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  1. This is not a question and answer site. It's a chat forum. Spyman, No, space is very very very empty. swansont There is a tiny amount, once you get away from massive bodies, because there is the odd atom here and there. swansont As you move up through the atmosphere, the air becomes continually less dense, until you reach areas where there are only an atom or two per cubic centimeter... Nothing doesn't have to move out of the way, because there is nothing to move out of the way. Then they need to change the name of this site from scienceforums to S F Q&A. net. As for being respectful, I don't care if he's the pope. He's coming across as an arrogant know-it-all with no talent for conversation. Where I work, someone mentioned to someone else about how scientists were going to smash an atom that might create a black hole. Later, that someone else (around 25 years old) asked me what an atom was. All I said was, those are the microscopic things that make up bigger things. I didn't say, "Hey, you really should go back to school and do a lot of reading." It would've been just plain rude. 1. Wiki: Forum: is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. "The implication is that you are here to learn" Please see 1. People get to challenge that, No, that's a competition, and I've had enough. You really need to read up on topics like: How not to be a know-it-all. The art of conversation. Recognizing the difference between competition and discussion. Really, you shouldn't be a staff member. Please retire.
  2. Yes, yes, I am saying that even the tiniest parts of space cannot ever (never, never, never) be unoccupied. Else, that space would collapse. Even though we don't know what it is that fills that space, there is something there. That SOMETHING has to be energy, the very energy that somehow brought all the material into the Big Bang. If it is believed that Big Bang just happened without any previous accumulation of SOMETHING, then we are right back to when mainstream science once believed in Spontaneous Generation. <--- Proving that mainstream beliefs were once proven to be utterly wrong, and will undoubtedly be proven wrong again and again. I'm not doing that. I'm saying that a State of Absolute Nothing has never, and will never exist. So, our gallon container of nothing is actually a gallon container filled to the brim with something that we just can't detect at this time. Look, we're coming at this forum from two different directions. I just want to chat; to have others express their own thoughts. You give the impression that you are here to teach. To give lessons. To suggest other readings... Imagine waking up in the morning to find your wife made a pot of coffee, but drank it all. You say, "Aw, you didn't save a cup for me?" And she says, "You really should read up on human nature." Then, at the local store, you ask how much a 20 ounce coffee is. Instead of just telling you how much, the clerk hands you a ten page price list of everything in the store. Before you get back in your car you notice one of your neighbors. "Looks like rain," you say, just to be friendly. With a scowl, he counters with, "You should buy a newspaper and check the weather report." I don't want people doing this to me. Do you?
  3. Young man, I am not in school. I don't need homework to chat. I am not here to follow links to the ends of the cyberworld. I am not here to be told that I need to do this or that. Someone starts a thread to chat about science, and if you can't chat by using your own words, if you have nothing to offer in terms of conversation other than "You need to do this, you need to do that" then why are you here? Let's try this: You are creating a documentary by which you will explain how the state of absolute nothing can exist, and how there are empty spaces in the universe. You are the narrator. Now if other physicists can explain things in simple terms for the masses, then why can't you post what you know in simple terms? Hey, if you can't - that's fine. Some people just don't have that ability. If I were to be rude, I would say that you need to read a book on the art of conversation, but I am not your teacher, and you are not mine. This is great piece of conversation! It's all I'm looking for. Thank you. Now, let's run that test. You are out in the deepest darkest regions of space, and you want to find out what that space is made of. With an empty 1-gallon container and special goggles that can see the few floating atoms (don't want those atoms in the container because you already know what they are), you exit the ship. That unknown part space fills the container and you put a lid on it. Once back on the ship you analyze the contents of the container. What's in it? First off, NOTHING cannot flow into a container. You cannot capture a gallon-worth of NOTHING. <--It just can't happen. lol
  4. You are implying that rockets and spacecraft are flying through nothing. They are not. There's something out there; something more than just a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter. Comet tails. If there's nothing in outerspace, what causes the loose (or warmed) debris to be thrust away from comets? If you say solar wind, then that means the supposedly empty space is filled (FLOODED) with photons. How about gamma rays? How about Dark Energy (we may not know exactly what it is, but it's definitely out there. Fine. Please point me to one proving there are places of Absolute Nothing in this realm? Since I found what I was looking for, you'll probably say this guy's a nutjob. But: John Timmer "So, empty space isn't really empty as we might understand it, but it's a lot easier to have that stuff there than having space that was closer to our traditional conception of empty." http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2009/06/exploring-a-universe-where-nothing-isnt-empty.ars
  5. What are you going on about? I'm here to chat. That's all. If I pick up bits of information in this forum, then I'm very happy. You're the one getting all uppity. I don't have much time left on this earth (certainly not enough time to master physics), but what I really don't have time for is immaturity. So, if you've had enough of this thread, simply stop with the tantrum and stop responding. Not hard to do. Just don't click on it anymore. You walk - air moves out of the way. You swim - water moves out of the way. You drill through wood - wood moves out of the way. You jackhammer - pavement moves out of the way. You shovel dirt - dirt moves out of the way. You try to fly through NOTHING, and you can't. NOTHING can't move out of the way.
