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  1. You mean Prometheus D:? Water vacuum sealed and ultraviolet light germ destroyed. Well I've read somewhere that the substance in the plastic leaks into the water which is bad for health. And this guy who uses the same water bottle for 10 years for hot water had to cleanse his kidney because the plastic melts. So how safe is plastic+water+high temperature? P.S. Nope, I've never drank anything warm in a plastic bottle, not even if it is heat reinforced, something taught to us kids long time ago by our parents
  2. Why do water expire? Because it is kept in plastic bottles. Water do not expire, plastic bottle does. How do you make water to not expire? We need a new type of storage possibly like graphene
  3. Never mind, I looked into jet packs as there is no viable way of (holding gas) and expel gas for more than 10 minutes duration. Best count on the laser photonic light disperse thruster that is still in the laboratory stage
  4. You are right, this is more of a single person traveling idea than to move something heavy into space. My idea comes from the idea of a space elevator. It was a big idea then about traveling to space using carbon nanotube as an anchor, but no existing structure can withstand such amount of pressure connecting an object in space to the ground. Then I thought about the tallest structure, one that would connect space to earth to allow an actual elevator to reach the sky, then again the integrity of such a structure would be in question. So my recent post is on the idea of using photonic light to propel a an object into space(no anchor). This comes from the top 5 ideas in traveling to space in which you use a laser to create compressed air beneath the rocket to push it into space. The idea is that the entry and re-entry from space is kept at a slow speed and with no strings, so the space suit would not get burned from the atmospheric pressure. Then the idea of a water fountain pushing an object up. And finally, the jet pack, the type that is used in space to move the ISS to avoid debris. So what do you do once you reaches space? Beats me, I've seen the Geostorm space station. If you could fly to a stationary(not orbiting) spot in space and build a structure there, sure that would be cool. Or you could build a structure that is in geo synchronous orbit to the same place you lifted. Without gravity to keep air in place surely everything needs to be vacuum sealed. P.S. I'll probably jet pack a remote drones or dummies up to build the structure first , I dunno if you can jet pack something that weighs one ton P.S. We could literally have a steel cone controlled by jet pack on each side controlled by a computer. That's in the movie First Man, and that's how they improved the computer electronics that leads to the fire in the shuttle.
  5. Uh, between earth and the moon? Like Elysium?
  6. That is a good idea that I haven't thought of, thing is something needs to be there in space where I can stay in, like a burger stand lol. Yes it seems jet packing into space seems rather realistic, but having a place to stay in, now that's the hard part. If you are to follow the earth's orbit you'll need to be at 3~30km/s. If you build a stationary structure in the middle of nowhere, you better be prepared to travel long miles. It sounds like a cool idea, but colonization into space is still a bit of a problem. For one there is no oxygen, and everything needs to be vacuum sealed. Personally I'd choose the Elysium idea
  7. Yes, since I am moving so slow, I would be moving counter to earth's orbit at -3km/s
  8. So uh, let's say I take a jet pack and I fly slowly into space in a space suit in auto pilot mode close to 5m/h upward(This is just the upward speed, it has nothing to do with the orbital speed). What is my orbital velocity when I reach space? My speed at that height relative to the earth's orbit speed? Actually the helium balloon idea is good, I can just jet pack to space after I reach that distance
  9. Ya, but mine is more of a variation, I would slowly increase the light intensity to send an object into space like a pressured water fountain pushing a plastic ducky. Keep in mind the word slowly, which makes all the difference. But ya, it's good know someone who knows what I am talking about when I come up with an awesome idea
  10. My idea is to send heavy object slowly into space with light, and to fly with disperse photonic light
  11. Ya, I am a big fan of vagina lol, but it needs to be at the right spot
  12. I know you take it hard. It wasn't meant to be anything sexual and it was just a thought experiment. However, I am onto something now. If the regeneration ability has the auto correct feature, ie if I stitch a foot onto the missing arm of a hydra and it auto correct this foot into an arm. It just might induce apoptosis on the immovable positioning of the brain(head), retaining the consciousness and original memory (with some memory missing) transforming it into a 5 years old body. P.S. At the end of the day, when you get home, forget about work
  13. I am interested in the morphogens described here, but anyway I got my immortality recipe. Direct a 5 years old lizard morphogens into a lizards body and watch it regenerate into a 5 years old lizard.
