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  1. In the video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the flag is waving.What is the reason behind this?
  2. what is the function of the nostril of a fish?
  3. Why does a CPU's, PSU fan specially most of the desktops, makes a loud humming noise at the start up and then it becomes normal after some minutes?
  4. Did you meant centripetal,centrifugal or gravity forces?
  5. Why doesn't the moon crashes into the earth or the earth into the sun?Is the answer same as for the question "Why doesn't the electron meets with the nucleas loosing its kinetic energy, in an atom?"?
  6. When we go through any steps in websites like:making profile in any site,commenting etc.They ask us to recognize the letters from a picture and type that correctly.Whats that for?
  7. I meant the similar picture of atom as shown in this link with microscope http://sciencespot.net/Media/atom2.jpg
  8. Has anyone seen an atom yet, in real?
  9. In my are area(South Asia) almost all banana leaves are torn except the very new ones.What about the other areas or your area?
  10. I had done a experiment at my home.In the normal water from my tap, i found that it conducts AC but not DC,why?
  11. Why is most of the banana leaves torn?
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