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  1. Sato, you are correct. The method this particular person used was almost exactly that, causing the system to retreive extended data/code from the card which "overflowed" into the systems memory, as to the exact code he used or how he knew the system would then process that memory and treat it as a command is not exactly known to me, but I know he did it and it worked, he did document this "trial" but I am having difficulty in locating the original footage or even any information relating to it. As for you Sensei, despite getting slightly confused as to exactly what I am talking about and offering information to try explain to me or to disprove what I was talking about, the information you responded with was correct, it has always been correct for what it is your talking about, but I believe you are missing the point with my posts, for instance with the different hardware available for a computer, I did not say there isn't thousands of devices, of course there is, many different brands and types etc. But what I was getting at is all these different brands and versions use a base design and very similar chipsets which are all made by only a hand full of companies. Using the driver from the "chipset" manufacturer would always work, even for hardware accelerated video etc. For example, If you purchase a Gigabyte video card, you do not have to use the Gigabyte supplied (customized) driver for that particular video card to work properly, including with full hardware acceleration. You could just use the NVidia or AMD generic driver directly from their web site to make the card work, it is also the same driver (installer) that would make almost all their other models work as well. Same with the motherboards, it doesn't matter what brand you use or what version/revision of their product, to enable the O/S to use all the on-board chipsets and thus hardware acceleration or correct CPU microcode, you can just install the AMD or Intel chipset driver (since that accounts for about 95% of all the boards). There may indeed be trillions or zillions of different devices available, but the underlying hardware design and chipsets that make them function mostly come from a small hand full companies, and with just a few different drivers, you can make all of them function properly. When making universal "Apps" for Windows 10, the developer does not need to know about all the different hardware types or configurations to have their App work, Windows it's self takes care of that and directs the output to the correct device. This will be true on all Windows 10 devices, despite what hardware the system runs on, the "universal" developed App should still work, even if the performance is lower. As for the my original thread that I created which immediately got "negative" or hasty feedback, that was all part of the plan, before I even posted it I already knew exactly what to expect and what certain people would say, even up until this very post I am doing right now, the way you and certain others responded despite what information I posted that was all true, you would disagree with it for some reason or another. From the very start of my first thread & posts to this exact one I am doing right now, everything has gone exactly as I had predicted. I did so as a demonstration for other people that are sitting with me here in this room. It may annoy you even further by visiting my blog now and seeing what I put up there the other day, but it was all part of a demonstration, an experiment which has gone precisely in the direction I knew it would. I started that thread and said the things I did for a reason, of course the first thread is not true, but I knew it would affect others and would continue to do so any time they saw me either create another thread or even comment truthfully on other peoples threads. I wasn't "trolling", I was just talking, and depending on the way I talked initially on the first thread, would depend how people react to anything else I had to say from then on, even if what I was talking about was perfectly true and accurate, certain people would continue to argue or come up with any reason they could to not agree with me on the subject. So for that Sensei, I apologize to you. Even though you go off in a random tangent and off topic, it's not your fault, you simply can't help your self around me, this is the reason for the initial demonstration or "test" thread. It's good to see you have a sense of humour, your private message response to mine had everyone here in the room laughing, nicely done!
