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  1. Ye i saw that. Wealthy will probably be able afford it sooner and get the edge. But from concerns project 2045 they aim to be affordable like for 300 000$. Still this is not version which will have computation power like supercomputer, you will be only in robot, who get into that first will get huge advantage. If like some cabal of rich people got first into computer with supercomputer power, that would be bad. Or even if people get there, there is 20% chance humanity will go extinct at 2100, because of global warming and endangering species and destroying environment... Or if ai destroys humanity.. Maybe people survive on mars, while die in earth who knows. It is pretty tough to survive in universe, to even have life supporting habitat and than to not get wiped by anything, there are pretty scary things in universe, so matter from quarks, which could poison whole planets and turn them into same matter. Or some explosion on atomic, or subatomic level, which could destroy whole universe and physical laws as we know them, or black holes and who knows what. Humanity probably won't survive even that long, who know if we will be able to achieve ftl, or even get to posthuman stage. And i agree torture is pretty ugly, people in middle age used to be cruel and disgusting, obviously even today some, why would you wanted to risk it and die painfully, if universe is going to repeat itself forever maybe...
  2. I didn't ask about boredom tho, i am interested what point could exists for people to want immortality. Specifically rather, than obvious reasons to live longer, or survival because people fear death, or traveling to new planets etc...
  3. This is lounge right, you can talk about anything here, i am just interested what people see about immortality. That's it...
  4. Same even with immortality, is question: 1. if you get transferred into computer 2. or die and copy of your mind gets transferred Even even if so, what if someone kills you, or you die by accident, if you mind will be backed up and than copied to new body, it won't be you, but your copy. Even if you was lucky and lived like 10k years, eventually you will die anyways, even universe is probably going to end and it will be difficult to survive... Same there is no point, why would you do that ? So you can live another x years for what ? And it is so boring, everything is predetermined, or random, which is not any better... So you maybe explorer new planets, or travel through time, or to another dimension and learn some new things, because we are programmed to do stuff e.g. our survival, otherwise we get bored. Don't know how you see it, but this is so utterly boring.. Every possibility bores me to death, even ai starting to bore me already and it is rather new...
  5. Ye i actually read a lot of articles when people do that, i google free will news often and 90% is crap, there won't be major progress in such a short time. And even in other fields people actually do that. It was proven that it is better to know multiple fields like elon musk to, he takes principle from other field and apply it in to something else. But not everyone have 1000 wpm reading speed and iq 200 to have time to study everything. Especially for simulation argument physicists and computer scientists argued a lot, but why if in our universe it would be possible to simulate another universe they think it would tell us anything about whether we live in simulation or not. In our universe could be less amount of physical laws than in theirs and even i we couldn't simulate it doesn't mean they couldn't, even bill nye said it would be to difficult to discern and i agree, i think we could never know.
  6. Ye i just wanted confirmation, that this expression is crap.
  7. Even achievement is illusion, someone born with high intelligence and didn't do anything, just got better coinflipp, even you know you did nothing, how you can feel contentment, if you have success with something. If everything you do is pointless, humanity will extinct sooner or later. People actually search for meaning, because it is important for their survival to live meaningful lives. I read study, that scientist have greater sense of meaning and there are studies about meaning increasing happiness, which is evolutionary mechanism for survival. Maybe you help save some lives, but than you can die painfully yourself, which is dissuading from helping others, because it doesn't even guarantee you won't die painfully. Like Turing, he killed himself, because court ordered him chemical castration, after saving 13 million people, 99% of people is cancer, i don't know what more you can do and see what you get in return. Still one can do very little. And everything is predetermined, or random it will be how it will be, you can't really change anything, that would be stupid to try. Even if you decide to help you can probably do small good, but humanity will still go extinct sooner or later, so it is ultimately utterly pointless. If probably humanity will destroy itself, animal life is already dying, it is predicted that humanity will extinct at 2100 on 20%. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190508113351.htm https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190506093610.htm Even if humanity could survive in computer, or mars, this is still pretty devastating and a lot of people will die. Because corporations and elitists control everything and their only concern is to make as much money as possible, they know they will die and after that there will be probably nothing , so they don't care about future.
