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  1. The bible was compiled of folk lore, and, bed time stories. They may be erred. The gospels had people watching and taking notes of events. The Romans recorded the life of Christ and witnessed miracles, thus the church is where it is, because there was a following built out of witnesses.
  2. It is said they do not exist, previously people have tried to find the links between people that they are all based on the same stuff mentally, and, found that there is no definite answer to the questions of all being the same sort of creature. I found this strange so decided to try to find some for myself. Three things I found between all people is that they think they are 'right,' they think they are 'loved,' and they think they are 'better than others.' These three moral absolutes led me to define more specifically the human psyche, and then found more absolutes, under those, of course. I have also found the root of love, hate and all emotions - "strength." We are drawn to strength, reject the strength of those that infer a lessening of our own strengths and also like to see our strength reflected. These are the core of attraction, hatred and mercy.
  3. Can you back yourself up? Or, can you express yourself curtly, as you seem to claim my summaries are wayward?
  4. So I make one little mistake and everybody jumps at me... maybe I was in between thoughts? Sorry.
  5. Super hero challenge; Why don't those without avatars take on super hero avatars? Then we can 'pretend' to be in the next marvel movie, you know what I am saying?

    1. Sensei


      If you will use Einstein's photo as profile, it won't make you any smarter, I am afraid so..


    2. Brett Nortj

      Brett Nortj

      I am speaking to those without avatars! Why not use a 'cool' one?

  6. Ah, professor Charles! So glad you replied... Yes, I deducted that this would mean that the motion is 'pending, per, mutual interactions' if you will? I have a lawyer... he keeps all my stuff.
  7. So you do not see the reason of applying this reference to find the averages of these elements? I thought the elements come between the gases and the metals?
  8. Sorry, they cannot divide as they are not borne of air, hence they cannot move from place to place outside the body, thus they cannot divide because they are not independent. They are a parasite borne of a host, and, they cannot divide outside the body. As they cannot move around from host to host, they are grounded, shackeld to the system, and, that means they are, let's make up a word, "bioatsynced?"
  9. I would quote your second post, but this belongs to the original. The best way to test vaccines is to get a blood sample with them in it. Then, you see if it gives you back blood you can test with the purity test I will show you. This is where you need to see if mosquitoes attack it, yes? If not,then too bad, it doesn't work. On the other hand, if you breed flies in them, there will be more flies bred in the sickened samples, as, this is where the disease will aid the flies, of course. Alternatively, you could filter the blood, and, see if there is, with a sliding scale, 'drops' left over. This would be a sign of the disease, with more density, due to it's parasitic nature, where it bonds with the blood, clinging onto the 'mesh.'
  10. They cannot divide as they are not airborne, nor do you find them outside the body. This means tissue will just become cancerous, that it will become defective and become unhealthy. ~ By the way, the cure for cancer is "spearmint." This freshens the tissue, and, it becomes healthy again. With that as evidence, as I have had cancer before, and cured myself, this thesis is correct.
  11. I don't know what this word is, but I read about it on the net, what the goals were. Then, I applied logic, of course. No, I haven;t sold any, as they are only 'intellectual property.'
  12. I am not sure, I lack the time to invest, but think a lawyer contacted me about it a while ago, memory loss.
  13. After forty posts I only have three dislikes. Seems I have found a community of real thinkers, but, we don't seem to speak the same language, no? I find my stuff very easy to understand, and, fail to see how something this fluent and expressive of my own ideas is found wrong, as, it is after all obvious.