  2. Money is a good motivator, I doubt anyone would go out of their way to work for free on a farm or to build a road, construct a building or work in a call centre taking customer complaints. If you don't get paid for your efforts and/or it doesn't directly benefit you in some way, then why bother. People in business would rather pay lots of money to use a system or product that has proper support teams & agreements/assurance policies in place to guarantee what it is they are paying for. A company that can accept responsibility for their product or system and will generally want to help you in resolving any issues you have because they care, it will affect them, they could lose money or reputation, their support staff are paid to care, it's their job. Using Linux or any other "free" software/products usually comes with absolutely no guarantee and will have special clauses/agreements to which you accept by using it which excludes them (the makers) from any liability or product support. You use it "as is", if something happens due to a fault with their software/product or needs urgent patching, it's not their problem, it's yours. Some people that advocate the use of Linux as a replacement to a Windows based or Apple based desktop O/S are either fanboys, maybe they like to just experiment with it, or else they do not operate in the business world, they might not even have jobs.. Sensei, why are you rambling about how you made a sound card driver? Are you showing off again to other people? Again I'll point out, what has that to do with anything? I stated that the "different" hardware out there is based off only a few different designs and chipsets, that despite the "manufacturer" of the product, the core design and all chipsets are only made by a small handful of companies. Using generic drivers or drivers supplied by the chipset makers will work on almost every device out there. There isn't 1,000's of different designs & drivers required for any part of the computer, it's a relatively small number. Back onto the original statement, Windows 10 will run just fine on "different" kinds of hardware, new or old. The Windows API (Application Programming Interface) in Windows 10 has been designed in such a way that developers trying to produce Apps won't have to worry so much about the underlying hardware of a particular device. Windows takes care of this for them. It has been greatly simplified and made easier to develop Apps for a Windows 10 device compared with previous Windows releases. The current focus of Microsoft is to "unify" the code of Windows across all devices, to create more of a common ground between them so that an App developed using this new API and coding will work on all devices, they call these kinds of Apps "Universal" - There is a great push and incentives for developers to start making Apps designed to take advantage of this. This will benefit the end user, since any Apps they "own" or previously downloaded on one device, will work on any other device they log into. This will benefit Microsoft, having a larger cross-platform store that will ultimately reach more people on more devices, which in turn will generate them more income. This will benefit the developer/company behind any Apps they produce, as their Apps will be more widely available to people, despite what underlying hardware they use, it will also give them more of a public presence and grounds for advertising, having their App or Game show up and useable on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Phones. But by all means, continue explaining about how cool you are for making a sound card driver and how sound cards apparently have so very many different kinds of hardware designs or "channels"... Last time I checked, the configuration differences between them is still extremely small, again there isn't 1 through to 50,000 channels and completely "different" chipset makers for these devices, only a few. This will be the last time I ever respond to any post you (Sensei) make in relation to anything I have spoken about. You're full of yourself & keep trying to challenge everyone on everything, you try make correlations between one thing and something completely unrelated to the topic or post, your a complete bullsh*t artist. You offer no insights or assistance to the original threads to which I have also commented on, it's always you you you, "look what I did, I'm a clever boy!". Your a good boy aren't you... who's a good boy, yes you are... Now can you go fetch me the paper? I wouldn't mind reading the Polish news, to see if they mention you.
  3. That's precisely What I was talking about, his issue with Windows is that it uses more RAM than Linux. Of course it does, not because of "bad programming", in fact it's for the exact opposite reason - Good programming, loading more of the system & most used applications into the RAM so that the system responds better. The reason Linux uses less RAM is not because of better programming, but due to the fact they simply don't incorporate any kind of "intelligence" with their O/S, it simply doesn't have the services in place to monitor & detect usage patterns and apply what it has learned from the usage to "tweak" the caching for better performance. It takes a lot of time & effort to programme a system like Windows has to offer the user a better performance experience, why would someone who isn't getting paid anything bother doing such a thing if the system "works"? They don't care for doing such modifications to the system code or creating new services to improve on the performance, it gains "them" nothing in return for all their efforts.
