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  1. Was 9/11 planned by <name removed by mod>? This video says so. <video also removed by mod>
  2. Oh, yes the water pressure. I've had this idea for over a year, and I didn't see it.
  3. Add another turbine. Add another turbine.
  4. Hydrogen that is pushed up by water.
  5. Why? Let's say we take away the fuel cell. Can the first turbine not keep the electrolysis going?
  6. Once again, I have made a design that I can't figure out why it wouldn't create free energy. Fuel cell Green is the fuel cell anode. This blue is the fuel cell electrolyte. Yellow is the cathode of the fuel cell. Electrolysis of water Red is the anode for electrolysis of the water. This blue is the cathode for electrolysis of water. This blue is water. It has sodium hydroxide. The < is a valve that will open when the first section is low on water. This should get free energy out of the fuel cell, if the turbines run the electrolysis. You would need to spin up the turbines to get it started. If there isn't enough energy to run the electrolysis, you would just add more turbines.
  7. I have 400 posts with evidence of God, and my reason for why I think Moontanman would not listen... I don't think you'll listen though. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/64226-christian-evidence/ And, one more thing. A little while ago I was sick. I prayed, and two hours later I was better. Is there a two hour sickness? I have never heard of one. I see no reason to do that. Why not believe the Bible, if God is real and can do anything?
  8. Those are all true, but every one of them doesn't have any evidence either. I would, but you wouldn't listen.
  9. No. God could exist outside of space. Maybe He's in another dimension, but I think He is in a whole other universe. Existence doesn't have to be in space-time. Because of the amazing power of God, there is no way to disprove Him.
  10. Thanks, but still want to know weather the wire would work or not, and if so if it's better than graphite or not. Has anyone tried it?
  11. I was looking at platinum electrodes on the internet, and I noticed that they sell an alloy of platinum and iridium in a wire (80% platinum). It is a lot less money than other electrodes. Would that work for electrolysis of water, and as a catalyst in alkaline/PEM fuel cells?
  12. I don't think it works on non-Christians. A church would be a better place. It's not like he should get credit for it, it's really God doing the healing. Really? Alright, but I'd prefer you to show me places that you think fit the purpose best. I watch 'em when I have time. Why didn't you tell me that the whole series was nonsense? Yes, same with science. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question. It's worded oddly. Really? Why? Of the thousands that God has healed through John of God, they're all biased, and unusable for comparison? Do you even know what he has done?
  13. That's a predetermination! What makes you so sure of that? If he did something in between the two... let's say he healed someone who was blind by sticking a stick up their nose. Is that evidence? Would he then be a faith healer? No, I mean all of them. I think you're just thinking I'm talking about the ones I posted. I'm talking about Proving the Bible through Archeology 1 through 10. I just post #1.
  14. Oh, you don't understand... That's my signature. If I said that here, then you're right.
  15. I'm just saying that it's ridiculous. And that hasn't happened? If I couldn't feel my chair, and I needed an extremely strong telescope to see it, I would skeptical that it actually exists.
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