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  1. The strength of the message to the atoms is greater pushing you forwards as you have more mass.
  2. How does a force that supplies friction provide motion? Friction is a force that supplies growth, nothing more, while magnetism supplies fields of push or pull, of course.
  3. Especially for chemistry students! And, for all those older folk out there;
  4. If you take a magnet, you know, like magnetism, it can move stuff, metal stuff, yes? You charge a magnet with electricity, so , this motion is supplied by the combined forces, logically.
  5. Well, it was I that wrote the script on primes, namely; [n] = {[n] + [n] +1}.
  6. The way circuits work, and, they work in everything electrical, they transfer energy from one place to another. This is where they will provide power to the machine, but, it is only possible to provide motion through magnetism too. Luckily there is the concept of electromagnetism, of course, so the movement part of the mechanism will be provided by the electricity too. This means that the power will provide the motion - it is not that hard to understand, is it? ~ I am of course speaking to laymen that are cruising this forum, hoping they will grasp my concepts. Before we continue into new types of circuits, let's hear from the community who usually find me wrong no matter what I say?
  7. Okay, seems to be right to me.
  8. This thread must have been derailed, this other guy was mentioning this type of thing, why not take a peek? I would say it is imagery of nature, as this is a harvest of some sort, important to ancient man, no less.
  9. [1] Already founded. [2] Ebola is 'a disease of dirt.' This means it is where your cells excrete the filthy virus from them excessively leading to the known symptoms. This can be remedied by cleaning your system, via menthol smokes, peppermint chocolate, and, therefore breath mints too. Breathing this in will convert the mass to gas, and, this will have a rapid effect, as gases travel in the body much faster than food and drink. [3] You must be joking? [4] H.I.V. is a disease that infects the hormones of the body, where the cells are 'hormonally pollinated.' This means they need to be cleaned by observing Viagra will promote the cellular reproduction, and, this will flush the system if used in excessive amounts. Yes, all hormones are stimulated with these drugs. It will at least be better than antiretrovirals, and, try some fragrances too, the stimulating kind? Arousal will lead to excessive cellular reproduction, where the system will be flushed as old cells are replaced, the thing is the virus will infect the new cells in relays, so you need to use some minty stuff too, to poison the hormones. [5] Growth hormones. The pancreas is not dead, it is still there. Reviving it will be possible via eating eggs, lots of them, raw preferred. This will work for many organ failures. The eggs will have some basic growth things stored in them, for the chicken to grow with, use free range ones. [6] Asthma is a breathing disorder. This is treated by mints, and, cured by body building, where you reshape your lungs as you crack open your chest, I think that is the term usually used? [7] Mints. [8] This is where the brain loses charge, as memories are based on electrochemical charges in the brain, circulating and being kept kinetic, yes? This can be cured by making your brain a better conductor, and, that is possible by inhaling enough tiger balm. This will also cure turberculosis, where the lungs will be coated with moisture and phlegm type stuff. This, if it gets to your brain, will insulate it better, if you will.
  10. Well, let's look at one, and, see how it shows to hold true to my beliefs? As ancient languages were written from bottom right to top left, this would follow that there is a lot of activities in the beginning, maybe a store house or ceremony for spring? This would follow that the next step would be where the pots on the left hand side of the second indent would signify the pottery of the preparation being prepared, from right to left, of course. the basics of dams or irrigation are obviously observed here, in the middle we find a body connected to a artificial inlet. And, "God does not build in straight lines," ~ Clip from a movie, Promethues, that I like. That is my attempt, you up for it?
  11. Well, it seems to be based on something, maybe the emotions one feels while saying these characters leads to the symbols manifesting shape?
  12. The misunderstanding is where the man hesitates and thinks the woman will wait for him. This is a crazy world of progressive lifestyles, obsessing over one person is fruitless. Well, would it be okay to talk about 'kissing techniques,' or, would that be against he forum rules?
  13. Hello there. Would it be okay to write about 'kissing techniques,' as that is 'kosher?' I mean, I can keep it clean, but, I would like some feedback on these ways I have developed to see what others think?

    I don't want to break any rules, so if the answer is no, I will understand. It is scientific as it embraces the sciences of biology and music, or, 'melodious mathematics.'

    Thanks all the same.

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    2. Brett Nortj

      Brett Nortj

      It is based on biology, to show the nerves reactions to rhythmic sensuality, of course.

    3. Brett Nortj

      Brett Nortj

      Did someone delete it?