  4. Sensei, I'll be honest, I did not read anything you said. After I got to the first part of your usual abuse trying to explain to me that "You're not doubt very articulated person. Which suggest that you're rather humanist than logically thinking mathematician kind of people." I stopped reading. You need to have a better understanding of the English language before trying to insult someone in English. You're missing a few key words, as you always do with your insults which just makes you come across as the exact thing you are trying to accuse me of being. It's amusing. You (as always) try to say that anything I have spoken about couldn't be done, and then when you realise that I do know what I'm talking about, you skip straight to other things like "it would take a lot of time and effort". I know how long something would take, I know what can & can't be done. and you are always incorrectly assuming that I could not infiltrate or "poison" your router because you have DHCP turned off. That is not the method I would use, having DHCP turned on just makes it easier for an "attacker" to locate your routers IP address as it announces the DHCP to all devices. Turning off the DHCP doesn't stop anyone from using 1 of 3 other methods to obtain the routers details and mess with it in some way. You always have a "smug" sounding response to any post I make because you think you have figured out how I would go about doing something, but as always, you are completely wrong in your assumptions. What your trying to do is impress me & others reading this because you post ever so slightly technical information which would suggest you know what you're talking about, but to anyone else with the technical knowledge & experience like I have, what your saying has absolutely no relevance to any part of what I said, you're just throwing out completely random bits of basic computer/software knowledge in hopes of impressing others. The more you post, the more you sound ignorant and in-experienced with the very things you talk about. You also come across as immature, more like a "student" studying these things and like most young people learning something new, they have an attitude problem and a misconception that the basic knowledge you recently acquired translates into absolute understanding of the very subject you're studying or have just completed studying. Experience in the real-world matters. I too could go about reading threads and just copy/pasting information from either Wikipedia or YouTube in hopes of "proving" to the readers that I know what I'm talking about. I don't do this because I don't need to, I know what I'm talking about, I have been dealing with technology for the past 25 years in the real-world, I am CCNA, CCNP, MCITP (various), MCSE, Security+, Symantec, Citrix & VMware certified in multiple areas. I run a few companies, half of which deal with corporate network management, deployment & projects. Another one of my companies provides I.T. Security consulting to some very large firms, we are contracted to fly to different countries to asses a network or to provide counter-hacking and packet inspection/dissection to figure out some serious cases of infiltration. I also spent 6 years working in the Army's Electronic Warfare (intelligence) division. The next time you decide to post anything in response to something I have said, I will completely ignore anything you have to say. I highly recommend others do the same with your comments. I offer assistance and insight into a particular thread that people create, you consistently cut & paste stuff from around the internet and "bullsh*t" your way into a topic. To the moderators that may read this, and also read every other post Sensei makes in response to anything I comment on, is there a "mute" button? Thanks for that Sensei, for the persistant clicks to make all my post show up negative 1, even I don't do this on any of your posts, you act extremely childish.
  5. Another quick post about RAM usage. Why do you want your RAM to always be completely empty & free? Having empty RAM all the time could also be a sign of bad programming, since every time you do something or open a program, the system must first locate all the data from the Hard Drive, which is the slowest part of any system, it is the bottleneck. Once you close the program (which you may use often), immediately writting out the data back to the Hard Disk so that you "see" more free RAM just means the system must go through the process all over again to load the data back into RAM. A system with plenty of free RAM (not being utilized) is a system going to waste. It is a resource that has been designed to be taken advantage of, to speed things up and drastically lower latency when performing repeadative tasks. When the system starts up, it should load (cache) most of the commonly used parts of the system (the data on the Disk) so that when you go to use a particular application it will load much faster and performe better, the end user experience is better. The RAM being used for cache is just that, a cache, when you load another application that requires more RAM to function smoothly, the system detects this and will automatically uncache (remove) the parts that is not required currently to perform any immediate tasks, thus "freeing" up the RAM, once the application closes and the system detects it being idle, it may cache certain data again to increase performance. In short, the RAM should always be mostly occupied by something, if it isn't, it's going to WASTE. It's like owning a few blocks of land, if you have empty blocks of land for long periods of time and your not using it for anything... Whats the point? It would be better to have something using this land, perhaps a business or a farm, a block of units etc. so that you can start generating some kind of income or see something in return for the use of that land. Having empty land still costs you money in some way, be it council rates, maintenance, insurance, security... something will chew up your funds by just owning the empty land, it's smarter to find a use for that land so that at the very least, it's not costing you anything to have it. Windows 10 has a better "prediction" algorithm for caching certain system files or application data to be put into RAM, so that the entire system will feel more responsive and faster for the user, it learns what you use often and don't use often, it can even predict based on your past actions what program you may use next after having just used one and will load or make sure that predicted application data is in the RAM before you go to use it. In relation to Windows 10 sending microsoft your writing, inking & speech data to them... This is generally used to give the current user (profile) better assistance and speech recognition, it also learns what corrections you make to the dictionary or what custom words you use and how you use them to be able to correctly identify what word you were after and to allow the speech recognition software to more accurately predict what you were saying and what you might say, so it can offer better corrections based on how you used it over time. With that being said, you can actually just turn this part off, with the simple click of a button the system will not send any of this information to Microsoft. But yes... it could possibly also be used to identify or target you for another purpose, be it government related or for advertising purposes. It is always best to read the Microsoft Privacy Agreement which is available to you where ever this kind of technology is available within Windows - direct links in the settings are provided to you, they are not hidden.
