse... And this behavior is repeating in course of years from elitists on these forums, I see the same pattern all the time... Again you can engage with anything I said, but you are too scared I think!
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