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      Looks like it was hidden, yes. It was largely nonsense, so I'm not sure what you expected.

  14. A Germanic alphabet, then. If you feel your tongue move, it shapes like that while it is moving. This is reflex to the emotions you are feeling or expressing, yes?
  15. Fossils pre date the time of Christ. The church exists because of cultural relays between people of the time period, where they remembered Christ and observed his teachings. This is why they gather even today to hear the words he shew the world. The gospels were written by the apostles. There is a document called the gospel of Judas, for example, that was found in a barn somewhere. These must be the basics of his teachings, these 'documents' are references to his being here, and, his message. The Romans had logs of events, yes? These are likely recorded and preserved by the historians.
  16. Brett Nortj


    As a man of few encounters, I have observed that there is some misunderstanding between men and woman, and, am fully prepared to explain myself, with evidence based on, well, observations that nobody can argue with, as they are that abundant, if you will. Serenading the woman is the job of 'the seeker.' The man seeks to woo the woman, [woo] + [man], and the woman seeks the security the man affords her. This is because the female is full of estrogen and seeks to be comforted and protect her babies from harm so seeks the embrace of a strong man, yes? This is the flower to be pollinated, of course. The man needs to accept that nothing bad will happen to him if he is denied this nectar, and, move quickly. He is driven to pollinate, and, it is a social peer pressure to stop pollinating for too long. This makes him, well, sometimes force himself onto women, which could be called rape, but most rapes are date rapes where the man picks a soft target or one he is comfortable with, or, thinks is seduced by himself. He is the seeker, and, with more than a billion lives, as a term that all men will relate to, will succeed if he keeps trying, as the women will observe a busy little bee that reminds them of caring about their children, the eggs they are fostering, as they will observe a positive attitude, of course. Now, if the man wants to get the girl, he needs to try, this is the basis of faith, he cannot try anything he has no faith in realising, unless he understands that it is just a ceremony that will eventually either see him lose interest, or, get the girl. The right way to court is with good intentions and openly baring all, as then you will relax and give off good energy with your perspiration that affects all things with your aura, and the woman will feel it, and, be goaded into curiosity. If the woman makes it obvious that she is not interested, then that is that, yes? ~ Personally, I know woman are sick of men making eye contact after eye contact and wasting their time. Ask, realise, rejoice or progress, yes ladies?
  17. This can be overcome by learning it your way. Basically, take all that junk they ram down your throat, take what you understand, and rewrite it. This will be where you write what you learn from, not summarize, but rewrite it so you can teach it. This is because if you don't understand it in your own language, you never will. This is where you need to observe what you cannot teach yourself! If you cannot rewrite it, ask a teacher, okay? Do not be afraid to ask, it is a matter of looking stupid, or being stupid. If you look stupid asking a question, look even stupider by listening, then you will learn how it works, make notes once, for yourself to observe, as you will write it in a test, and then be stupid no more, while in the past, yes, the teacher just wants to see you pass, okay? I am sure if you listen the firs time, they will teach you the second time. Do you want to pass, what do you have to lose by trying my method, some study time that will be 'poetic,' yes? Imagine you are teaching your parents?
  18. Yes, there is only the present. This is because there are only reactions, as things react things change, yes? There is memories of reactions, but no past. There is determinism, but no future, save that based on the state of matter at present, with the habitat we have, these changes will come about.
  19. Thanks for not arguing with me, but, don't you find this typical of most people? I mean, hell, the whole human drive can be put to those foundations through social psychology.
  20. For a long time now I have found many things about ancient languages, the dawn of language itself and of course, modern language. The tenets of modern language are based on merging older words together to form new words. This is where someone with authority seeks to compress phrases into one word, to allow for a shorter message. Modern language is not based on nature, as is ancient languages, but instead on a hybrid generic system of term compression. As for ancient languages, well, they led to basic languages, where the ancient languages were based on body language. This is where the tribe would try to infer a message, and then make a sound to symbolize the message. This led to words, grammar, and so forth. It took a hell of a long time for one tribe to dominate the whole region and teach everyone their own tongue! ~ By the way, did you know that your tongue makes the shapes of the Saxon alphabet? This is based on, for example, the tongue curling around to make a "s" sound, and a click for the "a" where they syllables are founded on tongue motion, if you will.
  21. It is obvious. It is logical. It is as if it were observed every day.
  22. Well, there is a church, because there was a base of followers, because there were miracles, because there were sermons, because there was a message. That message is what the gospels are founded upon.
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