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  1. i is a i

    1. bimbo36


    2. bimbo36


  2. Ladies and Gentleman. I have discovered magik.

  3. Alright boys. "Stretches" I finally did it. Went ta never land, freed the evil witch and saved the princess and played a large amount of mental DND campaigns to discover myself. Only to realize I have been afraid my reflection due to not recognizing it along with understanding that that "night" is just my shadow. I believe that I am on my way to fully self-actualizing. Wish me further luck!

  4. I am just now learning about now learning about how the universe formed, like about gold and what not and dudes and dudeets. Its fucking crazy, there are elements in me from a fucking star explosion that occured billions of billions of years ago. I tell ya, if you learn science from the right source it feels like everything just opens up! Like the universe becomes more and more knowable. Before I had to be on medication to see this amount of beauty. This is epic!


    1. TheVat


      I am not informed on what dudeets are, or their role in the early universe or stellar formation, but it does sound pretty epic!  Well-known cosmologist Neil Young apparently wrote a song on this topic.

    2. ALine


      can you send a link to it? Been looking on YouTube but have not found it yet.

    3. ALine


      also sorry about that, dudes and dudets. The female version of the dude.

  5. "You are an observer and describer of a system. Reasoning comes from the previous observations of a given system, period. You can make assumptions about the system, but those assumptions are not truths. Your reasoning is not some "golden apple" that defines truth. It is a guidance towards what truth may be associative to. You cannot tell an apple to fall from a tree, it either does or it does not and whatever means or methodologies or processes in which it does so is not within your control as a truthful determiner. At that point your no longer a scientist but an engineer."

    This is a quote I came up with in which I attempt to understand and convey some common pitfalls of some poorly reasoned arguments. If it does not seem correct please correct and I will improve upon it using suggestions.



  7. oh my gosh, I feel so stupid. I just got if,then statements.

    I was thinking about it and then realized that it is like a machine in which the p goes in and the q comes out and if the output is false then the entire statement is false because p and q have to both be true.

    Also the p is like the hypothesis and q is like the conclusion. if the hypothesis is true then the conclusion will always to true. That's like the base line. And then the if,then statement is like the comparison to that said baseline to determine if the overall statement is true or not.



  8. Reason 1) I get the feeling that one of the biggest reasons why so many people challenge the sciences in its validity is due in part to them believing that it is some giant enemy in which conflicts with there ideals and beliefs and they feel as though they are obligated to go against this "paradigm."

    Reason 2)Also another reason may be that they wish to be "on top" of the pyramid so to speak. In which they want to be the next einstein or dirac. In the same vein as a pop star.

    Reason 3) Or there is also the conventional reason in which they are just curious about the subject manner and want to dig deeper into it to gain a more of an understanding.

    Because I like labels I will define each reason for easier representation.

    Reason 1) The Belief Upenders

    Reason 2) The Stars Chasers

    Reason 3) The Curiously Minded

  9. Oh how I wish to defeat this demon of laziness. The bias of the mind which prevents me from seeing the beauty of the world. That inner that says, "you do not need to learn, for it is the games of those more keen to it than you. Sleep for all of eternity. rest now child for it is meant only for those chosen to defy god. To pluck from his apple of reason. You wish not to defy the infinitely all knowable do you." Oh but I do, I wish to grasp the apple and bite at its core. To give up my mere existence to view the world as not just sheets of paper but as intricate systems, oozing with the beyond infinitely unknowable. I will not listen to you demon or angel or whatever creature you may claim to be from some delusion of myself and of man. For I know that in any sense I will die. And even if I die, I would prefer to look onto the world laying on my back resting upon the shoulders of giants than sit atop a tower of my own mere delusion.

  10. Mathematics is the sheet upon which any universe may be displayed.

  11. I want to attempt to try and create a generalized mapping of mathematics based upon my current knowledge of mathematics. I will be creating a thread of this after this post, this is just a little heads up. Please feel free to add to it or expand it in any way. I want to make it as detailed and as translatable as possible so that anyone can understand it. Going from beginner to expert in a matter of minutes. That is the overall goal of this project. I have probably thousands upon billions of holes in my knowledge when it comes to the math's, however I want to at least try to gain a more "graphic" and visual understanding of all of the intrinsic connections and flows that mathematics as a field has while also sharing that knowledge with others so that they can also gain a deeper understanding as well. 

    Thank you for reading.

  12. I have determined that when I grow up, I'm going to be what I call a "Foundational Computational Mathematics, Science, and Design Specialist." 

    What is that you may ask?

    Well sit back and I'll tell ya!