  6. too true. However the current technology being used cannot be used at a distance or without your knowledge, they would have to physically strap you into a chair or make you lye down and put you through the scans while hooked up to electrodes, so for the time being, we are all safe.
  7. Hi Strange, I do not have direct links or references for this particular piece of information regarding building swipe card access & the ability to infect it. However I am checking through the internet to try and locate the person who had originally proved this, I believe he even filmed it and explains what he did and how it could be done to other systems. Once I locate this I will post the link so that others can view it, the difficulty of locating such a piece of information that is not common or general knowledge is because of the fact it is so "new" there are very little or no sites with this information, however I asure you it is a real threat and had already been done as a demonstration, I will locate it, it's just taking me a little while longer. As for the references to the technology used to "alter" a person, this is not something I heard about, this was something I used to do as part of my role in the Army, Royal Signal Corps - Electronic Warfare Division. You may be able to locate some information regarding this online, but it is not something that I will provide any direct links or references to myself. The search terms to use would be something to the effect of "Electronic Warfare" "affect humans" "disrupt thoughts" "disperse crouds" etc. However you will not find some of the information I am talking about on any web sites in relation to some of the technology used to alter humans, I apologize that I cannot provide more information on the matter, just thought I would share this with everyone. If you give it another 30 or 40 years, it will become public knowledge, unless someone leaks the information to the public before hand. And as usual, I can see that Sensei is about to post something trying to contradict what I say or offer up another challenge, he never gives up, silly Polish man.
  8. You never cease to amaze me, always talking about unrelated crap. The virus has already been created and tested, to show people that it is easier to do than you think. In the test, this particular person was able to infiltrate the security system and successfully spread the virus (malicious code) to other systems that came into contact with an infected swipe card. I can sit outside your house right now and "hack in" to your current modem/router and poison your ARP cache with false entries that redirect traffic. I can also send out a spoofed DHCP response to "update" the DNS server address of any device connected to your network which will point it to a DNS server controlled by me, where I can easily change the IP that a site like "Google" points to, which will make your computer visit the "Google" site on the system controlled by me, with a false web page that looks like the real thing, to obtain your information. The same can be done with banking sites, fake ones can be setup to have you enter your login & password information and capture that for later use. Nothing I mentioned is "ridiculous" - It has already been tried & tested, some of it in use by "hackers" and certain governments around the world and has been for many years now. You really do never cease to amuse me with your comments on anything in the forums, you ridicule others feedback without even understanding what is possible or had already been done, you have no prior knowledge on the subject but continue to say "I know C or C++ so I know everything". Programmers don't use C or C++, they use a combination of different programming languages available depending on the application. You would know this if you were a programmer as opposed to someone who might be "studying" it in a course. You're awfully full of yourself and contribute nothing to any of the threads posted by others. I hope the moderators can see this and your consistent "attacks" on me or others. I offered the original thread creator an idea as to what they could use for their project, and what I said is factual. I'm taking a wild guess none of you actually read scientific reports or tests that had been done, you can literally search for what I'm talking about and may even find a video of the person that successfully conducted these kinds of tests on security systems in buildings. Don't take my word for it, since it clearly means nothing to you, go look for yourself, please... Get to know what's possible first, learn the subject before responding to something, check to see if a study had already been done or if anyone had constructed such an experiment in relation to the subject that I am referring to. Don't just comment for the sake of commenting.
