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  1. 11 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    You said/implied you will always be happy.

    :) no,I only mentioned the existing/current time,not the past and not the future,exactly.

    and I underlined that I would protect my that situation (being statically and exactly "good") :) 

    11 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    Why would I need to?

    lol :)

    I did not say that you would need to,I only said that you could do.

    11 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    It's not so difficult to find, if you look in the right place.

    .so, lets start from a point.


    11 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

     it's like saying you're only happy with science, when you can't describe the pleasure of your grandmother's, rabbit stew.... 

    NOOOOOOOO :):) 

  2. 56 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    That's quite sad, how can you know if you're really happy?


    I have not described how being happy was.

    I only said that I was happy. 

    56 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    If you've never been hungry, how can you truly know the pleasure of eating?

    sometimes in the past, I thought that this question might include such complex subquestions that could not even be possible to asnwer those subquestions. 

    for instance can you describe (scientifically) how hunger was? (I think you perfectly can)

    and try to describe how the satiety was ? (I mean measurement,a clue : try to respond via quantitative expressions or something via chemical formulas)

    you will /should eventually reach a point ..but which point is really too difficult to find. (because that point will be qualitative and we know that qualitative expressions do not show their properties same at everywhere or not same to everyone)


  3. 3 hours ago, Airbrush said:

      I mean getting better for you may be just improving something inside your own home.  Anything about your daily life.  Or cooking something better.   Exercising to be more fit.  Exercise your memory. 

    you...you... you.. :) :) 

    these are not as same meaning as "getting better" ,lets see each one by one:


    just improving something inside your own home.


    this is : doing better ,not really "getting better",to my understanding.


    Anything about your daily life.

    this is presumably "doing something" but not even "doing better".



    Or cooking something better.

    this is doing "something" better.


    Exercising to be more fit.

    no,I do not do that ,because I am good/fit in this regard. you have not seen my lovely body :) :) 


    Exercise your memory. 

    I think ,my memory is exactly "good" ,and I would protect this situation. not better and not the worse is demanded. :)


    hahahah :) :) 

    a notation: I know that definitions and more clearly "things and what do we think about those things would be effective/important in philosophy".


    2 hours ago, Bufofrog said:

    There is no purpose of life general, but my purpose is to be happy, which it turns out is a very complicated thing, and to avoid tragedy.

    I think that having a purpose would be good in life. but personally ,I am (already) happy. :)

    someone reminded me from the "philosophy of science " course, a book ; I do not remember who had written that book but I approximately remember the name of book

    it was ;

    "nice/joyful science"

    within this,I think our point of view across life is effective on how tos and nots...(especially regarding "doing" science).



  4. 15 minutes ago, Airbrush said:

    Are you sure you are already good?  "Getting better" means adapting and surviving to pass on your genes. 

    so,you mean if I don't get better, then I won't survive to..and won't adapt. 

    first ,I thought (and also allege) : "being good" would differ from "getting better". 

    I am still sure that I am good. :) also sometimes I can add : I am anciently  way romantic and handsome hahahaha 

    :)  :) :) :) 

    15 minutes ago, Airbrush said:

    However, you may be the exception to the rule. 😁

    mmm,well, I can let you consider this probability 

    :) however, which rule you exactly mention  (is not clear),can you provide some additional contexts?


  5. 13 minutes ago, Prof Reza Sanaye said:

    I am talking about the symmetry we expect to exist in case(s) of conjugates . . ... Be they integers or complexes ..  

    I shall be very grateful if you will kindly explain to me********

    this will be off topic ,but based on  your query;I can suggest you check these topics in complex analysis

    --- >> residues and solutions 

    --- >> C-R equations

    --- >> analitic functions and their properties.

    also, further:

    you can look to:

    --- >> conform transforms

    16 minutes ago, Prof Reza Sanaye said:

    BTW : strong integers are those whose symmetric additive property extends to graphs where we have axes or curves containing both integers and complexes . . . . .

    strong integer, I have not heard it until now. (Weak limit does exist , but it seems no correlation with this)

    what is more, when you mention a conjuugate you mention just one complex number. But if you are finding more than one conjugate number ,then most probably you mention complex functions.

    For this specifically check please : C-R equations,this might be helpful. 


