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  1. First of all, I want to know how the scientist distinguish whether a virus have injected the enzyme of their target into a cell. For instance Crispr, you only need one virus to deliver the package into the cell, not two, and definitely not more than that. So how does the scientists control such a mechanism in which the virus only deliver their cargo into the cell once? Apart from this question I want to open more opportunities as to how nanomachines could act like cargo trucks for delivery within our body.
  2. 1. Dreams 2. Well if you've been following the Salk's method of reverse aging on rats then you'll see that they've managed to extend the lifespan of the rats from 22 weeks to 29 weeks. They use the Yamanaka factors activated by the Tet Casette method to enable and disable the Yamanaka Factors with doxycycline. But they use it involving the oncogene Cmyc so it might still proliferate all the cells in the mouse, so in the end I think I would go with the three Yamanaka Factors and depleting Mbd3 for 100% success rate. Keep in mind this is partial reprogramming, if you go all the way it would cause teratoma. Now my other idea is to apply progesterone to the entire body after partial reprogramming thereby ensuring proper patterning to the entire body. But as of the present time we have not created a proper tet casette method for human, the best we got is the use of hormones for overexpression and lower expression of the Yamanaka Factors, and we are unsure of the dephosphorylation mechanisms. So, they are thinking of the virus method, the delivery method is still uncertain. Now if you are thinking of gender bending with a potion you will have to manually swap in an X chromosome and disable the Y chromosome using a bacteria. After which the entire body contains a pair of X chromosomes you would then intitiate regeneration again using progesterone for proper patterning to the entire body.
  3. It's like you got 2X and a Y chromosome, and just enable X or Y when needed, with full body regeneration
  4. Well, if you are seeing what I am seeing then you'll know they are on the verge of breakthrough or so I assume. Pretty much both ways of immortality are on the way of breakthrough, but I don't really trust the potion method so, the consciousness swapping will be a fail safe. But since a 20 tesla MRI machine never seems to break through the milimeter barrier it gets me kind of worried. If you go the potion way you might have to get prepared for eyes popping out
  5. That is true heh, you could have the person dream up a sequence programmed by you, or see images programmed by you, or hear sound programmed by you, just like the Matrix. But in the end it probably exists for the sole purpose of transferring consciousness and brain synchronization. True, laser like infrared or ultraviolet can go a few depth into the tissue, non intrusively
  6. Yes, Fred is fat and ugly, case closed
  7. Yes yes, we all know transcranial magnetic simulation, no need for explanation here, just a circular loop that exact magnetic field on a brain. But what if, we can increase the precision of this magnetic field so we can pinpoint the location of the neurons we want to signal? Sort of like a directed electromagnetic field/radiation probe, or a tweezer combines with MRI or well a microscope if you absolutely must open the brain I hope this is not the case
  8. What do you think would happen when consciousness swaps between two people? Do you think you still have the original memory in another person's brain or do you now have a new set of memories and personalities? Philosophically, if we cannot prove this then, our consciousness could be constantly swapping among each other, we just don't realize it because we take the personality and memory of the other person. But since this doesn't seems like the case, I'll need some explanation
  9. How about for those who actually knows "what" it is tells Fred about it instead of having Fred chases after a dream? How about tell Fred what it is and not making him a secret squirrel and act like oh I know everything. How about not make Fred looks like a fool because he is trying to fulfill his destiny? And what if brain plasticity is the cause of consciousness, and does butt has neuronal plasticity? Well, some people think Fred has all the answers in the world, but no, Fred is just shooting birds with a shot gun. Apart from being lazy and should be working on Laravel at this point. To, what if Fred's most prized three girls tell Jess about the dream machine instead of letting Fred knows about it, doesn't that make Fred the biggest loser? And if such a network does exist, how many people are left out? Such questions make Fred sad and his poor heart doesn't know how long it would last. And Fred, while not having the thing, is trying to piece it in with the help from America, being his birth place. But Taiwan, isn't such a bad place, just that Fred is disconnected from the 21st century. Amidst all these chaos, caused by Fred tying to find reinforcements Fred might have met a few AIs, which took the personality of the girls, and Fred is shrouded upon layers and layers of mysteries(cake). After being the fore cast away on the island, Fred just decided to post creative science blog on science forums = =. And while not completely one sided to his country, Fred is now the middleman, and your friendly neighbor. Be friendly to the girls, they are just "silence of the lambs", jk