  8. I read this article about free will and some neurologist was flaming there sabine hossenfelder for her ignorance and claims about other fields which outside her profession. https://mindmatters.ai/2019/05/can-physics-prove-there-is-no-free-will/ And than he himself talk nonsense, which is easy to prove wrong in my opinion. I think expression that probability is antithesis of randomness is flat out wrong. Because probability is chance that something happens against all other possibilities, like if you roll 1 on dice, there is chance 1/6 that it happens. But it doesn't say anything about why it happened, it could be predetermined by angle you throw it and gravitation etc. Or it could be cause randomly, by some variables. Events in quantum mechanics aren't without cause, but you can't tell exactly where particle will end up. Consider simple universe there could be only 2 scenarios, meteor hits earth and meteor doesn't hits earth. It would have been choosen randomly between these 2 and you can still predict probability something happen on 50%. It is funny how these people flame each other for something they said and they instantly blame it on that it is outside their profession.
  9. Hey, i am in chronic pain and i can't do anything which involves thinking, because my head hurts, or doing mechanically, because i have repetitive strain injury and i am bored as hell, literally that bored as you can be, absolutely bored... And i am suffering from existential boredom and i think life is pointless, so i don't find anything interesting and meaningful and i don't feel pleasure, or content from doing anything and i thing free will is illusion, so there is that, but still, if i could do anything i would, because it is still better, than do nothing, but i can't. So i wonder if there are some pills to not feel boredom, or some method. Where i could just stare whole day to the wall e.g. and not feel bored. I read only that some pills temporarily reduce boredom, that's no use. I heard people with alexithymia - condition, where people have trouble identify emotions in themselves, or feel them. I read they can't tell difference between boredom and hunger e.g. , wonder than how would boredom feel. I read they have some physical sensations, so if boredom would feel like hunger or something. Doubt anything exists like that currently, or i read on quora once, about some pills that completely disable emotion, can't find that site anymore, not sure what would it do exactly. Anyway i wouldn't try anything, if i wasn't sure what it exactly does. I would appreciate anything to disable boredom, if there is such a thing.
  10. You cannot change that universe is gonna extinct, you cannot change civilization will extinct much sooner. And that evolution is fact etc. Noone can...
  11. Again how talking to someone change how the world is ? And i already did so.. Ye intellectually it cannot be answered, but scientifically it can, while science is based on materialism and observation of causal relations, that's best it gets and everything else is guessing. And i read scientific facts like evolution. I didn't choose my genes and environment, e.g. if borned in different environment with different genes, sure i would be a different person. My life is fine, i was lucky yet, i have above average life in terms of money and possibilities, that's not the problem. Why would i want to improve anything, when humanity is gonna extinct and even universe. What would be point of doing that. People are doing things, either because of pain, or pleasure, but that's just illusion, that's subjective motivator for our survival, it is not even real. How could i feel contentment for example if i had success, while i know it is just luck, i didn't do anything. And people with existential boredom cannot derive pleasure from doing things, because they don't see point in doing anything. I agree with point from this video: that if life didn't have meaning i wouldn't do anything in my life. Life if pointless that's it, i don't want to do anything...
