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  1. Thanks for the answer, sir.
  2. Alright, I'll give an example of the most common sweet I take, chocolate milk and coke and sweet mango drink for every meal daily. If you make a union between the three they both contain glucose, fructose, and maybe a small amount of saccharin. So alright it doesn't mean no sugar, it just means very low amount of it produced by cells, my bad. Cognition? This is based on myself really, but if I want to be accurate I'd have someone conduct a test on me .
  3. We've got AC running but the mosquito still land, but thanks I'll take the electric fan idea. It's impossible to dry out, we're surrounded by the pacific ocean in the island here in Taiwan.
  4. Well, as you know I've been on a diet which is devoid of all sugar content. I am still eating regularly like rice, at one point I ate a giant pizza which is devoid of sugar content, mostly except a small a mount of pineapple, but my brain is still on low activity. If you do assume that the entire pizza is converted to glucose then the brain should function the same, which it was not. Fructose could be a factor.
  5. Well then based on your logic saccharin makes you smarter with a chance of causing cancer, same thing as I am pointing fingers around .
  6. Hmm, a radar, but that only works on radio wave or microwave spectrum. I was thinking something more detailed like the Google self driving car, but a Lidar system cannot tell the weather, can it?
  7. Well, a sweetener. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saccharin P.S. Sugar, or Saccharin, is also said to cause cancer. P.S. I was warned by my elementary school teacher that saccharin is added to most product to make things a lot sweeter than it originally is. But it was never mentioned that it could cause cancer. I am not sure if saccharin or sugar makes the boost in brain activity. P.S. Anyway I stopped taking all sugar content for 3 days because I was trying to lose weight and it is advised by a taxi driver(Taiwan has some pretty crazy taxi drivers). And on day 3 I have a much easier time falling asleep as well as less brain activity. I go from like Rain Man to someone that can't remember what happened for the last ten minutes. P.S. It is also said that devoid of sugar causes cancer cells to die. If I do develop cancer that would be the first thing I do, stop taking sugar. And I lived without sugar for 3 days so it shouldn't be fatal, other than lowered brain activity.
  8. I dunno if it is the artificial sugar or natural sugar that does the trick. But if you don't believe me, just start taking or if you already did stop taking sugar for a week and you will know what I am talking about. Other food suggestions are welcomed, like lemon? I am not sure if lemon does the trick as mentioned in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
  9. Well, you guys aren't islanders, I have like 5 bug bites on me as I am typing this post, but right, making species extinct could raise a problem.
  10. Crispr is where I got the purging idea, it has nothing to do with radio wave. And radio wave is just an idea for me to start finding support articles relating to EM radiation and bug repel.
  11. I'm thinking of using a type of radio wave to purge the bug on this island. Only the harmful ones like mosquitoes or crockroaches. I got this idea from crispr where they are thinking of using crispr to make mosquitoes extinct, unfortunately I've never read that article, just read the title. Then I bought a bottle of repellant that is supposed to help against mosquitoes. Anyway, let me know if you got any bug purging ideas. https://www.electroschematics.com/3864/ultrasound-and-insects/
  12. Ya, I'm using this as an example to refer to the real world model, airplanes.
  13. Sir, thanks for the grammer correction :D. All hands on British tea :D.
  14. Woh there, I did not invent alcohol lol, but I just thought maybe the inventor would know that it could be used as a drug before penicillin shows up? No offense Alexander Fleming, I respect you.
  15. If you've ever been on a commercial airplane, the buckle sign lights up before the airplane goes through heavy wind that would drift the airplane ups and downs. And so the aircraft must have a way of predicting the wind current. I want a way to travel faster on a commercial flight, but you know you need all things in check including airplane integrity. You could have a magnetic field to filter out the air turbulence, but then you'll have to work on traveling counter to the earth's magnetic field instead of air.
  16. Once every two weeks on 3% alcohol = =, don't worry I got a good liver .
  17. So a few days ago I started drinking alcohol, the 3% alcohol cocktail by Suntory that is sold in the market. After continuously drinking for a month, I have not caught a cold since. And there really isn't any other symptoms besides no longer afraid of heat and sneezes from time to time, it probably killed too many germs. Anyway, there was this myth that drinking eggnog cures cold. So, this is unconfirmed medical advice, meaning you shouldn't try it when you are sick. If the cold is not going to kill me I might experiment with the cold by drinking that 3% alcohol. But I want to hear what you experts think. I mean drinking alcohol goes into the whole body and bloodstream instead of just rubbing it on the skin, but at low concentration that is. I dunno if that amount of concentration is good enough to have therapeutic effect in killing bacteria and viruses.
