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  1. That would be a good idea, I would add it during free time. My scripts technically also runs on 3.x 64 bits Python, maybe some changes to the print statements
  2. Description: I wrote this AI after I left my previous company in Pou Chen. I did a little bit of web scraping with words frequency testing in the company so I came up with this AI after I left the company. Below are the videos and the Python scripts are included in the video as well as a link to Crunchyroll explaining its content posted by me. You can: Run the scripts and test them out for me to see what I can improve on. Yes the scripts are crude with no comments but I took 6 months(non continuous) working on them. So before you say it does not make sense or not working, sort o
  3. Salamander was not born on that day, that rules out the regeneration capabilities. And I think that was not earth bound, aka, not someone time traveled from the future. The interesting part is it was shut down by lightning though and the weather storm device is clearly not on my side.
  4. I can't be the first one to figure it out, if Michael Levin has done it it is probably there since the 1970s. Well but I am gonna keep it to myself for my own benefit, so that I hopefully do not come across a no answer @@
  5. LOL right(agrees), but jokes aside, someone has to live their entire life crippled if they could just use progesterone to regenerate a limb, but such an information is never released to the public. Is there something secret about salamanders?
  6. Well, what is the reason you guys keep it a secret? How can we be sure to entrust this to the Watchmen and ensure the Watchmen does not abuse its power? On another note, progesterone for human regeneration is on another path for my search to immortality and it seems largely harmless(it is not a weaponry), why keep progesterone as a mean of human regeneration a secret?
  7. I will go back and reread LOL, but lately been busy with the job hunt. Sodium atoms are the one used by the Harvard slow light experiment which I posted, I wouldn't know the absorption spectrum for the sodium atoms they used to conduct the experiment.
  8. Well, you are trying to inhibit the infrared heat energy dissipation which is the same for all materials. Although you did mention 780nm is for rubidium atoms. So, I dunno.
  9. My bad, I will drop by to learn about BEC from time to time = =, I might use a Chrome browser. Precisely, you'll need a dome of mortys to conceal the genius wavelength P.S. I got that from learning about Rasenga from Crunchyroll @@ Rasengan*
  10. A 1 meter BEC should theoretically pull in enough photon energy to create a time machine(black orb), but this is theoretical and would not fit the topic. Immortality is a something I am trying to pull with the dream groups since the Persians, but both are off topic so I am leaving it at that. You could message me if you are interested. This is all I know about BEC so I am leaving it as it is.
  11. Well Swanson sir, too many factors in question about these dream groups = =. I have only one objective, which is immortality, and I want them to realize this for me since they know the brain structure inside and out. Thing is I do not know them in person. I do not know how to invest in them(if investment in stock is even required), nor do I know how to purchase this product known as immortality from them, or their true objective(world domination?). I just sort of want an extra life for free, puting all the resources I can into these dream groups with my half baked knowledge(About progesterone
  12. As promised I am back on 2021/02/18. There does not seem to be anything I can add to this thread. Happy Chinese New Year
  13. It is the 21st century, any method of laser slowing should be kept in check for the distant future. P.S. Number 2(They are America right?) is working, but I do not know if they have a molecular transformer for revival(I might make a post about this device in the future), you will have to check with the dream groups(important). I am keeping number 4 as a backup(I am not personally invested in 2 or 4 nor do I know who they are, I only dream from time to time) and if they do offer immortality, I might have to go with them, but I will not betray America(This is so you guys do not hate me(Amer
  14. Well, cuz I found this on the NASA site (https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/5-8/features/F_Infrared_Light_5-8.html?fbclid=IwAR3x1FeHPQmz1hO41lLGo81qLNdOvCOcrIdnX6XyAWf6e40vs6-eRnFlwS0) Summary: "We know that many things emit infrared light. But many things also reflect infrared light, particularly near infrared light." The idea is that, when atoms absorb heat it emits thermal radiation in the form of infrared. Sort of like black color absorbs visible light of all wavelength and then emits heat. We can see the amount of heat a person has through thermal vision, because it
