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  1. Melbourne University has recently received a philanthropic gift of $5 million to begin work on trying to revive the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger. The technology to do so had been there for a while. There are many doubters on whether this is possible, but many refuse to provide concrete reasoning to their doubts. People are even claiming its 100% impossible (again, no concrete reasons given). Including some links below: Thylacine (wikipedia) Tiger! Scientists Look to Revive Extinct Species (including this one because most others are behind a paywall)
  2. I thought it was very similar to Idiocracy, another great documentary movie.
  3. Hello. I am anarukisaki. My interests include astronomy, particle physics, genetic engineering, GMOs, panpsychism, old technology, vintage hi-fi, gaming, rubber ducks, tea, electronics, and looking up in general.
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