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  1. So to trap the sodium atoms. I would create 4 negative capacitor plates(top, down, left, right). That is because if you only have top, down capacitor plates the sodium atoms can still spin sideways. Now after the sodium atoms are situated, you use a radio wave to reduce the remaining CoM motion, thereby reducing the temperature.
  2. Just helping a troubling kid trying to pass the physics class lol. Hmm, in this case you need something with a magnetic moment on two sides. Ionic bond? Man you guys are crazy. Capacitor?
  3. Well if the atoms are lined up with the magnetic field then it has no movement(unless it jiggles around, i dunno), then what is left is that the atom is spinning, if you reduce the spin then I assume you lower the temperature. That is the same concept as laser cooling, essentially you are putting the atoms to rest. I mean for laser cooling you also stop the spins right? Or just the movement? P.S. I think the magneto trap does exert a magnetic field on the sample cloud, but the magnetic field strength would be much higher in this case. I think I will go with attraction of two magne
  4. No you are trying to cool down the precession with atom's rotational frequency absorption of electromagnetic radiation, IOW make the atom spin slower. Laser cooling does not cause confinement, but your magneto-trap does, it exhibits zero magnetic field at the center, so the atoms are not lined up but confined. A lion in a cage can move around. A lion lined up in a cage cannot move around. Ya well professor Swansnot @@. Well the point a about a 2-D magneto-optic trap is I am gonna use a magnetic coils, not lasers, so it has a wider coverage. But ya maybe opposite polarity so they
  5. I don't get the magneto trap, it seems to trap(confined) the atoms rather then line them up with the magnetic field. P.S. I'd build a mechanism to line up the atoms instead
  6. Hmm, first of all, thanks for the explanation. I thought I can have the rubidium gas atoms flying around so it can be cooled by radio wave, but it seems a magnetic field line is needed to line up the molecules so they go into precession(rotation). This is in contrast to the laser cooling in which the molecules are "confined" in a region, to me it seems like the laser needs enough strength so that it produces a 500MHz frequency at the "center" of the magneto-trap. But since I have the molecules lined up with a magnetic field, all I need to worry about is the rotational frequency. As you can see
  7. Right, it might take longer to cool down, but since there is nothing to heat up the rubidium(in a dark vacuum), it should gradually reach a minimum threshold, well in theory. I am curious about the laser frequency they use in the experiment to cool rubidium. Shouldn't it be somewhere in the radio frequency as well? Or does the laser encompass from infrared to radio wave = =? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturated_absorption_spectroscopy Since the absorption spectrum for rubidium states 500MHz, which is the radio wave wavelength.
  8. Well first of all, respect for your 30 years working on laser cooling @@ Well I was not referring to the magnetic field for MRI, I was referring to the radio wave emitted from the antenna. So if I imagine I have like 6 antenna in 6 directions(if not 8), beaming at rubidium molecules in a vacuum emitting radio frequency pulse slightly below the rubidium absorption spectrum, would that suffice for laser cooling? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question And ya, I am working out the absorption frequency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturated_absorption_spect
  9. R goes for resonance. Yes confined means keeping a lion in a cage. I am thinking of keeping the water molecules "line up" with magnetic field then reduce the rotational transitions with microwave thereby cooling its temperature. Radio wave also has momentum so you do not need a laser to do this. Now when it comes to water suspension in mid air, well still thinking about that, I am not sure if I need a capacitor(electric field) for water molecules suspension in mid air(I can use some help on this). Then there is the choice of rubidium(light goes dimmer), or stopping the photon molecules in BEC,
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_absorption_by_water