  14. I thought a perpetual motion engine was supposed to generate more energy than comes in? These do. [1] The oscillator will generate about one hundred and fifty percent of the energy it is exposed to, at least, in a cylindrical system like that. [2] The suction method will require only the power of a car ventilator, to suck the liquid up and return it to the mechanism for turning the gears. This requires only one suck, of course.
  15. This thread is all about programming theory. Previously, I have forged new techniques in circuitry and programming alike, but this thread is dedicated to the software, as there is an engineering section for the hardware. So, what is programming? Programming is where you type characters onto a text file and compile it to execute [operations] for you. This is a program, which you write. If you want to make a calculator, for example, you would write in, to start the program in a shell, as if it were independent of the computer's operating system, and, execute the running details of the program. This would allow you to interface with the program or run the video or sound file, or, execute another operation for the computer, maybe to write to [b.i.o.s.] that the compact disc player should be ejected or brought in, and, that it tells the hardware what to do, although this is hardware related, of course. So, let's begin with some theory that will help you understand what [robots] do? I love robots, and, they are for operations where the individual execution is activated or calculated - yes you could ignore the rest of the manual telling you how to program and just use robots and things that move between them and their operations, they are that good! Now, if you were to observe that robots would be inside a shell, or, be where the program begins the robot, they are like little programs inside the program, okay? This means they will bring calculations and operations to the fore that converge into one 'action.' Remember, the fundamental of programming is, "If this then this." So, you want to make robot that link between other robots, that would be a simple robot written right at the beginning of your text file, in a different colour, where you can number them and figure out the order, where you could put them into order, and, sequences, all in one neat little text entry. With programming, you need to tell the circuits what to do. This is like turning a light bulb on or off, the circuit will simply conduct energy to the next circuit on the bus, and, then they will affect the changes you are making. This is done by writing the code into the text file and having it send it to the circuit board as if it were a tiny charge, if you know anything about 'electricity.' So, to write a program you need to simply instruct the text to carry that charge to the circuit board via translating bytes of text, which it just reads, as it is a text file converted to a 'charge file' through each character representing 'the chime of the piano,' okay? This would mean the computer just plays your stuff! Now, to program into the computer, you need only write to a the text file to activate these changes. This would mean the text will be like a program in itself, and, this text you must keep on saved file, to make sure you can change it, yes? Or you will be faced with a lot of decompiling to make changes. If you want to test something, write the files individually, and copy and paste the them together to test more instructions. This is the least stressful and most steady way to learn to program basics, and, then you will be able to piece together bigger files, and, then you will be able to keep the original for patches, where you override the program with another file that you write, of course.
  16. Yes, vaccinations are linked to cancer, as, cancer is a dying rotten cluster of cells, forming things like apses and growths that infect other cells with their excesses. This means that, as the vaccination is supposed to be a weak version of the disease, these are also 'cancerous,' as they lend to the rotten presence of cancer, stimulating it no end. Or, why does cancer emanate from rotten bones? This is because the cancer will be dysfunctional cell types, as they are rotting, and, that is toxic to other cells.
  17. [1] Gases conduct electricity. This is because there is electricity in the air. [2] This is a better way of condensing energy out of the air through relays to the beacon. Wetting the wire, now you talking! That is why when you wet something, it sparks, because there is kinetic energy in the air. [3] Okay, maybe not oxygen, how about Flourine? It has the highest electronegativity, after all? Oxygen would make a great substitute though, as it constitutes that thing called water, yes? Or, water is made up of two thirds oxygen, and, you know what happens when you wet a wire that is plugged in. [4] It is a great conductor.
  18. With each case you genrate more than you put in, like cold fusion.
  19. Oh, wait, now I see what you are saying! Yes, they "represent the judicial system" and, people fall under that system too, but not often at supreme court level. Of course, if it is a politician or a political agenda represented by the person, the person will be under scrutiny too, yes?
  20. They represent cases, causes and entities. Any decision made by the state or legal system goes through them.
  21. [X] would be the indent on the log? Look, I have always struggled with logarithms, but I know I have something going here. Why don't you take a shot? Nothing to lose.
  22. I think [X] would be the symbol of the log, of course...
  23. This is because the venom penetrates the stomach lining with acidity, and, gets into your blood stream undigested, yes?
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