  6. OH! You're pretty smart in my book! I won't give it away. All I'll say is, thank god there's a square root button on my calculator, and thank god for Pythagoras.
  7. Another one of those common sense things: In the realm of SOMETHING, every moving object must go through a process of Displacement and Replacement. If a baseball moves through space it is displacing SOMETHING. It simply cannot move through nothing. And as it moves, SOMETHING must replace (fill in) the space the ball previously occupied. Without the Displacement and Replacement of SOMETHING, everything would be locked into place. I'm truly enjoying this chat, so don't get nasty.
  8. You say the ant lives on the surface of the cube (not just on the edge), so the cube is solid. So, with each side being 7cm's, the answer has to be that the ant moves straight up one side and then straight across the top. That's 14 cm's. Unless I'm an idiot (which hasn't been proven in a court of law yet!).
  9. From wiki: "In the space between galaxies, matter density can be as low as a few atoms of hydrogen per cubic meter." Is this saying that (other than those few atoms of hydrogen) there is NOTHING else in those cubic meters? How is this even possible? A baseball is moving through outerspace. (See image attached.) First it moves from Point A. to Point B. So, what completely filled in the space that the ball previously occupied at Point A? We can't say that NOTHING filled in that space, because NOTHING can't do that. NOTHING can't move, and it can't flow like a liquid or a gas. NOTHING has no height, width, or length. NOTHING is not hard, soft, or maleable. We can't say that there was once a solid object occupying a space, but when that object was removed it was replaced by NOTHING. It's just not possible.
  10. LOL I also remember a story of a man that shut everything off in his house for a month while he went on vacation. When he returned he received a bill from the electric company for $0.00. The man decided to ignore all the notices to pay $0.00 until he received a threatening shut off notice. His only recourse was to send the company a check for $0.00, which, according to the story, broke the computer.
  11. If oil's gravitational pull is 'rather negligible' then how can the early gasses of the universe have more gravitational pull - enough to form whole stars??? Oops, I meant solid matter. But, right now isn't the universe filled with hydrogen? If this gas attracted itself, then what's going on here? Why aren't we seeing the formation of new solid matter just outside of our galaxy?
  12. So, why isn't it the same scenario with the beginning gasses? When matter was forming it had to start out small and most definitely away from all the action. I imagine that, first, a tiny spot of matter formed. Its gravity could only reach out so far and take in a very small area of surrounding gasses. How else could it be? What would compel the out-of-reach gasses to be drawn into the tiny spot of matter?
  13. LOL I was hoping someone would bring up gravity. As long as everyone knows my background in science is zilch and a lot of curiosity, I can add this idea: What about the kuiper Belt? I read that these rocks-of-all-sizes have been travelling in the same circle for 4.5 billion years. How come gravity hasn't snagged all of them and made one whole planet in over four billion years?
  14. Hey! I got this response in my email and the word 'team' was spelled tema. What a relief! I've posted things where I KNEW didn't misspell a word, but it came up wrong anyway. Just glad it's not me!
  15. And I'm suggesting that the 'BIG' early stars were formed from the very thinnest of gasses that were spreading out all through the cosmos. How about this: Have you ever seen old engine oil spreading out over water in your driveway? Imagine that oil is the hydrogen spreading out over the infant universe. How much of that oil would it take to equal just our sun? How long would it take to gather that oil, especially since it is streaming away from where it was dropped? Does a million years sound like enough time to you? It really doesn't to me.
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