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  1. I guess the answer is science doesn't know. Why guess?
  2. Since you say nothing your post, what can I say? The idea that nature was the same on earth in the past is not a fact or real knowledge or science. It is a belief. I suspect that in the former nature (different according to history and scripture records) evolving occurred to living animals and man. I suspect that most animals on the planet and mankind could not leave remains, therefore no fossilized remains. That means that stringing together what life existed using the fossil record is a joke. It also means genetica vcannot trace back to the former world and time. That means you have not
  3. Then start anytime pal. I see nothing yet that even relates to what time is like in the distant universe. You have ONE observation point in all the universe. Nothing supports that time is the same in the whole universe, and you have posted nothing. You serious?? That is not news and who cares? There is light that gets bent out there. Apparently it seems like it must be gravity that had to have bent it. Nothing out there exists that could bend light eh? As for gravity, we need to know actual dist
  4. Big news: Scientists place several pieces off spaghetti on table and envision how the spaghetti monster may have formed billions of imaginary years ago. Wow. No it is not. Your beliefs imposed and foisted onto the record are all that you considered evidence. The fossil record is not known to have been laid down in the present nature. Nor are genes today known to have existed the same in the past. Because they have chosen lies. False.
  5. Then feel free to support the claims as science. Nice story. You have seen no time but in the fishbowl. No space either. In both cases you do not even know what they are! Your claim they 'evolved' in some fantasy far away and long ago is a fable and unsupportable. Meaningless. Like we'd ask a priest, a plumber a politician or a pedophile? You should learn how to say I don't really know. Nothing to ignore. You have not shown that time is the same in the far universe. Why pretend? Chang
  6. Or what was created...whatever. Believe what you like. I happen to know the reasons that that fable exist, so you can preach elsewhere. Prove it. All observer sare in one tiny speck in the universe, so you have no observers anywhere else. (our solar system area) You thought your religion got to define what reasonable was? Ha.
  7. Except that by basing models on the belief it is a claim if you say the models are correct. You have also not tested what time was like in the far universe in any test. Face it. Otherwise, cite the test. Well, theories can be tested. Beliefs can't. (at least science beliefs). Name the test for what time is like in far space? What theory?! There is no theory that has been offered here that deals with time and the nature of time in the far universe. Anything that ever worked, or works is in the fishbowl. Nowhe
  8. There is no burden of anything for 'I don't know' Only those claiming they do know bear that puppy! And I did answer the question. You see all light here in the fishbowl from anywhere. You see, unless time existed the same out there, and space, there are no distances to any star known! So you are in posiyion to discuss from where. Forget physical space you made that up. You don't know what space is either! I suggest you tell us how anything about time translation symetry applies to deep space. Otherwise do not bring it up again. Define 'physical' space and then prov
  9. You detect them from the fishbowl. Always. So then, show us the experiment in deepest space that shows it is the same? Yea, one light day. Big deal. By the way, if you think relativity tells us what time is, don't accuse others of not being familiar with it!
  10. In wiki it mentions this regarding that theorem. "This theorem only applies to continuous and smooth symmetries over physical space." Need I point out that it does not even address time in deep space?
  11. You do realize you live here in the fishbowl? Why would time NOT behave the way it does here?
  12. Yes time is the same in the fishbowl. You have sent probes no further that that! To tell the truth, you mentioned the 'spatial translation' thing. I have only pointed out that we do not know what time is like in the rest of the universe. I never claimed it was any certain way.
  13. Science gets into the metaphysical then, unless it knows! You assume time is a physical value. No. That is a guess. Irrelevant. All measures and observations are HERE IN the fishbowl in our time! That does not tell us what time is like anywhere else. If, for example, we observe that a decay seen in spectra takes 52 days of our time, that does not mean it involves that amount of time there. This is only assumed/believed. If we establish that it is not known what time is like out the
  14. Because the area where man has been or sent probes toit could only have bearing if time were uniform and the same in all points in the universe. That is not known to be true. No observer has ever left the fishbowl! (the area where man has been, or has sent probes to) Why would it, exactly?
  15. OK, but that is something arbitrarily set. Time is not like length. Science does not know what time itself is.
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