  9. Sensei, You are incorrect. Your just bad mouthing it without knowing anything about the functionality, the changes and the advantages. The Windows Store is where in the future most Apps & Games will be supplied through, similar to the Apple store & even the software distribution center on Ubuntu. The core of Windows 10 has been designed (and is being further re-designed) to make sure that any "universal" App/Game that has been designed around this will in fact run just fine on tablets, laptops & even on phones. At the core of each of these Windows 10 devices is a basic instruction set & repository that will allow the Apps/Games to interoperate on the different devices. As for the "different" hardware & drivers you speak of, I'm not sure if you understand hardware properly. In every single system, all laptops, tablets & desktops are only a few designs. They all use the same chipset/base drivers across all the different boards & add-ons that are available from the different manufacturers. The boards chipsets, from older to new, consist of either an AMD or Intel base, with 1 driver being released from either one of those companies that support all their older chipsets & the newer ones. As for communications devices, LAN, WiFi, Audio - They too use either an Atheros, Intel or Realtek chipset, again with 1 or 2 drivers supplied by them to support all these "different" devices, despite who "makes" the product the underlying circuitry design and chipsets are all supplied by one of those mentioned companies, using a driver from them will allow the device to function perfectly fine. It is very uncommon for the OEM's to add additional design/hardware features that deviate from the "base" design supplied to them by the chipset/board makers. You also keep trying to say that I don't know anything about Windows because you still believe that C/C++ is the current programming language that developers use to make Apps & Games for the Windows, or the Windows Store. I am getting tired of your pointless and un-related "challenges". It's clear to me that you know nothing about the original thread, I was explaining why you should be using Windows 10 and why it is the best choice for any developer in the many years to come. Another incorrect assumption you have made is of the CPU speed. Years ago these companies realized that unless you could find a cost effective and realistic way of keeping the CPU cooler when operating at speeds greater than 4+ghz then something else would needed to be done to allow computers of all kinds to process more information without increasing the speed, this is where multi-threading comes in, any application & O/S that has been designed to take advantage of this now no longer "new" technology would be able to offer greater performance. Let me make this simple for you, I am currently using Windows 10 as we speak on a 9 year old Intel based system, this system has multiple cores and multi-threading, it is also 64bit, as is almost all hardware on the planet that is of this age or newer. How many 9 year old cars do you own and operate to this date? Can those cars be cheaply upgraded to add new features like ABS, SRS, motion sensors, cruise control, and then be stamped as having a higher safety rating? By simply installing Windows 10 on this PC, It's like brand new again. It operates faster than it ever did on Windows XP or Windows 7, it does boot up and shutdown faster than any different variant of Linux that I have tested, both 32-bit & 64bit. Windows 10's under the hood improvements has offered increased performance by "upgrading" many of the core services to take full advantage of 64bit CPU's, including multi-threading and even being able to now use the Video Card's faster GDDR5 and multi coding pipelines to process (offload) some of the work the CPU used to have to do, so it makes better use of the existing hardware you have. You speak of a company wishing to have more clients and paying them more frequently as bad? You seriously have issues, you have no real world experience and keep talking crap to people. What company on the planet would not want this? What would be the entire point of operating, starting up or opening your doors or even employing people and offering products of any kind if it wasn't to make a profit? Do you realise that as directors & CEO of a company, by law, it is your duty to make sure the company operates lawfully and continues to produce profits for the shareholders, along with making sure the company can pay all its staff, the taxes & to pay all it's finances in general (creditors etc.). I run a few companies. I also contribute to society in many ways, through financial aid to organisations that go and feed the homeless, to doctors that go to remote places on earth and supply medical assistance for those that cannot afford it. In my spare time, I work with certain scientists & developers with their efforts to help shape the future of man-kind in some form or another, I also provide software, algorithm & technical idea's to large companies like