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  1. Seriously? 63 views on Time Machine?
  2. With a 1200 tesla based on the field formula F=B^2/2u would generate a force of 5.7*10^11N/m^2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnet
  3. Yes the magnetic field exerts a force on the conductor. You grammer nazi caught me before I can edit my statement. A record breaking magnetic field strength is 1200 tesla, I wonder how much energy it could generate on a metal plate. Ya, it does not need to be a photon, just energy, thanks for the work you put in Studiot.
  4. Yes against a conductor, thanks for the correction.
  5. But magnetic field is an energy, that in itself should work.
  6. Well it's based on speculation. When you got a powerful source of gamma ray, like from a nuclear fall out in mid air. The gamma rays ionizes the air, stripping it of its electrons and create plasma. Now a magnetic field is not EM wave, but a powerful magnetic field could have the same effect, but whether it would emit an EM wave based on impact is in question.
  7. I was thinking of a conflicting magnetic field against a conductor would generate photons. But anyway, I changed my mind, I won't lock my equation in a vault, my equation will be free of use and thanks everyone for the support. I will be busy with work for the next few days so, have fun.
  8. Apologies, post 3 and 4(magneto idea from you) and Endy and Strange are valuable , antenna method is proven not possible unless having a new type of antenna design(spherical perhaps), magneto idea is me trying to generate photons from magnetic field with a conductor. Sorry for putting non conventional physics not in speculation and get defamed three times for it = =, well it is alright. Love you guys. And I thought substituting it with V is cool, guess I have to, lock it in a vault somewhere. P.S. Don't look for me, but alter my timeline for me. I want a bright future.
  9. Well you guys can show me Lorentz transformation sometimes, I'm calling it a day :D .
  10. That is what I am trying to do with this thread, given I did not work out the Lorentz transformation, mistake on my part. To generate enough energy equivalent to length contraction done by that of a black hole. Clearly I got my own distance equation to work with, speculation. Do I not get to choose who I reply to now = =? Or are you interested in the thread?
  11. Cuz they locked just about all my topics = =, and i got a -10 rep I am scared of the members
  12. His explanation says that energy bends space time and that energy is from E=mc^2. I substituted velocity for c clearly usually that is not the case(because length contraction is only achievable in light speed) by what 50%? But not all the time. And why is this wrong? It is wrong because it is not in speculation? What is wrong with my formula?
  13. Did I not provide the Cisco guy example or is his idea also non real Physics? So I am the only guy that thinks you can generate light through magnetic field on a conductor? How do your distinguish real from not real again with your Physics?
  14. Well if you guys do not yell out the first thing that comes into your head from my statement, is magnetic field consisted of photons "No", and or try to bend rules like Osmium has a huge mass I would appreciate it if you guys would help me construct this photon machine(getting a live subject through would be hard). Given, sure if I completely skip the equation E=mc^2. And it seems you guys only stick to classical physics, is that even a rule in the guidelines = =? Forgoing all the hard work and creative ideas people put into posts, well if that is a rule I would follow and stick around longer. Yes my Kung Fu might not be strong, nor is misleading my info. Sounds harsh, but you got good ideas Strange.
  15. Well I respect the mods, else I would not be posting here. For starters, tell me what I can or cannot post on this forum or kindly direct me to the rules. And for the people answering here. Not being sarcastic but, is this credible? No No, again
  16. This is the way back. It allows you to fall through space time, based on the Minkowski time line it would either get you to the future or the past. You have to bend space time in such a way where it does not fold as the animation says, I am not sure why but either way you can fall through this space time. Assuming your consciousness does not coincide with your previous self it would be a safe trip otherwise meeting the dinosaurs.
  17. Thanks Endy, mod can move this to speculation, they dunno about the way back.
  18. That is if you converted osmium to pure energy, it is a rock. P.S. If you are not happy about my post just put it in theoretical science. I am taking a break for tonight.
