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    A product of the early 90's. I attended ARMTI STAFF SCHOOL, MODELAK COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN, KWARA STATE, and USMAN DANFODIYO UNIVERSITY, NIGERIA. My favourite part in science is the physical and practical aspect.
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  1. Humanity is ebbing, owing to intra-specie bloodshed, & Nigerian entertainers are busy rehearsing manuscripts to party songs.What twits!

  2. Cain started d murdering spree when he silenced Abel.Now, d world harbours more Cain than ever before, silencing Abels & fellow Cain

  3. 24th of July in History of Nigeria2009; Ogbonna Onovo appointed Inspector General of Police becoming the first from the Sout East to hold that position

  4. We're so cooked!

    1. MonDie


      for how long?

  5. "Love is the greatest human emotion, cos where love exists, tolerance, peace & understanding are found"~Al Hendi#poem #love

  6. RT @AdmireMyQuote: I appreciate it when I smile at another girl and she smiles back because it's like wow not all girls are spawns of satan

  7. Today, Americans recall an unusual outage that engulfed New york city in far-back '1977'Its 2014 & Nigerians still light candles

  8. “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~Plato

  9. RT @Kimgee8: While others wear their heart on their sleeves, others conceal it off in the fear that they may lose their edge.

  10. RT; Being educated is not a golden opportunity 2 look down on people. Education was supposed to remove ignorance, not increase arrogance

    1. Unity+


      I can agree to that.

  11. Saraki is saying #ASUU should call off strike in honor of #Iyayi. Well..FG should implement 09 agreement in honor of Dame's mother I said.

  12. Employers! I'm up for Adoption! ;(

  13. RT @KlintTheDrunk: KOBOKO: restoring nigerian children to their default settings, since 1862

  14. Man was embedded into space not to stare into its emptiness, but to inquisitively norture it and grow with it. www.twitter.com/weirdmaskmanNG

  15. Hey! The rump just made a statement...thats all.
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