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  1. When i accomplished my goals i had inner peace . For example , When i was finally able to built a dynamic website of my own When i follow assembly language with SASM IDE , when i don't have anything else to do When i finally managed to understand differential equations When i started doing a commerce degree after failing for math in my computer science degree . Right now i have very less inner peace because after working till evening i am still studying for my commerce degree . Someday , after completing my distance education commerce degree i might have more inner peace .
  2. Phi for All , Raider5678 Thanks a lot for the reply I haven't smoked anything after that last post of that video . I even bought one of these and have been chewing this ever since . I already feel 10 times fresher . The craving is there and is very strong . I am a second year commerce student and i used to smoke between my studies , but right now i am not doing it , which is a good thing .
  3. Another reason not to smoke . How Smoking 30 packs Wrecks Your Lungs I have been giving good gaps between smoke for the last few days . Tomorrow the month of November starts . And its going to be a smoke free month for me . That is all .
  4. I should stay like my new avatar from this time on wards . I like this avatar , it gives me strength to hold on in these times of dullness .I have been staying away from smoke for the past 4 hours . Maybe this is already working .Maybe i was looking for that perfect avatar , This avatar makes me happy . Sometimes i think we have to accept the fact that life cant be always interesting , Nor smoking a cigarette can make it interesting. @tar You are right , there is happiness and dopamine in little things Sometimes a smile from a girl can make you quit cigarette . I have become happy when i changed my avatar to this one . Maybe i can really stop this time , The last cigarette was 4 hours ago .
  5. @tar Thanks a lot for the reply . I do not want to ruin my lungs like this either. I am going to quit cigarettes before my 300th post .That is my next goal .
  6. @tar Thanks again for the reply . The problem is i come back from work and starts studying for a commerce degree , distance education .Somehow smoking a cigarette or two in the evening has become a part of the flow . It is a way to escape the usual dull routine of work and a way to relax before i start studying , right now also studying the subject called financial accounting . I really should change this habit and find a different flow ,one without cigarettes . Tomorrow is Sunday ,If i can get a whole Sunday without smoking that would be kind of cool . One last try to quit . 10/28/2017 11:49
  7. Thanks for the reply Phi for All ,tar @tar Thanks for taking your valuable time to type that long reply . I am going to quit now , I am also going to see an Ayurveda doctor tomorrow and am going to tell him that i need medicines to clean the smokes from my lungs . I hope i can stay smoke free from today , this time on wards . 10/26/2017 9:53 PM Indian time
  8. I switched to cigarettes after one more failed attempt .I have reduced it to 5 cigarette per day now . Going to throw away the cigarette too , anytime now .
  9. I failed three times after that last post of mine I seriously quit this time . Because i threw up at least 5 times after my last smoke which was like an hour ago . From this day on wards ,From this time on wards , i wont touch one more nicotine related product ,Ever . R.I.P smoking habits , one more time .
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