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  1. So I have been working on this idea I call the "princess bubblegum hypothesis" and it states that everything in the universe can itself be considered a system which

    interact with other systems in a way attempts to maintain equilibrium. Here is what I have so far.

    First the hypothesis defines a few postulates, I think I am using that word correctly,


    (1) Everything in the Universe can itself be considered the "possibility" for a system to "exist" by definition. 

    (2) These possibility systems, also known as imaginary systems, are defined by an entity known as an "observer" which turns those possibility systems into non-possibility systems, also known as "real" systems.

    (3) entity observers are systems

    I have more but it is on a notepad somewhere.


    So I have been working from this basis for months now and have discovered that what I am looking for already exists and its called systems theory. And then I did MORE research and discovered that all of what I have been trying to do already exists and works well. I am both proud of myself and mad that I did not do any research sooner. 

    There was that one time where I was super excited about learning however that has died down a little bit, however I am still taking the advice of one of the users on here, forgot his name, well that is not important. He told me to think of it as filling in the holes in my knowledge. Which I got to say worked WONDERS! 

    Anyway, that's about it. Peace

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      why the name

    2. ALine


      just for someone to ask that question :D

    3. peterwlocke
  2. 2*x^2 + 1

  3. \(y=x*1\)

    1. ALine


      \( y = 1 \)

  4. testing math formulas

    /( x^2 + 1 /)

    /[ x^2 + 1/]


    1. ALine


      (Math/) (x^2+1) (/Math)




      f(x) = 2

      [math] y = 2*x [/math]


    2. hypervalent_iodine


      Hi. We have a section of the forum dedicated to letting members test out these functions. See here

  5. oh god, the water! I feel's it! 

  6. just realized you can update status on here. So yeah, going to use the status update as a test.