  12. I am going to the psychiatrist and 2 months i used to go to psycholog from organisation for people with autism, even that expert with 2 phd, which studied free will, he didn't disagree with me, not that free will exists or not, which you can't theoretically prove, or disprove completely, but agreed about genes, environment, evolution and what not. If i was delusional, than ye talking to psychiatrist can change your worldview. Or cbt, which only cost money, not that it would be a problem, but it doesn't do anything. There is nothing psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist whatever can do with this: It is point of existential boredom, people cannot derive pleasure from anything, if they don't see point in anything- don't take this literally. -Free will is probably illusion on 99.9%, even einstein didn't believe in free will, stephen hawking, nicola tesla, goethe, from living people: sean carrol, sabine hossenfender, richard dawkings and there will be more people i don't know -achievement is illusion: this article pretty much nails it. -Evolution is not even theory but fact. -These are theories, but still good ones: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_fate_of_the_universe Even universe will cease to exist, why would i do anything, when even universe will end, life is pointless. I don't understand you have to know this. -If eternal return is true, we are experiencing same events infinitely over and over again. Two theories i read on quora are not much popular, but superdeterminism is not popular only because you cannot test it, not that wouldn't be bad theory. Roger Penrose is now working on universal rebirth. Scary think is even possibility of it. What is someone dies in fire over and over again. -Love is just chemicals in brain, just evolutionary mechanism for survival, so race is reproduced and so parents stay together, which increases chance for offspring survival, you can give octopuses ecstasy and they manifest social behavior, that octopus had surely will to choose that... Neurologists found out we are motivated by either pleasure or pain. -Altruism doesn't exists, altruism is selfish, if you help someone, you are motivated by pleasure, because he had to cooperate to survive and we got edge upon other races, because survival > selfishness, so it feels good, so you are doing it for your pleasure and there is bigger chance if you help someone he will help you back and 86% people believe in religion, so they think that it is right think to do help someone, but still they are motivated by pleasure and pain which can be related to hell and heaven. -There are no ultimate moral standards, it just social construct like patriarchy, moral standards are stemming from emotions. Emotions are just feedback from bodystates, emotions serve as evolutionary mechanisms for survival. Tho evolution has no goals, there is even evolutionary suicide - but nevertheless, we are pretty motivated to survive, it is how it is. And evolution is that just some forms adapted to their environment, they can use what they got for their disposal, on other planet lifeforms differs. - I was animal someone would kill me another animal, or human, i they would torture me for testing, or i would die from pollution... -Not sure how i am gonna die, i can die painfully. -There is no justice in the world -Russia is oligarchy, more than 2/3 of wealth is owned by oligarchy and it's mafia state, america is totalitarianism, myth of democracy, it is only democracy from outside. Australia heading towards corporatocracy in 2030. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Media_Bias/Fact_Check -Coporations have more economy than states: http://www.globalissues.org/article/234/the-rise-of-corporations globalization favors corporations and tax havens and stock buy bucks and america, they legalized lobbying in 2011, don't remember that law how it calls. And corporations made money from war in iraq - already eisenhower warned against military industrial complex and thanks to centralized banks elitists come to power into us. + i have another 20k reasons, or more, which cannot be changed by talking to someone, it is absurd, hilarious... I am realist, i have asperger, so i have damaged, or not correctly developed limbic system, so i have more developed neocortex(not necessarily), or because i have deficit in social interactions, i focus more on logic, or thinking, which gave me bonus, whatever, point is i am very realistic, not autistic :D, i know about autistic thinking and i don't observe no such thing in me, but i know everyone of us, we have slight delusions, it is not even possible to not have, unconscious knowledge is absorbed without applying judgement to it. I can estimate my intelligence very precisely, not lower, or higher, i know iq changes and it depends on various factors, i was saying that before i read anything and i was thinking, that everything on macro level is predetermined myself, before anything, because how straight forward it is. There was one kid, he was worst in math in school, literally terrible and he started listening to math champion counting and become winner of some global championship in math, because neuroplasticity, scientist said it was given genes, because not everyone could do it, you still have to have right genes. Eeh.. So if perfectly normal people develop brain tumor and they become pedophiles, that's ones interpretation neurological/biological theory ? I don't see how free will is possible. Evolution is fact for example, not even theory and Richard Dawkins said as materialist, he doesn't believe in free will. So for example article on ncbi that criminality is inherited in families, that's just ones interpretation on biological theory , when gut microbes can make us crave foods, free will would be possible only if world wouldn't be materialistic and that's impossible to disprove, because it is unfalsifiable. So it is guessing and i don't like guessing, because it is pointless, live in uncertainty and only option you have is guessing. Or if i borned in prehistory, i would die in fight, or to disease, so i wouldn't even get to live life and i would have no options, so i guess that would be free will, do you know how limited such life would be and evolution is cruel. I wouldn't even get mental capacity to decide and understand thinks and knowledge, so i would do