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  1. I don't think the word proof or disproof is appropriate to such questions. Overwhelming evidence is what it is. It doesn't need to be bumped up to proof status. The evidence is overwhelming, both in quality and quantity. That's good enough for me. The evidence for the Adam and Eve story is some scribbling in an old book, from a very superstitious time long ago, by some very superstitious bronze-age people. There's no comparison.
  2. To grow Kelp in the deep ocean, you would need some kind of anchorage for it. That would have to be some floating device that supported some kind of submerged plastic netting. That would have to be extremely robust to survive a storm. Then there's the problem of nutrients, I doubt if you could get much of a yield without some kind of upwelling. I think it's a non-starter, on cost grounds. The infrastructure costs would be enormous, and the returns tiny. My own suggestion for capturing carbon using the oceans would be to pump up nutrients from the sea floor to the surface. You would then get huge plankton blooms, where once there was ocean desert. This would provide a huge increase in fish stocks, which could finance the operation, and the plankton would be producing hard shells, which would sink to the ocean floor, locking carbon in the carbonates for many thousands of years. This happens naturally, wherever there is a natural upwelling. We would just be replicating that in areas of ocean desert.
  3. The problem with footprints is that they don't tell you WHEN they were made, unless you have a brain the size of a modern human's. The sense of smell tells a lot more than a footprint ever could. To many predators, it tells of size and age and strength, and health of the prey, and how far away they are, maybe even how fast they are moving, and whether they are stressed. They could learn stuff like that instinctively, from what they smelled on previous hunts. An expert human tracker might be able to tell stuff like that from a track, but no animal can match our powers of intuition and deduction. For a hunting behaviour to evolve, it has to help a bit, all the way from the rudimentary stage, to the sophisticated stage. Following a scent can do that. But following tracks at the rudimentary stage would lead to a huge waste of energy, in the vast majority of cases.
  4. Both the genetic evidence, and the fossil evidence, indicate that humans evolved. If the story of Adam were true, it's highly unlikely that there would be fossils of apes that waked upright, in various stages of the evolution of the upright stance, and enlarging brain. So the evidence is abundant that man evolved from a small brained, tree living ape. That doesn't disprove the story of Adam. Nothing can disprove such stories. But if the story of Adam is true, the overwhelming evidence says that he would have met up with many bronze-age humans who were already enjoying the Earth.
  5. I'm picturing something similar, a granitic intrusion, pushing up the sedimentary rocks, and then getting exposed when they are weathered. The wikipedia page for Laccolith gives a good suspect :
  6. Some great comments on this. Arc, I agree, it does look like the multiple shorelines that somethimes happen when a glacial lake gets dammed to different levels. There's one in Scotland that I thought of straight away. It's quite famouse, and looks like ancient roads cut into the hillside. In this case though, it would have to be a huge lake, with a very circular island in it, to produce this effect. It seems like too many coincidences are needed for that to be the answer. I'm beginning to think it is an ancient volcano, that maybe pushed up the sedimentary layers into a circular bulge, and the weathering then exposed the layers in that shape. It's a fascinating area, incredibly rocky, if you look at some of the photos of the area. This is one taken down by the river. There are loads of weird towers left standing, like thousands of Stonehenge stones. Anyone know what they are called, and how they are formed?
  7. Re the original question, if the two objects were connected by a stretched spring, then the kinetic energy that they gain as they are pulled together was potential energy, stored in the deformation of the spring, from it's natural shape. If you think of spacetime as a form of spring, then a very similar process is happening.
  8. Yes, I agree. But it's in an area that's been swept many times by glacial ice-sheets. So any hollow would have been filled long ago with debris dragged along at the base of the ice sheets. The centre does seem to be loose material, as the streams have eroded it quite easily.
  9. Browsing Google Earth, I came across this area in Siberia. It has a clear circular shape, showing concentric rings, and it's about 10 km across. It's miles away from the nearest road, in a barren very rocky part of the world, so it's not human activity. I've narrowed it down in my own mind, to either an ancient volcano, or impact crater. Impact craters that show are very rare, so the odds are against it, but what do you think? It's worth a look : https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@70.9198194,103.0433649,15024m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Or on Google Earth : 70 deg 55 min 30 sec N 103 deg 05 min 30 sec E
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