  18. Does the aircraft has a laser scanning obstacle detection system? I mean I know the aircraft has a way of checking the turbulence, but I am not sure how it does it. If there is a video about this please show it to me, thanks.
  19. Precisely, an exact clone would also have a consciousness region developed at birth. I speculate that the consciousness region remain static so it should be an exact match to my current self at age 33 because consciousness remain the same since birth but with a different set of memory as I age, I do not become a different person's consciousness when I turn 2, as an example, (whether the consciousness region remain static is debatable). Though it is more fun if my consciousness can be transferred into another person's brain's consciousness region.
  20. P.S. Can I get some professionals comment = =, like from the dream groups
  21. You've probably read my other post below. And here focuses on the idea of optogenetics. To being with, I will post a video on the introduction of optogenetics. Now this baby only activates or deactivates neurons. The real work for our focus lies in modify the dendrites and the synapses, therefore we could change the rhodopsin structure to match our needs. The video below shows the structure of the rhodopsin channel. So by modifying the G receptor, we will introduce 4 pathways. One pathway increases the number of dendrites, one pathway decreases the number of dendrites, one pathway uses glutamate to modify activation of the synapse, and one pathway uses GABA to modify the inhibition of the synapse. The ultimate goal here is to create a clone similar to me and match the brain stem thereby allowing me to transfer my consciousness over. Feel free to post and theorize whether my idea is correct or not.
  22. 1. Well yes I don't mean memory formation, I mean how the brain/consciousness interprets memory(through dendrite number, length and synaptic delays). You've proven me that both dendrite and synapses can affect RNA, which is quite valuable information. 2. If I am to remap the entire brain's nervous system. I would, run a still unknown pathway(unknown pathway to myself) to change the number and length of dendrites. Then I would run a pathway on glutamate/GABA to create synapses on the already existing dendrites. If I am to rewire someone's brain to match mine. If you got more to add feel free to let me know. P.S. I dunno about increasing or decreasing number of neurons to match my brain though, I think female generally have a smaller number of neurons than male. Fred
  23. Sir, 1. Well in this regard we sort of have to understand consciousness and that which affect memory as a whole. Consciousness as I see it is an electrical resonance that occurs within the brain. To skip over all the complex theory I ask what could possibly affect a memory in a brain. The answer would be "dendrite numbers, dendrite length, and synaptic delays". I don't think axon length has any affect on memory, it could. So the snail's memory is changed by the RNA, and since the memory is changed it must affect "dendrite numbers, dendrite length, or synaptic delays". Synapses is built dynamically as I see it from glutamate or GABA receptors, therefore it must not be affected by RNA. What is left would be "dendrite number and dendrite length" that could be changed in this case. 2. Well the dendritic build is either dynamic or affected by DNA. If I have to remap the dendrite on a neuron I will either have to "cut the dendrite" or "change the RNA/gene expression". I just want to be precise in this regard. Sincerely, Fred
  24. Sir, Hi, I will answer the above questions. 1. The dendrites should be modified because they inject RNA into the sea snail's brain(RNA->change gene expression in cell), which is likely to modify the gene expression and epigenetics of the neurons. They however, went on to speculate that the nucleus is doing the work in which they did not examine the changes in dendritic wiring. The proof I want is that RNA modifies dendritic wirings because of epigenetics, that way you can change the number/length of dendrites through different pathways. The article is posted below. https://www.sciencealert.com/memory-transferred-between-sea-snails-rna-engram 2. Well this article I found suggested that the dendrites grew back after they cut it off in drosphila neurons(sorry I can only find drosphila example). The article says that there is a different regeneration pathway for axon and dendrites, but this is not the point I want to prove. The dendrites regenerate suggesting that the epigenetics keep a backup of the structure of the dendrite's length and numbers. Of course the dendrite could have as well grew back anew from the neuron, but they used the term regenerate, and I am unsure on the time frame it took for growth vs regeneration as well. I read a few years ago that the epigenetics supposed to hold a record of the length and numbers of the dendrites, but I've long since lost that paper. Epigenetics is more of a new field for me, I interpret it as a different way of gene expression. Below is the article for dendrite regeneration. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2211124713007675 P.S. My eventual goal is to use optogenetics/pathways to remap the entire brain, dendrites and synapses.
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