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  1. Why don't we walk on the wild side? Let's make it a process of elimination?
  2. Not yet, but they do display the possibility of founding two perpetual mechanisms, yes?
  3. Previously, I have come up with two perpetual motion engine methods; [1] The oscillation method. This would be where we apply force to one side of the oscillator, and have it bounce back at nearly the same amount of energy, applying it into the 'mechanism.' This is added to by the addition of more energy from the source to a new area, maybe in a reversed circle, where the rotation will send more energy than was initial injected to the system. This comes from the balls rebounding and producing, basically, [90%] then [80%] then [70%] and so forth amounts of the initial energy as the balls bounce back and forth. [2] The suction method. This would be where we observe the effects of sucking water through a pipe, or, oil, any liquid actually, and then making it go uphill or upwards. This is based on something every handyman knows about, and, my dad taught me about long ago. It is with great luck that I remembered this at the time of trying to come up with perpetual motion. he liquid goes up the funnel, due to applied pressure, and, then with the effects of gravity, assist in falling motion, of course. Those are my best methods, let's work on some more?
  4. That would be the dissolving of matter and reshaping of it, to 'go towards' the source of heat, yes?
  5. This 'North Korea problem' is one of a nation wanting to be independent and another saying no, that is where it started. Then, North Korea wanted to build nukes,a s they felt threatened by 'the big dog,' and, then there were sanctions. Obviously, they could ignore the sanctions, as they could trade with China and that would be that, no problem. The thing is, they want nukes to protect them from the enemy that they deny. If they were to allow western media into North Korea, the people would see there is no threat from the west or elsewhere, even South Korea, and, the armaments would hopefully be left alone. This requires a simple overture to the military elite of Kim Jong Un and then he could make a decision. Basing the decisions of a nation on rumours is a bad idea, and, if they were even to associate with China, they would be reassured that there is nothing to worry about. Of course, as there is so much paranoia in North Korea, the nukes could actually be launched for a mistake, say a ruse by Russia or something, yes? This si why they either need to include N K in the global community or simply sabotage their program. Sanctions just provoke the situation, when have they had the effects they were intended for before? It hurts the whole world, money goes missing from, for example, taxation and that money being injected into social security, for example.
  6. Everyone deserves to be represented, so, to combine the decision making to one person is a bad idea. If there is one party representing one side, another representing the other, the media present to observe the ruling of the third party, then there is hope.
  7. This I have been staring at for about half an hour now, and, have found that the elecronegativity can be worked out like the weights of elements I depicted at a earlier point. Basically, you take the atomic number, or, number or protons, and, observe that every time the number increases, (-1) [Atomic radius] (+1) [Ionization] (+1) [Electronegativity], coming to +2 per atomic listing. This means that Hydrogen is [3], and Lithium is [5], okay? Then, that number that it comes to is divided by the row it is on, times by half the column it is listed in, okay? ~ This is still a work in progress, so please help me find out the formula?
  8. This brush is all that is needed for my theory to prove that electromagnetism, as has been debated, is based on protons and electrons, being the strong and weak forces. ~ It was found as recently as last year that the weak force was the electron. I concluded that the strong force was obviously the proton, Or, vice versa.
  9. How do I prove my theory other than with foundational accepted already working models? I have done that.
  10. [X] is just an expression for the symbols combined, a new symbol - no rule says we cannot add or use our own symbols.
  11. If you want to find the mass of an element, and you are writing a multiple choice test, as, with the focus of chemistry tests being based on multiple choice with weights and mass of elements, there is a simple 'formula' that anyone with basic grade six maths can learn. If you find you need to find the weight without a multiple choice option, you obviously have the option of opening a text book, yes? So, on with the test scheme! This follows that every entry of weight is nearly doubled based on the atomic number or number of protons. There is little to choose from on these tests. If it is based on areal quantity, then it will be easily identified with this doubling of atomic number, yes? The rare exceptions come within range anyway. There might be a fluctuation of one or two here or there, and, on the test, the numbers after the decimal are easily ignored.
  12. And what do quantum mechanics say about laws of attraction and repulsion? Is there a base for my ideas of electromagnetism being based inside the atom too? If that is true, and, things are merely bigger representations of this model, where, if it works inside, it works outside too, like laws inside our atmosphere and outside our atmosphere... I hope you can agree with me now?