Microsoft & Google to improve on their existing software or to produce better products for the general population in the years to come. I have provided financial aid to certain countries and families that would otherwise have been abused or worse, killed without someone stepping in and offering not just financial assistance, but emotional support and guidance to get them out of the horrible place they were in and into a better life free from violence and constant fear for their children's safety. None of this would be possible if I did not figure out how to make enough money to be able to do so much with my life. A company is nothing if it does not continue to either expand or make profits, the more it makes the better, not all companies are "evil", some of them use their excess profits to also contribute as I have to society in some way. What do you do besides "challenge" people on here and shut down anything they say and in an effort to try prove that some how you are better than they are because you know what the word C/C++ is, or that you know how to monitor certain particles and they don't... What relevance does anything you say have to do with contributing to the original thread or assisting other people on these forums? Grow up. Your kind of a Linux fanboy aren't you... Do you purposely forget to mention to the other people that Linux is a complete mess, no new hardware operates on any of it, and the manufacturers don't bother releasing drivers for most (if any) of Linux. The work/business functionality of a Linux O/S is non-existent, you also must type (after first learning) the specific commands for the different packages associated with your "flavour" of Linux in order to get things to work or install. It is an outdated, old and slow to adapt to new or changing technology Operating System with endless bugs & flaws that never get resolved, I know because I used to report bugs for a few different Linux Distro's and offer solutions. The simple matter is, there is no money in Linux, for business or home users, even the people that make the particular variant of a Linux based O/S don't really get paid for it and only work on these things in their spare time, if they feel like it. You can report and complain about an issue for years, they may or may not get around to fixing it, and by then, the drivers & hardware have changed or a newer piece of software is available which brings in a whole new round of bugs. Using Linux, you are forever trying to update it, applying patches or searching the internet to find a solution to a problem which you would experience every few days, including with the installation. However, that's not to say it doesn't have "some" very minor use in the world. As a desktop O/S that is, I use it for security testing & accessing sites that I know are filled with exploits & re-directions to try install malware. I also use a few different Linux Distro's just to keep up to date with it all, I play around with them when I'm beyond bored. Scientifically or logically speaking, your comment that Apple's O/S is 100x better is just, random jibberish. The larger majority of software, games & the latest hardware only operate on Windows. Apple products are seen in the business world and by I.T. professionals alike as "expensive toys". People used to use Apple stuff for making music, editing images or creating visual effects for movies. But long since then, all the very same creative software used by these kinds of people is available on Windows, with more functionality & can make use of the newer hardware that you can just go out and buy, then stick it into your PC and start using. Linux "could be great" if all the different developers sat down and decided "ok, let's get rid of these 500 variants and concentrate on developing just 2 of them instead". And if they could persuade all the manufacturers & OEM's to provide support & drivers to Linux, some do, most don't and the ones that do couldn't be bothered updating older drivers or supplying support in the future, a lot of them just this very year said they would completely "drop support for any Linux". But what do I know, maybe I'm completely wrong with my many years of experience in the industry supporting businesses & corporations throughout the world. You play games, perhaps you do know more than I do.
  10. The Germans & the Russians are not the only ones working on a technology that will allow others to "read" a persons mind, as the others have already replied with which is correct, there are many different kinds of "brain reading" research that is going on in different countries. In the not too distant future, we will have machines or interfaces that hook-up to a computer which can be used to record your thoughts, even predict what your thinking about, what you were imagining and even what words you have in your mind and what kind of feeling your going through, hate, love, fear etc.. If you do some searching around on the internet, you will find many studies that are taking place in relation to all of this.