    A "Foundational Computational Mathematics, Science, and Design specialist" (FCMSDS for short) is someone who does math and science using a computer while also understanding the basis of how a computer works! Mastering the algorithms while at the same time knowing how the algorithms are implemented to make the algorithms run more efficiently!

    A "FCMSDS" would focus on a few key things, optimization, object behavior, object behavior modeling and simulation, and just general science stuff. 

    So it is basically a weird mesh between computer engineering, foundational/computational/applied/discrete/analysis mathematics and finally just science and engineering in general with an emphasis in computer engineering, it acting as the backbone of the career field.

    Because computer science Is the basis it basically states that "optimization is key" meaning that because different designs and simulations and models require computational algorithms to work, those algorithms must be as optimized as possible!

    Today is my first day in being one and I am excited to see where the "non existent" career path takes me!

  13. Here is a quote I came up with the other day.

    " The interface from the universe to the brain is a continuous one, the interface from the brain to the universe is a discrete one."

    Tell me what you all think about this quote.

    Thank you

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    2. ALine


      that one....seems like it can break the mind. 

      I get the mental image of fluid like fractals when thinking about that. 

      owwwwwwww my braaaaain :D

    3. joigus


      Consider the silliest ideas, but be always ready to throw them in the rubbish bin. That's my motto.

    4. ALine


      if it does not equate, you eliminate :)

  14. ok....so I thiiiiink I got it. I have been inside of a "dream" but that dream was actually overlapping my external reality. Causing me to delude myself with understanding what I am ACTUALLY seeing. So much so that I basically infinitely looped myself in believing in that understanding. 

    So what I thought reality was is actually my imagination but I also have to understand that my imagination is an important tool for understand the universe around me, because that is all I have.

    Does that sound about right?

  15. Today I learned: maths is shapes and shapes is math.

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    2. ALine


      oh no apologies, this was meant to be more of a comedic understanding of mathematics. By this statement I mean that math is a formation of different structures which come together in order to form more complex structures. Hence why I used the term "shapes." 

    3. StringJunky
    4. Strange


      A lot of maths can be interpreted in geometric terms (e.g. calculus can be defined purely in terms of operations on functions but is often taught using geometric concepts). And a lot of early mathematics started out as a need to measure land and the Earth (geo-metry). 

      So it may be truer than you think. (But any further discussion should probably move to the Math forum!)

  16. I have decided what I would like to go into in regards to my field of study. 

    - Mathematical Modeling and Simulations

    - Systems Design and Development

    - Optimization

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    2. ALine


      ah man, this looks absolutely perfect!

      But I am looking for something more, not just to model the brain. But to model and construct new models of everything using the brain as a basis.


    3. Prometheus


      Yeah, that's what a lot of neuroscientists are currently doing: using an understanding of the brain to create new computer architectures (hardware or software), kind of how the artificial neural network was inspired by a model of neurons.  

    4. ALine


      oh, cool! that does sound pretty awesome. I have been a bit obsessive of neurons lately.

  17. So I have been working on this idea I call the "princess bubblegum hypothesis" and it states that everything in the universe can itself be considered a system which

    interact with other systems in a way attempts to maintain equilibrium. Here is what I have so far.

    First the hypothesis defines a few postulates, I think I am using that word correctly,


    (1) Everything in the Universe can itself be considered the "possibility" for a system to "exist" by definition. 

    (2) These possibility systems, also known as imaginary systems, are defined by an entity known as an "observer" which turns those possibility systems into non-possibility systems, also known as "real" systems.

    (3) entity observers are systems

    I have more but it is on a notepad somewhere.


    So I have been working from this basis for months now and have discovered that what I am looking for already exists and its called systems theory. And then I did MORE research and discovered that all of what I have been trying to do already exists and works well. I am both proud of myself and mad that I did not do any research sooner. 

    There was that one time where I was super excited about learning however that has died down a little bit, however I am still taking the advice of one of the users on here, forgot his name, well that is not important. He told me to think of it as filling in the holes in my knowledge. Which I got to say worked WONDERS! 

    Anyway, that's about it. Peace

    1. peterwlocke


      why the name

    2. ALine


      just for someone to ask that question :D

    3. peterwlocke
  18. testing math formulas

    /( x^2 + 1 /)

    /[ x^2 + 1/]


    1. ALine


      (Math/) (x^2+1) (/Math)




      f(x) = 2

      [math] y = 2*x [/math]


    2. hypervalent_iodine


      Hi. We have a section of the forum dedicated to letting members test out these functions. See here

  19. oh god, the water! I feel's it! 

  20. just realized you can update status on here. So yeah, going to use the status update as a test.

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