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  1. Are you asking me if we have talked on other forums? I am Moontanman everywhere I post so if you have talked to moontanman it's likely to have been me... 

    1. StringJunky


      Everywhere I go, there I am. :) 

  2. Enough compression could result in a breakout on a molecular scale which then could prove to be a successful ejaculation. Something like this.
  3. Please keep this forum on topic as strange as it may seem.
  4. Have I been engaging in conversation with you on any other forums? Your choice of words are very familiar.
  5. I asked for a hypothetical answer.
  6. I am looking for an answer along the line of: enough sperm production could create enough compressive force to blow through whatever was made to be in the way.
  7. I don't care about how you think it works. How would it hypothetically work?
  8. That is not the answer I am looking for. This would be after the hypothetical bullet to the head of everyone who was involved.
  9. If someone received a vasectomy against their will while under anesthesia, how hard would you have to ejaculate to force the correct anatomic path again?
  10. I has doing stuff on the pc at my place of residence and heard a noise from the next room. It sounded like an x ray gun or something I thought. I turned towards the sound and noticed it went off again. This time as it went off it felt like it hit my right eye dead in the middle. the reaction to this right afterwards felt like a forced emotion of anger that did not come from myself. What would this be? Edit: Also I had a look in the mirror for anything and noticed one pupil (the right eye) was larger than the other but from how the lighting was ???
  11. I used to suffer from incredibly painful headaches/migraines to the point where I was physically sick. The pain was directly targeting parts of my head. Most recently I can feel these pressure buildups but without the pain. I have also noticed that they are lingering on for longer. I am worried if this continues I will become a slave to the pain that is lingering but not felt. What can I do to feel this pain? Also would this have something to do with the blood brain barrier?
  12. So the ibuprofen does not chemically change in your body to produce its anti inflammatory properties?
  13. So does it work in tablet form or does it only work after digestion?
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