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  1. When I say kin theory I mean the preservation and reproduction of familial genetics - my understanding may not be exact.
  2. Hi, I'm an undergrad Philosophy student but have always had an interest in Biology. I take a deterministic stance and have wondered for years the general explanation behind every action / thought - why I choose X rather than Y. Kin theory appeared sufficient and fitting. Yet familiciade-suicide cases appear to undermine this. Can they be explained by kin theory? Apologies for my lack of specifity.
  3. Hello, maybe this should have gone in the religious thread but I believe it to be more so religious philosophy. Here goes, as of now, I am inclined to believe a creator. I'd like to note this is through my own opinion, my family is not religious nor are any of my friends to my knowledge. In regards to the big bang theory, it is obviously a form of scientific reaction right? Im not great at science so not very well aquatinted with the specifics. However, my argument is who created the science behind the big bang? As in who made the scientific properties necassery for the reaction? And who creat
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