  11. Well, for MRI the water molecule is confined by the magnetic field because it is polarized. I will post how MRI works here(https://science.howstuffworks.com/mri.htm). And my emphasis is on the part precisely about the magnetic moment. Now what matters about laser cooling is the absorption wavelength. Please refer to this video(I know you hate videos = = ) Now since I have water molecules confined at a location with magnetic field, and I know it absorbs radio wave shown in how stuff works. I can just tune the radio wave to slightly above the absorption wavelength of a
  12. Hmm, I need to review the concept of laser cooling. To me it sounds a bit like MRI. If I want to confine atoms at a place I use a magnetic field, then I apply radio wave to make the precession goes faster, I wonder if I can get it to move slower. The problem is the molecules need to be magnetically charged, like H2O
  13. In case you are wondering about the design I went with the NASA design on the previous page. The gas is placed in a vacuum and since it moves around it should be uniformly cooled down to a certain temperature. https://scitechdaily.com/one-giant-leap-for-quantum-science-exotic-fifth-state-of-matter-created-on-space-station/?fbclid=IwAR3yVW6EWysHTSnZpzbTFOtwBTqkVtRJj6eWYDbQZozWHG_RKnfHiMcHeDs
  14. As I stated I might have not been meticulous enough about my title and result in confusion. But after re-stating my problem I got my answer and I thank Dr. Swansnot for that. It is not because I do not have 50 grand to test Einstein's special relativity so I cannot theorize about it here. Given sure, this is a more of a pop-sci question, I did not know you guys do not like pop-sci = =. Let me know if I can post more pop-sci questions in the future or if I should keep them to myself.
  15. I got a question, how would you compare this to shining a light against a cement wall? Are the photons also absorbed by the wall or destroyed. Clearly the cement wall does not re-emit photons afterward P.S. O nvm, Google was acting up @@, thanks for the explanation P.S. Sigh, some of the shows are over rated P.S. That is one awesome explanation
  16. Clearly swansnot has the BEC design in mind or he has an in depth knowledge about it that is why he is so critical about me scaling up the design P.S. And no I am just theorizing it I am not building a BEC @@, sorry for the confusion
  17. I think swansnot really does intend to help me build the design = =, so my fault for not stating it properly
  18. Sure if I can conduct an interview with her and go to Harvard = =. My question is more like can BEC confine light with its original energy(aka no energy loss), yes or no? Clearly I wouldn't put all that in the title = =. But anyway I get your idea, going from the ground up, and I respect that. It just, few really has the opportunity to do so, and if you follow an article on procedural work = =, might as well watch an in depth video.
  19. Nvm if you are confused sorry about that = =, stand point means you guys consider the topic top secret and do not want to discuss further about it. P.S. And I am late by 20 years Those are expressions like sad face =/, and confusion face @@, I try to make emoji to appear more user friendly
  20. True, I am theorizing the idea in case someone(with 50 grand) came across and find this theory useful(if he already does not have a BEC), build a BEC and use it to promote me = =, kind of a long shot, I know. I dunno you guys stand point, could be top secret, just happened to fire an ion cannon on my building(test shot?) while I was there @@ to stop time, and use it on numerous movies, anime, and novels.
  21. Nvm I will shut it, this is your forum
  22. If you are so knowledgable about BEC why don't you share your science? You think a video from Harvard Institute is sci-fi?
  23. Alright = =, let me add one more thing to prove that the light can be stopped inside a BEC and I will work on the design = =, if you got any lead I will be happy to hear it = =. Essentially increasing the mass of light is not energy loss. As for the design concept, perhaps something like this NASA setup. https://scitechdaily.com/one-giant-leap-for-quantum-science-exotic-fifth-state-of-matter-created-on-space-station/?fbclid=IwAR3yVW6EWysHTSnZpzbTFOtwBTqkVtRJj6eWYDbQZozWHG_RKnfHiMcHeDs
  24. https://www.physicscentral.com/explore/action/light.cfm This article is interesting in that the light slows down because it is turned into polaritons, something with higher mass. This means the light's energy is unchanged and stored(speculation). And this is the actual experiment https://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/18/us/scientists-bring-light-to-full-stop-hold-it-then-send-it-on-its-way.html
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