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  1. Admirable? How can be ambition admirable, if you wasn't responsible for that? That literally was pre-determined, or random. There is no virtue in it! Even if you save 1000 children, that doesn't deserve any praise truthfully! To what part do you refer exactly? I think this was coherent - okay. I tried to write it briefly as possible, but it is hard to put so many ideas to the worlds. Words compress information! And again I can't really write I cannot help it, I tried one time write post like of 1 page, even 8 hours, after rewriting 100 times I gave up! So sorry about that, I can't even
  2. Only thing which is beautiful to me is unknown, Einstein said I Am paraphrasing: "unknown is most beautiful thing men can experience". Lucky? Don't know about that! Can't respond to that, as these informations are Information Hazards - no human being should be forced to know these things! But you know what, BTW I asked mod to delete that thread! "Something bigger than ourselves" - is usually a coping mechanism people come with like: I want to achieve something greater than myself and to think it weren't all for nothing... After I die, I won't have a functioning brain, it becomes irrelevant wha
  3. We are currently 100 seconds to midnight, closer than ever before... https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/current-time/ And yet then things like these happen... News like this makes me question, whether or not I Am even real... Insane, unbelievable: https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7ebmd/us-military-personnel-spilled-nuclear-secrets-in-online-flashcards How anyone with that level of intelligence gets to even work there and bellingcat has to warn NATO about it is beyond me... Took LSD on the job LOL, ok I guess... At this rate they could deploy monkeys to handle their nuclear stockp
  4. In case anyone with a functioning brain is interested about truth, I compiled 17 page document aiming at briefness with many sources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qYicHpeS39lhiMPJmUGHRUfZxw4pPtLjsIwOYCHpE8Q/edit?usp=sharing It was meant for correspondence with a Pharmacologist But it will also serve another purpose also, as I said: I will link more sources later! As people here just flame and don't read anything apparently... Feel free to to discuss and criticize anything! HAHAHA BTW I love how it was put to speculations without anyone reading anything... It is fact
  5. Sure but you have Chemical imbalance theory based on research from 1960 . Mostly SSRIs are based on this theory... I also found there is a newer hypothesis called: monoamine hypothesis of depression On which are based TRCs and TeCAs antidepressants, if my memory is not failing me. I would think there would be more theories, but didn't bumped into anything else - from extensive reading so far. So I thought it would be easier to ask, so I can check all of them! I would find it myself, but I need it for call with pharmacologist and I don't have time currently and I have chroni
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA that's what I thought. Who cares who is who? This is exact problem in science, it is more about reputation and being popular in scientific circles, than about quality of studies, or ideas. Same: I don't who you are, you didn't read anything: so you have no right call this pseudoscience! Since you don't even know what I posted... I don't understand why you even post then, if you are not gonna check studies, or anything... Also main reason of post: was to ask about all theories of underlying causes of depression! Yea I know that science doesn't deal in proof. It is dealing
  7. LOL I guess you have personal gripe with me, so you are just trying dismiss everything, without providing any counter-arguments, or proof! It if it not true, it shouldn't be hard to disprove right? Did you even bothered to read anything? First chemical imbalance theory was never proven! Give me 1 study which says it was proven!!! "In the mid-20th century, researchers theorized that depression was caused by a chemical imbalance in neurotransmitters in the brain, a theory based on observations made in the 1950s of the effects of reserpine and isoniazid in altering monoamine neurotransm
  8. Object of this post is to ask: what are all existing contemporary theories of underlying causes of depression, not limited to 1 field of science?! I Am looking especially for these, which are currently accepted in scientific circles. So far I found 2 theories. It is important to state that I Am not some anti-medication whacko, I wrote description of theories, so I had to include my claims and sources . I Am currently pressed by time: I can include more sources later, links below contain hundreds of references enjoy! Probably most known - Chemical imbalance theory, which
  9. Why wouldn't you answer the question and instead say this?! I gave arguments and linked sources, all you did - was to strawman me. Why even answer, if you gonna do this? I don't know what debate tactics you are using! But simply repeating this: "The evidence rather strongly implies otherwise." Ad nauseam doesn't seem to me like pinnacle of a discussion on scientific forums, nor proves anything! If your believes about science would be true, you would want to refute my arguments, instead you are using logical fallacies... I guess because I don't have reputation here allows you to just say 1 wor
  10. Yet you quote no sources, or you don't give any arguments xDD If evidence strongly implies otherwise, there should be no problem to link strong proof right? Also depends on a definition, if you take what science should be, or like some definition of science: of what generally scientists agree upon that science should be, than yes. But in reality this differs drastically! Like everything: it can be used for power, or status, or politics etc. And scientists are people like everyone else (with emotions, egos etc.) So it will depend on people doing science! And to publish your studies y
  11. Wait what? The statement: our lives possibly repeat forever, or all permutations of everything possible! I said, we don't know that for sure. But we also can't refute it! What is emotional on that?! It is the truth. You ignored everything - I was saying and started to strawman me and ignored all proof I posted, I bet you didn't even read it... I even provided sources for my claims LOL, e.g. that people with ASD don't include emotions into their reasoning. You didn't even challenge it and skipped to strawman LOL. Sure I feel emotions and at the end I decide always based on emotions - Elon
  12. Oh and now I am posting on other forums too? Only account I have on scienceforums - is this account. I registered since 2018 and I don't exactly post much here as you can see... Maybe I asked once/twice on chemicalforums about something and maybe I created account on scienceforums.com. I don't think I ever used it. And site said: account with this name not found! Now who is paranoid? Woah someone else had same thought, it must be one person. Because thought is just wrong. Because I have Phd in physics and you don't therefore everything you say is wrong... Instead trying to have a construc
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conformal_cyclic_cosmology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bounce ... I did not made that up. Are you kidding? I said, we don't know if it is true, or not. It can be possibly true...
  14. To avoid the Eternal Return! I guess you should read 1st post, but it is very depressive, you probably don't want to!
  15. I wasn't talking changing things on the universal scale. If you could change yourself to energy e.g. which seems not possible. Perphaps you wouldn't have to experience time. Not sure if energy does. I was talking about things of sorts. I realize there is probably like 0.00000...% chance of escape.
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