  14. Hmm, can you provide more insight as to how cells communicate to differentiate? What type of cell signaling pathway does it use? I've looked into various sources regarding this with no avail, does it work with microRNA? cell signaling proteins? Or membrane voltage control (Michael Levin's work) P.S. The lizard regeneration suggests microRNA at work, but those could be just RNA strands found in the nucleus. Extracellular matrix is too broad
  15. Eek, ya my question does seem kind of abrupt. Well, I never understood the concept of regeneration(thanks for fine tuning my question). Now regeneration is not a well understood ability, it could be an overexpression of certain molecules, or it could be a coordinated action, but my understanding is not there yet. I will use lizard as an example, when the arm of a lizard is detached, it would regenerate an arm, but why does it not regenerate a leg in place of an arm? Where is this structural information of the arm stored? Is it stored in the DNA in the surrounding cells of the arm, or is it stored somewhere else like in the brain?
  16. I want to know how I can turn my right arm into a whip with DNA manipulation. Of course on a technical level. Does this genetic manipulation needs to be applied to the entire body or just the arm? Does the crispr I choose to take target a specific cell, for instance, the arm cell. Should I choose metamorphosis by manipulating every DNA in the body?
  17. Guys, when we are young as a child our organs are smaller and then as we hit puberty, our organs become bigger. What causes this change? The release of growth hormone from the glands designed in our DNA. And then puberty stops and we age again from 18 to 19 and so on. Again, aging is designed in the DNA. If we could use crispr to swap out the strands of DNA that result in aging, we can stop our current age. It is designed to upshift or downshift the epigenome based on a hormone that ages you from 29 day 1 to 29 day 2. But is this hormone important? Well, you are not that much different from 29 day 1 to 29 day 2, so why age? Just stop all shifts
  18. You could be correct, what I have is a concept, that the laser could act as a magnet lol. I dunno anything beyond this point as to how an actual laser would work and laser physics. Hopefully it provides some insights =/
  19. Well to prove that I need to prove that the electromagnetic radiation(light)'s magnetic field is strong enough to match that of the nanometer magnet. And they've never released the strength of the nanometer magnet. One thing I know is they brought the nanometer magnet in close proximity to the diamond which is exactly the point in shooting a electromagnetic radiation through the brain. Well sir with all due respect to this speculation, I like to make things fun while getting some answers, doesn't mean I am trying to lie, sorry if I've offended you or John. And I'll take a short break tonight, I'll check for the magnetic field strength in light another time.
  20. Yes what I mean by laser is a uniform continuous beam of laser the size of a large mirror. Imagine a square mirror 1ftx1ft with direct laser beam shooting out to pass through the head. The magnetic moment of the atoms in the head should have a uniform magnetic moment in the same direction because of the magnetic field from the laser P.S. And make sure the laser always start from the same point, is the term coherence? I'm not sure P.S. Like a skewer kebab P.S. How do you design a 1ftx1ft coherent laser beam, ionno, I'm not the Chemistry Expert here
  21. Below explanation if taken from Google lol, an electromagnetic wave with high amplitude as the field strength, I guess I can't bs this one lol "In electromagnetic waves, the amplitude is the maximum field strength of the electric and magnetic fields. (See Figure 1.) where c is the speed of light, ε0 is the permittivity of free space, and E0 is the maximum electric field strength; intensity, as always, is power per unit area (here in W/m2)." https://www.quora.com/How-could-one-increase-the-amplitude-of-an-electromagnetic-wave https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser P.S Ya, back to light wave, no electron wave
  22. Just aim for the head, ionno lol. Use a laser spectroscopy with uniform size to go through the tissue, a laser could act as a magnet because it contains a magnetic field, which should be similar to a nanometer magnet from my speculation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation
  23. Alright I cracked it. I found this article here from Harvard. The article says that pretty much a high resolution image could be generated from having a nanometer magnet close to the desired source. My idea is to mimick a nanometer magnet with electromagntic radiation because an electromagnetic radiation is composed of a magnetic field and an electric field. When this electromagnetic radiation pass through the body, bang you got nanometer magnet pass through the body. This magnetic field would create a magnetic gradient and generate a nanometer resolution image based on the MRI principle :D. Haven't worked on the receiver part
  24. I know working with a brain with 100 billion neurons is not easy lol. But the training image would involve potassium, sodium ions, just like the cards. What this brain runs on in real time is GPU, but the training part in recognizing the potassium, and sodium ions(as the cards) would be based on GPU. So once you bring the 3D brain mesh in view, it would automatically locate all potassium and sodium ions within a brain(tracking in real time). Sounds simple but, just a speculation.
  25. In this case, what makes the tensorflow a desirable subject for GPU computation?
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