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  1. so you are saying that we should never be naked in front of our son's. Not even at the gym? It is clear that it wasn't his nudity but what he was doing when he was drunk and naked. In short, he was jacking off. Remember whenever the word "nakedness" is used in the Bible, It refers to the activities the people are doing while naked. AKA, having sex with relatives etc
  2. There was a time when I was an Atheist, however, I had an experience that laid me to question creation and I started studying which led to my belief in God today.
  3. We don't see any intro threads so I guess we will just jump in and see how it goes. We are a married couple for 25 years and also very active in the nudist community. we have also been born again Christians for 25 years as well. We have always been amazed that fellow Christians (and the general public) condemns public nudity when the Bible never once condemns it or names it as a sin. we would love to get into a respectful discussion with anyone out there that agrees or disagrees. We will promise to reply to everyone who posts. BTW, all nudists are not swingers and very few swingers are nudists so that is NOT what we are on here for
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