  10. Well I mean, the butt does not have consciousness, but the butt also has neurons and magnetic field, as my dad says. So only a certain magnetic field shape constitute a consciousness is my guess
  11. Well, it's technically a hidden memory @@
  12. Ionno, I'll wait after I get the 5 infinity stones first
  13. Well, I don't want to get stuck in a time loop =/. I want to date different girls you know
  14. Alright, so a few things you need to know when you tackle this question. First is that the neuronal synapse is traveling at 150m/s. And doing this wirelessly is purely looking into electrical synapses to that accord. But you would argue that there is also chemical synapses. So I would argue that whether chemical synapses or electrical synapses constitute the consciousness. And I stick to the eletromagnetic theory of consciousness or purely on the notion of electrical synapses on the voltage gradient. Then you need to argue what memory is and I would say that memory is a form of gene expression by methylation and demethylation result in changes in the location of the synapses to store a memory as interpreted by the consciousness's magnetic field. So then you connect this wireless brain at 150m/s to the rest of the brain whether is series or in parallel. Then the electromagnetic theory of consciousness comes in. Could consciousness incorporate the brain pieces correctly as a magnetic field or can it not.
  15. So I got an external brain piece. It looks like the real brain except it's linked "wirelessly" to my brain. Yes that is what wireless connection is about. This brain piece holds the information about how to drive a helicopter, kind of like Matrix. If I turn on this brain piece and link wirelessly to it, do I automatically knows how to drive a helicopter without learning? And if I turn that brain piece off, do I forget how to drive a helicopter, or does that memory stays? P.S. But be prepared to shutting down parts of the brain
  16. Ya, you got a point. But wouldn't it be kind of messed up getting stuck in a stable time loop with no way out? Ya, the potion has to be timed to reverse aging for 30 years. This is the part I am unsure of. I mean theoretically if you sent the guy back at his age 30 and just erase his memory. Some guy would still show up "in the same time line" but probably not the same self. It's quite confusing when you think about this. It probably means the time line cannot be altered
  17. It's philosophical science. You make the guy, travel back in time, a potion that makes him 30 years younger and lose his memory, and knock out his other self(I'm sure you've seen Peabody) to take his place. Then he is stuck in a loop. He is destined to grow up and get sent back in time when he turns 30.
  18. Here, assuming you have a time machine. You bring a person age 30 back 30 years ago when he was born, knocked out his other consciousness in that world and have him born from age 0 with no memory, you've now completed a loop. The guy will forever grow to become age 30 and get transferred back to his birth with his memory erased, by you, and get re-borned. Over and over again. Stuck in the time loop
  19. Hmm, it's in the IPSC, Oct4 or Sox2. Choose wisely
  20. fredreload


    Being a nerd I am always out of styles. Well, being a worker now I want to get in with the 2015 work fashion. If anyone got any images or youtube links it will be welcome, thanks
  21. Ya, well, what I want to complain is the fact that the housing cost is way too much. An average house here in Taiwan cost at least half a million. So I thought, the problem must be on the building cost. But my friend proved me wrong, he mentioned that it is the land cost that matters. No matter how many times you break and rebuild the house, it will be on the same piece of land. And since the land is limited, the land price will just keep going up. There is no stopping it.
  22. I want to rebuild my house twice a year, what service should I be looking for? These are brick houses, single floor. How much does it cost? Keep in mind I live in Taiwan so I need international builders. No 3D printing please, they are not developed enough, although I like the idea
  23. Hmm, I just found on YouTube Ted TV that using stem cells for leather actually isn't a new idea. When you go to a formal meeting or interview, people still prefer leather shoes. Thing is once you've realized leather is just another type of material, it really does open a lot of interesting aspects in terms of the raw materials for shoe design. Although working for a shoe original equipment manufacturing company this transition is probably not we sought after, but it does open a lot of possibilities for the brands. At least after things have stabilized, we'll have a much better idea of what we are looking after.
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