  19. Yes, but then you wouldn't be able to focus it on a spot(2 centimeter of high energy photons sheet for 2 meters of length contraction), but to pass through the entire planet length (1*10^8m) to achieve a length contraction of 2 meters(2 meters of length contraction). Unless you have something extremely dense, like the Superman's key to his base in the size of 2 centimeter built from the mass of a star. Btw, someone teleported something into my stomach, I think it is harmless. You can ignore this statement. P.S. That is the point of this idea, you are using a 2 centimeter high energy photon sheets to create a portal in 2 centimeters for a 2 meters length. Passable by me 108kg or anyone 108kg and below. So when you pass through this 2 centimeters you essentially traveled 2 meters. Based on the high school teacher, an element is not supposed to be found on earth is found on earth's crust because of length contraction, this is my only proof. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Length_contraction P.S. An analogy would be, if earth exploded, or is gone, you would be somewhere in the space on top due to length contraction going back to normal. P.S. Base on #9 P.S. For not pissing people off you can put this in theoretical science @@
  20. I see, guess I have to think of an alternative method, thanks for the heads up. As you can see I am trying to focus enough photon energy on a "spot" to create length contraction. Fitting the photon energy into the E=mc^2 equation E=photon energy. I really don't think alternate universe exist. You can ignore this statement.
  21. I see, that explains the nuke, you think 1 gram of potassium-40 would generate enough energy through gamma rays? Do I multiply mol by something? P.S. Btw length increment is not possible with negative distance, I think
  22. My bad, I meant not to challenge your authority but I cannot find a .org source to support my claim. Well I appreciate the kind explanation except my reputation went from a -6 to a -9 is that even normal in this thread = =? Well this is helpful information, I would like a more credible light source enough to achieve the energy needs. Allow me to explain. The idea about energy causing space contraction is from this idea. https://www.quora.com/Do-photons-bend-space-time And from the response of Eric Pepke, works at Cisco. "It's a very tiny effect, practically negligible for any purposes. Theoretically, yes they do, but it's in a very strange way. The thing that distorts space-time isn't mass or energy. It's energy/momentum, energy and momentum taken together. This is usually represented as a funny kind of vector, though quaternions work as well. The rest mass is a scalar, which is the absolute value of this energy/momentum construct. When the momentum is zero, a lot of terms in the calculation become zero, which is where we get E=mc². For something like a star or planet, a bunch of mass in a ball just sitting there, just using the mass and the Schwarzschild solution is good enough. You can ignore all those other terms based on how things are moving. However, with a photon, since the rest mass is zero, all those nice scalar terms drop to zero. The only thing that's left are all those terms you normally neglect. To say that two photons will experience a gravitational attraction (to each other) is an oversimplification. However, let's say that you have two photons in opposite directions passing each other. That will be equivalent (for a very short time) to a particle with a rest mass the same as the sum of their energies. A photon going nearby will follow a geodesic just as if it had passed some mass." Using this idea I looked back at E=mc^2 C is a velocity = 3*10^8m/s = Distance/Time Plugging in the necessary elements and create a contraction for 2 meters using my mass in kg would net me the amount of energy requires to achieve the 2 meter distance contraction with energy. I know you guys are not big on non-classical physics = =, this is more of a show off on my part, I apologize. I can go back to how to generate an energy source with light required for (6*10^8)^2*108 joules. Also to emphasize the part that Japanese are smart and anime are cool. P.S. And this also goes to a time machine lol, you guys can put this in theoretical science, I would not mind.
  23. Come on, just because you do not understand does not mean you defame me yo. Here is the proof by Goku(4:06). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=063Pzii3bqk Expert note: Goku got too much energy at a stationary point(thanks Twice) and result in length contraction (4:06) because of energy(momentum)/space. After contracting the entire length of the universe he began to time travel. And then he loops past the Big bang back to his current time line.
  24. E=mc^2 C=D/T=3*10^8m/s sqrt(E/m)/(3*10^8)=1m/s plug in my weight 108kg for a distance contraction of 2 meters to solve for E sqrt(E/108)/(3*10^8)=2
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