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  1. Just trying to educate and myself be educated by a "Varient Christian". (To my American "brothers", that's sarcsm!).
  2. Dictionary craic /krak/ noun IRISH variant spelling of crack
  3. I do hope no one was offended by my using skin colour as an example, it wasn't meant as a superior or inferior reference to any race.
  4. Mucking about infers humour, as in "One for the crack", I have just had someone tell me that Mary is not the correct name because the real name "Maryam" couldn't be used in the English language so the translator improvised. Oh and in Greek her name is "Agia Maria".
  5. Am I wrong in believing that if a primitive group relocated to another environment that was unpleasant but not deadly, then there would be no need to evolve? Is it more possible that variants of humans originated in different parts of the world and mixed with each other?
  6. So does that mean that any Africans who move to Ireland and don't take vitamins will have a high probability of being afflicted with rickets?
  7. So the translator had no respect for facts or reverence for Maryam and made the decision to change her name to something more comfortable and acceptable to the English. Wow, does this mean that other things in the bible have been translated incorrectly for the comfort of the English? How come they didn't also translate Jesus to something like John or Colin?
  8. So someone decided that one of the most important characters in Christianity should no longer be known as "Maryam" because that makes her a foreigner, so her name was changed to Mary or Maria to pacify any objections to her origins and Jesus.
  9. Jesus was born a Jew, his father was a Jew, his mother was also a Jew, Mary is not a Jewish name, how can you get something as important as that wrong?
  10. How about if God created nature for the benefit and pleasure of mankind, a garden of Eden perhaps. By the way, I am totally not religious.
  11. Help me out here because I left school when I was 15 to work in a factory so I had to work things out for myself instead of being told how it is by a teacher or an elder. So my understanding of evolution is that if you pick up ten thousand Africans and drop them in Ireland where no other humans of any colour exist, then you return 100,000 later the general population would have evolved to Blue eyed blonds because as soon as they hit ground zero they would have realised that the climate was really cold and they should only choose lighter skin mates, and the cold would prevent the darker skin m
  12. The science of God and all existence works scientifically until you involve any of the prophets. This is not my opinion, but a reality.
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