  13. This is a formula for finding orbital clusters around each element I worked on about a year ago, but, I could not find anyone on the forum to confer with me the ideas presented by myself. This follows, after the liquids, when metals begin, it takes on a formula. If you ever played dungeons and dragons, the magician's spell advancement table will show you the amounts of orbitals per level or proton beyond first, of course. This means there is one s orbital, or 'level one spell' at firs level, then, two s orbitals or level one spells at second level, then, a third new type of orbital with those previous ones at level three or with the third metal. At the fourth metal after on the table, there are three s orbitals and two of the second type. Really helps to consult these games!
  14. Am i merely speculating, or, does this not show that the atomic structure is based on a theory?
  15. This is called friction, as the movement of the cells when they move, or, circulate, causes the heat production. This is because the cells need to move to relay fuels, and, circulate the system, so as to stay fresh - if they stayed in the same place, they would stagnate and die. Like exercise. If they stayed in the same place, they would have the effect of us lying on our backs doing nothing; deteriorate.
  16. This is where the attractive forces themselves come from. If they were not attracted to each other, the whole atom would fall apart, and, there would be no matter. So, if there was no attractive force between other things, due to electromagnetism, there would be no things, world or universe. This follows that the world is held together by electromagnetism and everything is affected by this fundamental force. The atom itself is held together by a neutron that bonds with the protons. This leads to zero friction, as they have bonded. Then,t he electron will be attracted to the proton, held back by the repulsion of the other electrons coming together like a fullerene compressing onto the protons. This is like those things made of sticks that get bigger and smaller at the same time, complexly put together to expand and contract at the same ratios and rates. This electromagnetism thing is noting to be scoffed at.
  17. This would be [infinity] * [2n] = [3] * [2] = [6] * [x] Then, [5] * [2] = [10] * [x] Then, [7] * [2] = [14] * [x] So, the answer is double prime times by [x]. Or, [N] * [2] *[X].
  18. I am not sure I know what you mean, but I like your take on this.
  19. G wiz, I cannot remember writing this so poorly. Thanks.
  20. Electromagnetism is the combination of the strong force, being supplied by the proton - magnetism - and the weak force supplied by the electron - electricity - coming together to found electromagnetism. Basically, friction leads to activity. If we are to observe that without motion, there is nothing, as there are no bonds, then we need friction, supplied by the constant struggle between protons for electrons. This is the fundamental force of, well, everything.
  21. This statement is where we could use my own new type of maths I am trying to bring into secondary education through my company "Hydra." I have spent a lot of time planning new approached to maths, at secondary and tertiary levels, so, please bear with me and observe where the strengths are of my new system? This is just an example of how it can be applied, of course. [9H] * [6K] * [2X] * [1Q] = [108A]. This is because the powers can be applied to the symbols and then taken as '[X1]'. This leads to a simple set of symbols to multiply. Then, we take the [108A] divided into the symbols on the left that we recognize, being [H], [X] and [K], coming to [HXK] = [108]. This leaves the [DG] being equal to 'the left over bits.' This means we can say [HKX] = [108] and [DG] = [X], so, that means the sum on the left equals [HK2X] = [108]. Or, did I make a mistake somewhere... I am in a heck of a hurry!
  22. You have the right idea, but the money stored is just bits and bytes in a computer. There is no shortage of real cash, although if the money is 'hoarded,' then it will create a shortage which means the money will be worth more, with the supply and demand ideals, of course. If you were to keep money out of circulation, then there needs to be more made, yes? The thing is, the system will always lend from the bank, where the money is stored, and, that means that the money will grow, which means that there will be more money with less in circulation, creating a shortage! This is where there is more with a shortage, great for the economy, of course, if handled correctly. Money decreases in value based on currency trading, where the exchange rates between entities changes. This is the only time money gets worth more or less, and, this could be nucleated or inside the country or city too.
  23. I think I will show you what a signal is with classical analogies before I attempt to answer your question, using terms that kids will enjoy and understand, yes? A signal is a density of energy, and, energy is related to mass. If you carry a massive pulse of energy to another receptor, it will interpret it on it's reception of that 'electrical signal' and then charge the system with the power gauge, owing to the message of the pulse, or, 'logarithm of pulses,' okay? This is like a constant message, in the case of radios, or, cell hones, television signals and so forth from beacons sending this out. This is also found on a circuit board bus, for computers, by the way. Now, your question owes to time? This would be the 'density' or 'charge' of the signal. Volts. If the signal is tuned to a different frequency, we can discern whether it is radio frequency, television and so forth, of course. This is for reading the signal, if it is too frequent, it will over clock the receptor, for that medium, and be ignored, but, if it is just right, it will be interpreted and used.
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