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  1. with a note before starting: I could not differentiate it well so this thread might either be considered in medical sciences or biology forum. sorry for the case.


    I wonder whether trans lipids/oils usable in human body?

    among the contexts,I know that not all of saturated lipids were trans , in trans lipids , hydrogen atoms are inversed at bond points.

    and not all of saturated lipids / oils were useless. 

    but do not really know anything about the certainty of information appearing in the thread. 

    equivalently, can we say that once we obtain trans oils in known forms , then is that impossible to move away these lipids from the body up to death?


  2. 2 hours ago, iNow said:

    Since you’re using currency in specific denominations to post your question, then no. There’s no such thing as a “smaller penny.” You can’t cut a penny in half and hand it to,the clerk at the register when leaving the store, even though we can account for fractional pennies in spreadsheets 

    ahahaha :) :) :):) 

    something came to my ming like : to divide a penny from a point over its boundary along its diameter  (maybe via hammer).:) :) :) 

  3. 9 minutes ago, studiot said:

    Mmm  disappointing response to my question  -- you might have learned something.

    I wasn't aware that Bolzano wrote any engineering textbook - This thread is supposedly about engineering texts.

    of course.but you can create something from theoretic parts. I mean that you could create your own application.

    anyway, yes. this thread is about engineering texts. 

  4. On 12/30/2020 at 6:05 PM, studiot said:

    Thanks for the reply, but why do you say this ?

    Here are the front and back covers of a book from 1957.

    well, I say that ,because perspective is really effective. to me, if you have that you can achieve very bright things. 

    but eventually we shall be able to say that these are different issues.

    --->> perspective

    --->> working hard. 

    one of them conains talent while another does not have to.

    ,and a response to your another implication: I am almost sure that we would be able to create something new via rather general (even basic) theorems.

    for instance, bernhard bolzano had lived between 1781-1848. but that does not mean that his thorems would not cause new results in the far future (e.g. 2200) :) 

    I do not really believe that any book's importance/value/prominence would be measurable via its cover page (i.e. appearance) 

    nnnnever ! :) :) 

  5. On 12/23/2020 at 12:37 AM, studiot said:

    Well I'm sorry I don't have a single favourite book.

    ahahahaha ha aha :) :) :) :)  ,congrats for your effort with such studies.



    On 12/23/2020 at 12:37 AM, studiot said:

    Also some engineering books go out of date rather quickly these days.

    I do not think so. it all depends on your perspective to me. 

  6. 10 hours ago, zapatos said:

    No, it wasn't that one particular song was monotone, but that one song sounded similar to the next song. It reminds me of electronic dance music, where all the music has a similar beat, percussion, and electronic sounds. 

    mmm, yes some of the songs I listen might/may contain ,I think this one is one of such musics but again natalie horler's voice is good,I listened her many times in the far past.

    the background of the music that this artist does may contain electronic dance music



  7. 11 minutes ago, zapatos said:

    but for some reason they really do start to sound the same to me.

    mm does this mean that ...they were (particularly or " a bit" ) monotone. I shall again respect. Here in turkey we have very well fixed sentence (like in the manner of idioms but a sentence that have predicate)  "pleasures and colours are not discussible" . So, whatever you say, I know that I (should & would) respect that in this regard.-but normally ,

    I enjoy/prefer the musics which enables me to obtain/create/produce or have inspiron and sometimes intuition,in general. 





  8. 6 minutes ago, zapatos said:

    I watch a number of them but I've come to be pretty selective. A lot of what Moontanman posts Ill watch. And most anything that is Blues. This Arabic Pop and Rap all sounds the same to me and is not my style.

    a ha ah ah 

    :) I respect that , really I already almost totally believe the power of "freedom"

    so, you and everyone is perfectly free about what to listen.

    40 minutes ago, iNow said:

    Just curious. Does ANYONE watch these countless videos that kept getting posted?

    hahaha haha :) :) :)

    really I have also though like that many times, but cannot stop myself sharing the musics I like. 

    oh my gosh ! 

    :) :) :) 

  9. 5 hours ago, joigus said:

    Edit: Oh, and another thing. You're getting excellent advice here. Don't pay heed to "Daft Science" or "CrackpoGenius" or similars who might tell you how much more intelligent than others you are. They're distracting you and you've gone astray by their compliments before. I've seen it happen. That's another crack in Mt. Everest. Compliments are very distracting. Reliable information is gold.

    I am a teacher in one of the branch of science. So,I think I can observe something from the top of the portrait or a map and normally can make some distinction between the speakers.

    But that thing whatever we say  should NOT of course pass the treshold of the reality. 

    I clearly remember what I said, feel free please to speak more clearly. 

    I am again sure, this OP of topic is not unintelligent. What is more, he can understand and make distinction between what intented to be said and what sounded  ftom the text.

    but unfortunately this user does not have sufficient (as swansont says "fundamental") contexts of maths. Thus everything is problem for him in this regard.

    anyway, perhaps some people do not want to accept the reality or cannot see it well. 

    a recommendation: as independent researcher and maths teacher ,here I could not really judge what the OP would like to learn or ask in the work of maths.

    so, I recommend the topic to be closed.



  10. On 12/19/2020 at 11:30 PM, molbol2000 said:

    So we can answer: Can Science Make us live shorter?

    instead  this sentence, you should use this sentence, I think.

    "generally making somethings worse is easier than making that things better"


  11. 55 minutes ago, Janus said:

    Washing your hands is more about physically removing the virus from their surface than it is about killing the virus.

    so, does this mean that in fact, we did not need to use soap? 


    if not; how do we remove viruses from the surface of our hands?

    addition: I was almost forgetting bacteria.sorry. but the question still stands.

    1 hour ago, studiot said:

    We are (all?) washing our hands etc more and doing so with chemicals we hope will degrade coronavirus.

    may I ask a question: I remember you had said that we would have a probability to face a new diseaase (i.e. pandemic) in a thread.

    now turkish media announces a mutated version of covid19?

    if this case satisfies your (or proves that you were right in your prediction), how did you reach that information?

  12. 1 hour ago, joigus said:

    I would have to be on top of the hill to look down on others here to evaluate them. I'm not in such position.

    How smug would I be if I did?

    I stand by my words: A superb explanation --especially considering the limited amount of time and manoeuvre we all have here-- by a person well versed in mathematics who has all my respect. MigL's explanation was also very helpful, although in a very different style and spirit.

    As to your kind offering of starting another thread, I'm not so interested in judging people as in examining ideas, and trying to understand some of the most difficult ones. But you're free to open that thread if you want.

    Here's smiling at you :)

    peheh , pahah :) :) :) 

    to me, this is just waffling ...

    :) :)

  13. 5 hours ago, joigus said:

    I was aware that @wtf was giving a superb mathematician's exposition of the topic,

    I think he is classsical mathematician. In fact, I can't see an extraordinary mathematician at anywehere (all around the world). (i.e. superb)

    but this will be another thread. 

    lets start a new thread for that if you are willing.

  14. On 11/2/2020 at 6:44 AM, KyleLeClair said:

    When I was doing my formal training in the military, I supplemented classwork that was very watered down with Practical Electronics for Inventors. It opened up my eyes to the amazing world of EE.

    it smells lovely to me, could you provide more infor about this book to us?

    which publication?


    publication year?


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