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  1. -1 gram of methane can trap as much thermal energy in the atmosphere as 30 grams of carbon -Melting permafrost releases frozen methane into the atmosphere aka "methane burps" -Over the last 2,000 years humanity has chopped down more than 50% of forests in the world, reducing the capacity of trees to store or sequester carbon
  2. It has been claimed that hard drive data was recovered. From HDDs in the world trade centers post 9/11. As well as HDDs in the space shuttle challenger after its unfortunate incident. I remember reading news stories published about both of these cases in years passed. If data is recoverable after those incidents, I wouldn't expect etching cream to have much of an effect.
  3. Obviously. You're both upset due to remarks I made in the religion section. You're following me. Being passive aggressive troublemakers. Your behavior is childish and pathetic. You both should both be ashamed of yourselves.
  4. AFAIK telomeres are caps which protect the integrity of DNA data. Damage to telomeres can be accelerated by exposure to pollution, radiation, sunlight, toxins, etc. As telomere protection is worn away. Genetic data in DNA becomes more susceptible to damage and corruption. Causing cell replication to become more inaccurate and abnormal. Its not actually the telomeres shortening that affects aging. But their shortening does provide a reduction to their protection of genetic info.
  5. It has plenty of backup. If you claim it doesn't, the burden of proof is on you. As well as the loss of credibility that comes with supporting the wrong stance on the topic.
  6. If the tasmanian tiger were resurrected. It would need a minimum population size of 500 to 1,000. Each would need a different genetic makeup to overcome abnormalities associated with inbreeding. The technical obstacles associated with this are 100% impossible to overcome with current technology.
  7. Psilocybin microdosing has shown promise for treating mental disorders. Water fasting also promotes positive health benefits in my experience.
  8. If I remember correctly, this is a very old concept. It was first proposed in an effort to explain a negative trend where long distance marathon runners suffered elevated levels of cardiovascular and heart issues. They tried to approach the topic from different angles. Maybe the tendency of long distance runners consuming greasy or oily food like pizza was partly responsible? Perhaps there was another cause? While a moderate amount of exercise could be healthy. It is also possible than exercise in extreme excess could stress human biology in ways which are unhealthy.
  9. Those claims stem from what is known as TCM. Traditional chinese medicine. Which strongly correlates with acupuncture, etc. I have often wondered if those claims are true. My personal experience is doing the opposite of what TCM recommends that people do. Western medical science does correlate kidney function with sexual function. But I think the correlation is more chemical and biological in western medicine. Wheras in TCM the correlation was arrived at using a different process.
  10. Supplements claiming to contain essential oils have become increasingly fraudulent over time. Causing people see less benefit and decreased positive health effects from taking them. Herbs like garlic are grown in less healthy conditions, using more toxic chemicals and farming methods. To where they're more likely to cause than improve negative health conditions. There are a long series of these trends which contribute to modern people failing recognize the medicinal contributions of plants.
  11. Mark Zuckenberg. CEO of facebook. Used to be an active and vocal atheist. He recently converted to christianity as have many others. I credit atheists like yourself who bring up sherman tanks. Rather than offering intelligent or honest discussion, for that change. Keep up the good work. If you continue to spam your irrational and illogical context negative atheist claims. Maybe you can alienate another 1 billion atheists to convert to christianity in addition to those you have already alienated.
  12. If an analysis of atheist arguments against religion were conducted. A high percentage of them would revolve around claims that were context negative for accuracy. Its not a blanket statement. Its a fact. You only need to look as far as Sam Harris and others distancing themselves from everything atheist to recognize it for what it is.
  13. The definition I used is basic science. Organic crop fertilizer is dead and decaying plant and animal matter. Dead organic matter is recycled to provide life to new plants and crops. Do you need evidence for a point so basic and fundamental that it doesn't amount to much more than saying "water is wet".
  14. I hadn't realized this thread was posted in the religious discussion section. If you want I can prove everything you posted is extremely inaccurate. Its basic context. You have unrealistic expectations where you expect those who lived 2,000 years ago to have the same views, values and ideology about modesty and moderation as people of today do. Breast feeding in the bible doesn't mean that hebrews did not believe in moderation. It simply means that breast feeding was cultural normalized by different circumstances and living conditions. During eras of the bible where israelites invaded other nations. Killed all the men. Claimed their women as spoils of war. The ratio of men to women became extremely lopsided. Which normalized polygamy and men having more than 1 wife. During eras of the bible when the ratio of men to women was more even. Monogamy became the ideal to follow. The problem with atheists is they make zero effort to quantify these basic contextual paradigms. They simply expect people who lived 2,000 years ago to know and follow the same ideals and standards modern day humans do today.
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