  15. Well, perhaps you are reflecting the atoms infrared radiation back to itself with 780nm light which is near infrared capable of reflecting infrared radiation(also the material absorbs radiation itself). Cool, I will look into it, and you use this laser from 6 directions for the magneto-optical trap? On a single ray? Well but it is the right thing to do, not that I have a say in this, just happened to pick up the process
  16. Google helps from time to time And emits light of wavelength particularly of that of the blue color Cuz I thought you guys are hacking in photons with high frequency light. But the important part here is more on blocking the infrared heat dissipation on 6 directions. Would something like this work(infrared lamp)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared_lamp Or should I put it through a converging lens? What is the intensity of the laser you use to work on an atomic scale? I am not sure about the unit for laser/light measurement(Lumen? Photons per area?Might be proporti
  17. Hmm, is there a way to inhibit infrared dissipation/heat dissipation? With infrared laser perhaps? Just curious P.S. I think you use infrared lasers to inhibit the infrared dissipation of the material, at the same time you apply another wavelength of light for the material to absorb. P.S. I dunno about the microwave method though, it might release enough infrared to compensate for the heat, or it might build up
  18. Must have learned it from an English class = = Because it absorbs sunlight You use infrared in this case, sort of like infrared vision(heat vision). You hack in the infrared light to make the objects having more energy as oppose to it dissipating infrared energy as heat. P.S. It would naturally dissipates infrared as heat, do you inhibit infrared dissipation? P.S. But since it emits infrared, you might be able to reverse hack it, or use something with more energy than infrared that the material absorbs Haven't tried microwaving water vapor in vacuum, did it wo
  19. Coming from two different definitions I found on Google. The atoms acquired enough wave energy, changed its state, and stays. Light with a higher frequency generally has more energy when interacting with matters. Right, you are trying to force the atoms to absorb the wave energy, although I am skeptical about how you keep the atoms stationary. You see the cloud(water vapor), it is stationary, it does not move around from sun light. P.S. Where do you get the material that generates gamma radiation? Perhaps from radioactive materials
  20. That is interesting, perhaps the atoms are saturated with photons. You need a frequency wave(light wave) that has enough intensity to hack in enough photons into the sodium atoms without damaging the structure(somewhere from x rays to gamma rays). Coincidentally, having more directions of the light source helps the atoms absorb the light better. But it does not matter which direction the light is coming from, it does not make atoms absorb the photons better so as long as it is coming from 2 or three different angles it should be alright(does not need to be orthogonal). I was w
  21. Hmm, it says here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absorption_(electromagnetic_radiation) "Although the absorption of waves does not usually depend on their intensity (linear absorption), in certain conditions (optics) the medium's transparency changes by a factor that varies as a function of wave intensity, and saturable absorption (or nonlinear absorption) occurs." Also, let's say a light wave hits a sodium atom and it goes into stimulated emission. I do not see the sodium atoms bounce around as that happens because of stimulated emission's velocity. Perhaps you guys are hackin
  22. LOL, I am looking at things more from an engineering perspective, I will learn more Physics from you guys when I have time
  23. P.S. Thanks for helping me arrive at the truth, I would have been content with the magnetic field idea, because you know, the fastest way to stop/slow an atom is to confine it at a magnetic field. But since Swanson kept pushing it just sort of leads on to the final conclusion. P.S. Anyway, now I would confine the atoms in a place with a magnetic field so that it does not touch glass/plastic barrier to reheat itself, then bombard it with x ray/gamma ray, I think scattering wouldn't matter as long as you hack enough photons into the atoms. P.S. And I apologize if I seem slow/stubborn a
  24. Hmm, perhaps you are hacking the sodium atoms with more than enough photons then it could handle(getting into a stimulated emission state). The more photons they get, the colder then get. Because the whole getting hotter as it moves faster does not make sense, cuz imagine moving at the speed of light. The light scattering is because you want to keep the atoms at the same spot acting as a magneto-optic cage. If the light scatters around the atoms would bounce around in this cage, I dunno if it would absorb enough photons to turn into BEC in this case. Well, x ray requires a different re
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