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  1. Nvm if you are confused sorry about that = =, stand point means you guys consider the topic top secret and do not want to discuss further about it. P.S. And I am late by 20 years Those are expressions like sad face =/, and confusion face @@, I try to make emoji to appear more user friendly
  2. True, I am theorizing the idea in case someone(with 50 grand) came across and find this theory useful(if he already does not have a BEC), build a BEC and use it to promote me = =, kind of a long shot, I know. I dunno you guys stand point, could be top secret, just happened to fire an ion cannon on my building(test shot?) while I was there @@ to stop time, and use it on numerous movies, anime, and novels.
  3. Nvm I will shut it, this is your forum
  4. If you are so knowledgable about BEC why don't you share your science? You think a video from Harvard Institute is sci-fi?
  5. Alright = =, let me add one more thing to prove that the light can be stopped inside a BEC and I will work on the design = =, if you got any lead I will be happy to hear it = =. Essentially increasing the mass of light is not energy loss. As for the design concept, perhaps something like this NASA setup. https://scitechdaily.com/one-giant-leap-for-quantum-science-exotic-fifth-state-of-matter-created-on-space-station/?fbclid=IwAR3yVW6EWysHTSnZpzbTFOtwBTqkVtRJj6eWYDbQZozWHG_RKnfHiMcHeDs
  6. https://www.physicscentral.com/explore/action/light.cfm This article is interesting in that the light slows down because it is turned into polaritons, something with higher mass. This means the light's energy is unchanged and stored(speculation). And this is the actual experiment https://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/18/us/scientists-bring-light-to-full-stop-hold-it-then-send-it-on-its-way.html
  7. Why is light not affected by magnetic fields? But the reason that light and magnetism do not recognize one another is that light has a so much higher frequency – it oscillates 10,000 times faster than the fastest magnetic fields. “Photons, that is, particles of light, can be absorbed. https://kaw.wallenberg.org/en/research/coupling-light-magnetism-nanoscale I think when you slow light down by a factor of 3 million times the magnetic field should have an effect on the light wave. It is just whether this
  8. Ya, I know, I probably wouldn't be able to build one but just theorizing and verifying the concept https://physicsworld.com/a/slowed-light-breaks-record/ This settles it, trapping atoms with a magnetic field might be able to be applied to photons as well since it exist as an em wave(speculation) https://scitechdaily.com/one-giant-leap-for-quantum-science-exotic-fifth-state-of-matter-created-on-space-station/
  9. To me, the hard part is not on scaling the medium but on trapping and directing the photons, clearly you can’t just place mirrors everywhere to direct the flow of photons
  10. O, I am not sure = =. I am thinking of some theoretical photon generators such as light antenna or ion cannon but those are theoretical applications. Perhaps a point laser that is possible of photons expansion. I am not sure about the medium they talked about in BEC, increasing the size of this medium would be good
  11. Check the video I posted, all the same scale but larger(I am not sure how they created this BEC medium, I will have to review the article), and I will try to confine the light at the center through a mirror or gravity confinement. I am not sure yet how to trap a light source. Perhaps you could provide some ideas for me
  12. Good call @@, will have to review this clip, thanks
  13. I want to create a 1 meter sphere BEC(Bose Einstein Condensate) for slow light if you guys know what BEC is, below is a video.
  14. I do not have anything, you are free to close it
  15. Ya, well, jokes aside. The fumes generated from burning charcoal or tobacco would contain acetaldehyde which could have antiviral effect(speculation). Thing is I am not sure what corona virus do to the lungs and if inhaling low concentration of acetaldehyde would have a therapeutic effect in killing the virus in the lungs. That is a long shot. I do not worry too much because I think I am immune to the virus
  16. All is true but perhaps breathing in controlled non-tobacco fumes could create therapeutic effect to the lungs? All is true but perhaps the first step in avoiding fire hazard is to avoid breathing in the fumes. Sorry that I mention this sort of jokingly before
  17. Just curious about virus reaction to fumes, like the smoking effect, maybe it is more potent for bacteria?
  18. Many thanks for the hint. I chose magnetron in the first place because of its wide range of em wave emission. It seems the stimulated emission of the electrons from thermionic emission should be in phase and also covers a wide range. It is just, I do not know the working mechanism for laser for stimulated emission to get the electrons to an excited state. Correct me if I am wrong
  19. My bad, I was a bit skeptical to say transform the spatial spectrum to an RGB pixel color, my mind sort of think that is the possibility but it was never revealed in the Wikipedia link @@, so ya, thanks for the clarification. And after reviewing Raman Spectroscopy I will post the video here. I guess I was a bit unclear about the concept
  20. Well, Raman spectroscopy works based on reflection, but even then the wavelength of the source could impact the resolution, I'd say something in the infrared/UV range? Or if you guys know of a method I have not considered before @@
  21. Like I said, hyperspectral imaging with spatial scanning. I am not sure what photogrammetry is but probably something similar :D? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperspectral_imaging#Spatial_scanning Spatial scanning or Fourier Transform like MRI, still theorizing on that part. Cuz I modded the design = =, I attempt to use the electrons in the magnetron as a laser source, I am just not sure if they are excited for stimulated emission coming from thermionic emission(please refer to how magnetron works video)
  22. The wavelength reflected from Raman Spectroscopy is because of the atomic structure of the atoms examined. Below is an interesting video showing how they find diamond through Raman spectroscopy in identifying the wavelength(toward the end of the video). Well you see. If I want to examine the bone I use x-ray. Why? Because x-ray pass through the skin but gets reflected off the bones(x-ray has high frequency and short wavelength). Similarly if I want to examine the brain I would be interested in monitoring maybe the sodium concentration of the electrical synapses or map out the in
  23. Ya, coherence, still working out on that part. The magnetron is supposed to create a railgun like effect I think You excite the electrons and you shoot a photon through the column with mirrors on both side, charging it up. I am not sure if the electron is in an excited state from the thermionic emission though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stimulated_emission
  24. Hmm, my idea of spectroscopy imaging has to do with hyperspectral imaging, sort of like having a radar system mapping out a landscape. Of course depending on the type of radiation(say infrared) and the reflective index of the object(say neurons) you could generate slices of spectral image with depth. Cool, about the coherent radiation coming from tiny individual generators, is there a device for this type of thing? (I kept thinking about the movie eraser with that theoretical pulse weapon lol)
  25. Good call, all maser are powered by magnetron right? At least the sort of wide range maser device(multiple lasers), not a single maser build(single laser).
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