something dumb, which would cost me my live probably. How it was decided that i am atoms which merged together, i could be bacteria if events was different, it is from same atoms that i am... Everything on macro level is determined and in quantum mechanics indeterministic and even deterministic in some interpretations. By definition cosmology studies universe as a whole, we are parts of it, we are atoms.. And is connected to the fields of metaphysics and ontology. Particles which are indistinguishable from each other and particles have no will in the first place, will is emergent phenomena, but it seems more like automation than agent that is able to decide freely to me. http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2016/01/free-will-is-dead-lets-bury-it.html http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2018/07/limits-of-reductionism.html http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2014/01/10-misconceptions-about-free-will.html Second link says, she grants believing in free will thanks to failure of reductionism, but than she says it takes more than that to convince her into believing in free will. Counter arguments to the free will: https://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0208104 There is new theory ribosomes may be selfish not dna, not certain yet so it is useless, but can serve as remark, because how other things are e.g. survival. Ribosomes are just replicators, why everything replicates, it may be how permutations of atoms touched themselves and make it so, it is just emergence - random luck, it seems at least. http://www.eoht.info/page/Defunct+theory+of+life I know thims.. xD but i use it as perspective and than i search more to find facts and verify it. I found out atoms are not going anywhere, they still exists when they form molecules, does that mean that if something move is it alive ? Atoms in rock are constantly moving so what, does that mean rock is alive ? Atoms from that rock could be used to build you or me, if you had skills. When we say something, or think, it is just emergence of consciousness from interactions of atoms it seems. What about extremely talented kids, which read newspaper in 3, if they had no inrited superior genes how is that possible, anyone could do that, every kid would be doing that. Or some kid have exceptionally good shot-term memory and remembers whole song on first trial and can reproduce it on piano. Right away find something good about iq hmhm wait, i need more time, i read over 1 million articles, i couldn't find again everything even i wanted. To answer properly i will just have to google week or some ridiculous time and i feel worse everyday. Personality was found by twin studies, but even than it wasn't successful completely separate genes from environment, i know gene studies are iffy, but it is getting better everyday and still it affects a lot and that's they point. Ye he studied free will problem.
  13. I already talked with expert with 2 phd, about meaning of life and free will and he didn't say he disagree with me in any of my points. Not that free will is illusion ,but like everything will extinct, even universe and about genes etc. I think on 99.9% that free will is illusion, you didn't choose your genes and environment. Personality is up to 40% determined by genes and iq up to 90%. People which develop brain tumor become pedophiles. Free will seems that is obviously illusion. We didn't choose our preference and we are influenced by external factors. Even tesla said he feeled like automaton, he couldn't even sleep, because how much he was delved into his inventions. I don't see point in living, when free will is illusion and everything will cease to exists anyway so... BTw talking to someone doesn't change how world is, it doesn't do anything.
  14. We are just atoms, which forms molecules and molecules make neurons and emergence of consciousness is just caused, by neurons communicating with each other, like viscosity, or order in ant colony, no part knows what whole part is doing, but each communicates with its adjacent part and sync up. It seems that we are just biological supercomputers. Odd belief ? I don't think, it is fact we are from atoms, which are indistinguishable, if my atoms scrambled differently i would be just rock. Even tesla said we are just energy. I don't believe i just look at fact, but even facts are just observation of abductive reasoning and it repeats a lot of times we say it is fact, but again like determinism, before we knew qm, we though everything is predetermined, which stil maybe is. I am terrible at making examples, philosophers only could guess, before we got technology, what i want to say, we are limited by our perception. Same i read over 1 million articles about everything, i don't see a point in doing anything, i am gonna die and everything deletes, even i was successful in something, free will doesn't exists, i did nothing. Same we are living in totalitarianism, corporations controlling everything, chips implants will be mandatory say some sociologist and biologist, i checked that up on mediabiasfact check it is legit. We will be probably controlled like in orwellian dystopian future, privacy already doesn't exists, democracy is illusion. Maybe in 10-20 years if global warming starts irreversible sequence of changes and arise so called hothouse effect, planet will be uninhabitable. Same human race will go extinct in some point, it is completely pointless to do anything....
  15. Even if everything would be indeterministic, that isn't any better. We are just particles, particles have no will. And even if by any chance like 0.01% there would be free will, if you don't know it for sure it is dumb. And from counter arguments to free will from arxiv.org - qm isn't without causation and from one phys forum even radioactive decay happens because there has to be particle in the first place. I read about causal indeterminism, i think if it refers to its stochastic component. But again indeterminism isn't any better, if anything is left to some chance. If i can't prove there is or isn't free will on 100% that's dumb, live in uncertainty. But probably free will is illusion, that's all we have determinism and probabability so fun... Determinism is boring as hell and coinflipping, or rolling dice isn't any better.
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