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  1. yes the angle would approach 90 degrees as the length approaches infinity
  2. hang on, you said these were north american symbols, not likely to be cuneiform if its over there. I know alphabets are global these days but they weren't back then. I will admit that it bears a resemblance to that cuneiform symbol but it's leaping a bit to say it is the same. I can only assume that your refusal to give us the coordinates is because if you turn the labels on it says something like 'joe's quarry'
  3. If it is from google earth, can you give us the coordinates? if you have the altitude, surely you have the latitude and longitude.
  4. definitely looks like an openpit mine or quarry to me. without better detail or a scale (prefferably some coordinates) it is impossible to say exactly what it is. although estimating from the river, its a quarry site a few hundred meters across by about a kilometer.
  5. try your number minus any of the numbers we've posted. if the answer is less than zero then your number is not the biggest number.
  6. the avagadro constant is the number of atoms in 12 grams of Carbon-12
  7. what about the avagadro constant? biggest number? aye right.
  8. you know how long jupiter takes to orbit, you know how long the earth takes to orbit, you can measure angles with reasonable accuracy. take a measurement, wait a few months and retake. should give you a reasonable estimate. of course, there are other methods but that is the simplest i can think of.
  9. i'm in an out in about 5 minutes usually. 10 minutes if i'm particularly grubby, 15 if i've been handling certain particularly stinky chemicals at work and the smell is still hanging around(its never particularly strong, but enough for me to notice).
  10. what about me? I'm healthy but i need to go to hospital every now and again to keep being healthy. My body sucks at getting rid of Iron, it keeps on building up and I have to get blood drawn to get rid of it (or take some chelation therapy which is more expensive, I'd get either for free but I like the NHS so I'm going for the cheaper option for them). If i didn't go regularly then I'd be more of a burden on their resources. Also, the only healthy people i know who regularly go to hospitals are those who work there or provide transportation for those who are ill and need regular visits. Plus, do people really go to hospitals for checkups? I go to my local GP.
  11. In the early days, there were all sorts of voltages going about depending on what was your local power station/company (no standardised grid). There was probably a lot of lobbying and bribing when time came to standardise so it was likely chosen by the company with the most money to throw around when the government stepped in. Why THEY chose 240V? who knows. maybe it was their lucky number.
  12. oh you mean you want to fill the tyres with CO2. then you wouldn't remove very much. a few million tons perhaps. less than a days worth of CO2 emissions anyway.
  13. if we call it a gigaton of tyre and convert that to 1 billion tons of CO2, probably not that much assuming its a one off spike of CO2. you wouldn't increase the concentration of CO2 by much (2 parts in 10^10) its a fair fraction of the 2008 CO2 release from fossil fuels, (31.8 gigatons). It wouldn't be good, but it probably wouldn't cause drastic and immediate effects like the mediterranean evapourating or the antartic icesheets sliding into the sea.
  14. impossible to know without more details of the usage and other specifications. if only 16 registers are required for the task to max out the processor then they will be equal. if the task requires more registers then the one with 64 will be better.
  15. I did mention that, but i had no idea the maximum g was so low down. I thought it would have been within 1000km of the surface.
  16. the deeper you go the less gravity you get. although, for the earth that isn't true near the surface as the earth isn't a homogenous ball, the earth is denser at the centre. This means the effects of 1/r^2 over rule the effect of less mass beneath you. and yes, you are being pulled in multiple directions. these all balance out to leave one net force i nthe down direction though. This does have effects on very large objects and is the cause of the tides (the moons gravity pulling the water sideways). you could notice it on something human sized near a blackhole or neutron star too.
  17. you're not very good at maths are you? copyright does not mean validation
  18. Our ancestors din't suddently give birth to kids that were bald. it was and still is a gradual process with some individuals being balder than others. There are some very hairy people still around and there are some people who will never really grow much body hair. so the answer should be 'some time in the future'
  19. changes in the fans speed means there are changes in torque being supplied by the motor. This can create noise which is caused by additional vibrations. Once the computer has reached a thermal equilibrium (the amount of heat being removed has steadied) then the fan has no need to speed up and the forces will be almost constant which will limit the vibrations and hence noise.
  20. a rope will experience wear and tear because it is flexing as you are spinning it. You are stressing and relaxing various strands repeatedly. the earth does not experience the same as nothing is flexing (there isn't a bit of the earth held stationary(non-rotating). The atmosphere is spinning with the earth and so erosion effects are limited to those caused by convection driven flows.
  21. Well, the first part is a guide i wrote to encourage people to use the IRC channel The second part is a useful piece of advice when dealing with new ideas. If they're getting thrown at you really fast without sufficient time to process then there's probably something wrong with them that people are trying to prevent you from spotting. Take a deep breath and a closer look and you can usually spot it. ?Haven't changed it in ages though.
  22. because the signal is bloody tiny. you can't do it my chemical means because the signal is only 1 part in 10^31. positrons will annihilate quickly and the gamma rays are likely to be absorbed before they hit a detector. It's so hard because there is almost no signal and there are plenty of interferences, such as radioactivity of your detector, radioactivity of your surroundings, cosmic rays etc. This is why they build the detectors so far underground, and try their damndest to block all sources of radiation.
  23. use bernoulli's equation to calculate the pressure difference. You can start by assuming that the free stream velocity is 140m/s. you can assume anything for the freestream pressure.
  24. oh it wasn't O2, it was mostly N2 and other inerts. Thats why i said you had a good point about the desired end use.
  25. That is a fair point, it all depends on what your end goals are. The places i've seen it done with vacuum haven't been for anything strictly controlled and vacuum lines were prevalent around the building so it was just as easy to have a valve to switch between vacuum line and fill line.
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