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  1. I believe in a God/higher being/alien super-race/whatever maybe even one that created the universe. My difference to religous nuts is that i also believe in science. I believe that physics is the rules that allowed whatever caused the big bang to determine the future of the universe if it was ever designed at all. I keep an open mind and change my veiws based on evidence. Anyway to my point... I heard a nice little statement that brings together creationism and science quite nicely. Forgive my lack of all the seven days or the order but it's been a while. "let there be light : Big Bang, seperate the light from the dark: cooling of the universe and formation of suns the land thingy: the formation of the planets the plants: evolved out of microbes the animals: evolved out of same microbes just took longer the humans: evolved out of animals that evolved out of microbes" its not exact but its the best i can do from memory. I believe in evolution as i have seen evidence for it. Think of the human genome. We see loads of "junk" DNA from species we evolved out of. Due to this we share DNA from several million species of insect a few thousand mammals a few hundered trees(includes all vegetation) some fish a few hundered thousand microbes and bit of everything else. So i think this stands that we evolved out of the same primordial gunge although look at some poor excuses of human beings (people like hovind) makes me wonder if they are a seperate species evolved from BS. lol
  2. what is the velocity of B? it says its moving towards A but doesn't give an actual velocity which is required for the question. maybe i missed it cos the image refuses to resize to my screen
  3. you couldn't have any electrons so it wouldn't form any ions or molecules even van der waals forces so it would be a sort of gas (or a plasma) at any temperature except maybe absolute zero. thats if you can get it to be stable
  4. yeah if the arth were hollow then it raises problems in physics, astronomy, geology, cosmology, astronomy and for just about every other science there is. and everything agrees more or less at the moment so if you want to prove the earth is hollow then you need to write a theory explaining why all the other sciences were correct where they were correct and wrong where they wrong and why your theory is right. which is a lot of work. i mean replacing 3000 years of accumulated knowledge and observations and formulae for each and every science. i know some sciences are barely affected but it will still infringe on them a little bit. medicine you wouldn't think it would be affected by this. but it is through chemistry which is affected through physics and geology.
  5. I've had lucid dreams. i have been able to control them to some extent. i have absolutely no idea how i do it or even why, i 've just been able to do it since as far back as i can remember. it usually happens around 7-8 times a week but sometimes i can go for months without having one. you actually realize that you are in a dream i guess you could relate it to finding out that you are "the one" in the matrix cause you can change it to what you want... i don't know its weird anyway. I've slept through the falling dream and i'm alive from what i recall i was falling i hit the ground and then my mind switched to another dream. i've heard that if while your trying to get to sleep that if you think about something in detail that you'll dream about it. is this true? anyone had the dream within a dream within a dream dream? the one where you keep waking up and then waking up again and again and again? i getthis regularly.
  6. yeah it is called netronium but neutrons in that state tend to decay very rapidly (except in netron stars for some strange unknown reason.) so isotope one would decay to hydrogen fairly quickly isotope 2 to deuterium isotope 3 to tritium then helium-3 isotope 4 to hydrogen-4 then helium-4 .... ad infinitum get the drift? the bigger the isotope the shorter the thing stays element zero
  7. if the batteries arwe drained then the acceleration to the set speed takes a bit longer if this happens then the laser has missed a bit of the index when it turns on so it has to wait until the start of the index comes round again. there are loads of other factors and the motor can heat up easily. around 1 degree celsius of difference can affect it noticeably (i done some experiments on electric motors at school and we could notice differences without equipment at this temp difference but it was a crappy motor that could hardly rotate itself.
  8. the cd could just take a little longer to slow down or a little shorter. the motor would be warmer since its ran for a while this could affect the rotation. or it could be simple random effects like the laser took a microsecond longer to start reading. there are too many factors. the batteries would be slightly drained as well which would affect it.
  9. it would act like low energy beta particles. do some radiation damage ionize a few hundred air molecules and have a range of about 1m in air. not as impresive as a .45 desert eagle but you might get a cool plasma formed on the way out. or it might not work at all as in crts there is a near vacuum so unless you put the gun ina vacuum and had an electron transparent material for it to come out of then it might not work.
  10. steam is tiny droplets of water that condense in the air to form a fine mist. like clouds these tiny droplets are light enough to be carried up by a thermal. only in this case the hot water provides the heat for the thermal
  11. i forgot about that.... goes back to sleep.
  12. another one of those thought experiments gone wrong as they are prone to do.i have them all the time. take my advice. start writing some of it down and then google to check any assumptions. it stops you making a fool of your self. i rememver one time i had a thought on how to escape the immense gravity of a black hole from the surface but it turned out to be complete rubbish as you would be outside the event horizon.
  13. trtium is a radioisotope. therefore if you turned your keychain into a generator it would be an rtg radio-thermal isotope generator. i am meaning fission as in what goes on inside a commercial nuclear power station. i think that should be it clear now. tritium is more likely to be found in a fusion reactor anyway. edit: looking back at my first post i see that i did state that it wasn't to be an rtg. i think you got it mxed up but its an easy mistake to make i used to do it all the time.
  14. lol the earth will start spinning the other way! i wonder if they've calculated the angular momentum of the earth, ITS HUGE! it would take one hell of a torque to change it as was said before. not to mention that the core is surrounded by liquid which means that if the crust starts spinning the other way the core could still be spinning the old way.
  15. i mean whole thing(i should have stated that) basically up the the point where you got a couple of wires sticking out to draw power from. i'm not bothered about the generation capacity i was just wondering how small they could be but still produce power from controlled fission
  16. if it was toxic enough for you to worry about you'd either puke it up, feel really really bad or be dead. i wouldn't worry about it but it doesn't mean that you can start drinking fairy liquid straight
  17. here is a nice simple way of putting it. if the earth is hollow then where does all the lava come from?
  18. I've heard of glengarnock so i think it might be close. kilbarchan is just outside johnstone.
  19. Just out of curiosity what is the smallest possible fission reactor (not an rtg) with basic safety precautions i.e. radiation sheilding. ? the dimensions would be helpful.
  20. insane_alien


    look through a telescope. mars is red. anyway that picture from "raw data" couldn't exist because of the way the photo's are made. they are taken in RGB format and have to be merged before a picture that is close to true colour appears. the reason that it is close is that it includes parts of the infrared and ultraviolet spectra for scientific purposes. mars is red you can even check it with the naked eye. besides how could you cover up an entire planet bigger than our moon that con be seen by anybody on earth!
  21. when i was 6 i seen a cartoon where a cat got flushed down the toilet. thought to myself "would that really happen?" . found a friend with a cat. you can probably guess what happened next.
  22. oo this has got to go on my debunking pseudo-science page. did you guys know that the flat earth society is still around?
  23. i think that they may be hereditary in some cases. i have seen this in my own family as me my dad and my grandpa on my dads side all have a mole on out backs at roughly the same position. they even look similar.
  24. here is a simple way of putting it (not baby speak if you are so insecure about that i mean in the basics of physics) i take it that you know that light also behaves as a wave and tat a photon can be thought of as a packet of waves. to find the frequancy all you have to do is count the crests that pass a certain point in a fixed amount of time. work out the number of crests per second and there you have it that is the frequency. relative to the [photon the frequency would be zero as the "wave" could not go towards the front of the photon as this would be traveling FTL. but to an outside observer traveling at a different velocity it would appear to have a frequency. i hope that this is adequate to solve your question. (i know how you feel about getting talked down to.)
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