  6. On 4/2/2021 at 4:06 AM, druS said:

    Anyway, hoping there are is some solid advice here on re-engaging with my maths pathway.

    all is good and well if we just consider BSc level maths (for science areas other than maths).(meanwhile,yes I am currently official educator (but I generally would be known with the things which I do as hobby or in my spare times. ))however, As a general point of my advice ,I can recommend side sciences. I also do not underestimate or miss that you particularly show some correlations maths with physics. but this is not sufficient to me.so,I can say that.(as I overviewed just one material (for educators)) I can say that you presumably worked hard. but working for useful things is also crucial and effecticve. 

    Kind Regards



  7. 2 minutes ago, Prof Reza Sanaye said:

    What about when strong integers are turned into computer bits and bytes ?  


    What about when complex conjugates do not exactly mirror one another in 2D  and/or  3D  ?

    again I did not understand what '"strong" integer' meant

    and have you implied the symmetry via the underlined phrase?

  8. On 8/6/2019 at 8:14 AM, Airbrush said:

    This is a serious question.  I'd like to know how you would answer this in a few words.

    My answer to the question is the purpose of life is to get better, in a few words.  "To get better" is evolution, adaption, and survival.  If you get sick, your purpose is to get better.  If you do well in anything, the purpose is to get better.

    :) :) :) what does "getting better " mean ?

    I may think inversely , because I would like to remain young ,healthy and , and,....and simply static. ahaha :) 

    if you are asking what our purpose would be each, I am sure that each will change one by one :)

    if you are asking what should it be,then ,well you are trying to asnwer ,but this will include risks to respond. 

    I personally do not explain purposes ,why to do that ? because I am very cute hahahah :) :) :) 


    one very important sentence will be good to share :



    :)  :) :)

  9. 1 hour ago, Prof Reza Sanaye said:

    I guess the machine imaginary number "lock" has operated in such a way as to minimally bring our sqrt(s). If we do not accord the solution with some level of imaginary dimensionality , then unit becomes non-unit , which in modern maths does not necessarily offer problematics. The ancients , however , would have been shocked at it.  


    anyway , auto_difference(s) in eq(s) that are not difference ones , is still available in systems that deal with more-than-one solution.

    sorry but I did not understand what you exactly imply or what the correlation was ,with this thread. 

    could  you provide more details please?

  10. On 4/1/2021 at 10:53 PM, iNow said:

    You know what they call alternative medicine that actually works? They call it medicine. 

    I knew this as "a medical knowledge that runs/works but does not have; a suitable place or is not convenient to be existed amongts the current, medical literatures

    furthermore, that is really available (I believe ,because I saw and observed!).

    maybe we might discuss it in suitable place of forum. 

  11. 13 hours ago, studiot said:


    So what is the additive inverse of the complex number z = (a +ib)  , given that a or b or both could themselves be either positive or negative ?


    I was also thinking this. And gave a potential probability to wtf 's notation , stating or pointing out :

    [math]  e^{i \theta } = cos(\theta) + i sin(\theta) [/math]


    formula. but as I realised that OP has no basic knowledge in analysis,I did not want to give any instructions in complex analysis.

    so, automorphism seems like useless to mention for ensuring the OP understand the issue

  12. 11 hours ago, MonDie said:


    How everyone everywhere tolerates the same styles of music, and all societies tend toward the proliferation of those styles, such that, a supposedly creative discipline is slowly consolidating toward a few styles.  I appreciate the lack of words.

    Ghost Mice, Chipped Tooth

    and sequel: Death and Hatred to Mankind

    :) :) :) 

    I suppose you cited my previous comment. 

    well, but interestingly almost the same styles may have wide ranges of fans while that mentioned music was not being supported. All in all you might be right. because there are some artists that have good musics ,but just one sample is good. ,,or I have not heard the more. 


    for instance this one: 

    although I enjoyed this, it is listened just over 2 million. 

    I have more smaples but this one seems enough for now. 

    thanks for stating your opinion.

  13. 17 minutes ago, wtf said:

    Me being the picky type, let me point out that 1 is not good notation and is technically not correct. 

    In the case of a nonnegative real number x , we can define x as the positive of the two values whose square is x .

    However in the complex numbers there is no concept of positive or negative. That is, we can't algebraically distinguish between i and i . So we define i as a complex number such that i2=1 . We pick one of the two possible values and call it i , and we call the other one i .

    The notation 1 is technically wrong regardless of its ubiquity

    technical means , the methods used in one, of branch of science, profession or art. 


  14. [math]   x^{2} =-1   [/math] ( the existence of [math] \sqrt{-1} [/math]   ) or the creation of complex numbers in other words.

    is an acceptance.

    if you can (I do not know whether you can) solve quadratic equations, this may help you. 

    and the graphs may (also) be helpful


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