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  1. A waste of time and money. But then whoever funds stuff like this is not out to save the world or do anything for the good of humans. Like make drinkable water for everyone which will never happen because water is cash crop. And technology is used to entertain the wealthy. it is more important to create a million pixle tv monitor than feed poor people.
  2. I strongly believe scrappy doo was a big mistake and not funny and ruined the show completely. Someone needed to kick his ass.
  3. This is what the media wants. Or the 1 percent i mean. Trump is only put into the race to scare dumb asses unto voting hillary. No offence. And it is working.
  4. I believe the artist is and all others are not.
  5. Stardust with opinions. Freewill is the concept created to punish people for what they do and NEVER look into the cause of it.
  6. What do you mean by too immoral in their beliefs?
  7. Are there free books online that is not crappy? Like a website featuring science stuff.
  8. I blame sports and religion to a large degree. That may sound crazy to you hard core sport fans but the more competitive a human is the more he is likely to result to violence. And thinking your country you live in is somehow better than another is not good. All of the we are better than you attitude needs to end.
  9. Large cities create a place where all types of people live in close proximity and get to know each other and most are smart enough to realize we are all basically the same. People need exposure to things to understand them. That is my opinion and hello i am very new here.
  10. Hillary has already won the election.
  11. When the universe expands, what does it expand into, or does it expand into space that is being created at that moment? Does that make sense?
  12. actually i never heard of this till now and thanks.
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