  11. There is a "gap" which no one as of yet is focusing on. Security systems for buildings, swipe card/chip access to authorise entry into a particular office or secure location. It is possible to infect a persons swipe card using a magnetic device reader/writer with malicious code that will pass onto the security system that the infected card has access to. This can do multiple things depending on what the "attacker" is really after. First off, it can pass the attacking code via the infected card to the security system of the building and tell the system to either disable access to one or all users, allow access to everyone or a particular person and even be used as a means to pass on the malicious code to other users of the same system (building) that are swiping or inserting their cards into. The code can then pass on and continue infecting other building's security systems until it reaches it's intended destination (building). At which point the malicious code can take effect and cause all kinds of havoc, especially if the security system is linked into the network of that building... It can steal information, change routes for specific traffic in the building to point to a purposely built "system" or web site to retrieve certain users passwords for whatever it is they wish to impersonate. This can easily be done by simply changing a computers DNS server address to point to a DNS server that has been crafted to re-route the computers DNS query to another infected system. That method is mostly used because of the lack of security checks any computer or network device uses when allowing a DNS change to occur. There are other ways to manipulate any computers internet (or local servers) traffic, which involve adding false/fake ARP entries into the O/S to route traffic to another source or even just to stop a user from accessing a particular site/service. The problem with building security systems (which control entry) is that they do not do "virus" checks, they are not updated frequently and have the coding checked by professionals, so they are a prime target of tomorrows hacker/attacker. All that is needed for this to work, is a similar security system or source code for that system available to you, so that you can figure out how to inject your malicious code or even what commands to issue via the magnetic code to allow or deny access upon swiping. I won't go further into this, but it is most definitely the "gap" with I.T. & Cyber Security. Let's just say this has already been done and proven... The security experts need to be trained & updated on this new threat... so far.... no one seems to be looking at or even thinking about it as a vulnerable entry point. Just an FYI: Did you know that humans can be controlled (altered) to some degree using part of the electromagnetic frequency. Humans have no defense against this, apart from sitting in an armoured vehicle or building designed to absorb this kind of an attack. We use this type of technology to purposely incite anger, violence, fear or confusion in either an individual or even a group of people. The affected person(s) will not be able to "hear" or "see" this attack, they won't know what's going on, we can even force them to the ground or make them become violently ill, even temporarily disrupt the signals coming from the brain through the spinal cord to disable them or kill them depending on our goal. There are some experiments going on in different parts of the world at specified times to see just how much we can affect the general population, to alter the way they think to some degree, using a much larger "machine" from either above or most commonly below the ground of the areas we want to affect/study.
  12. I'm probably a bit late in replying to this topic but here it is anyway: Everyone should upgrade to Windows 10. I have wanted the world to head in the direction that Microsoft is now coming to realise is a better way to have everyone move forward... Having everyone that uses Windows on the exact same version, the same updates etc. will better allow for developers to produce better quality content and without having to constantly check for compatibility issues with their software before releasing it to the Windows Store - Which is where Microsoft is really doing all the hard work, making it more enticing for developers to make Windows Apps which can be used on a variety of devices. Eventually Microsoft will be putting Windows 10 on a subscription based model, similar to that of their Office 365. This is a smart move on their behalf, and also helps out smaller businesses & home users alike. Instead of spending 1 lump sum of money to buy windows, users will pay a much smaller ongoing monthly fee to use Windows. This has the following advantages: For businesses, they can claim it as an operating expense and reduce the amount of tax they pay, it also helps to plan/budget outgoing costs. For home users or students, the same can apply depending on what you use Windows for, again the lower monthly cost is more attractive & affordable by the larger population. For Microsoft the advantage is clear, their revenue stream will be consistent, it will generate a more even and predictable cash flow. It is true that Windows 10 is not a "complete" Operation System as of yet, but there are a bunch of very useful and welcomed "under the hood" tweaks which greatly improve the security & performance of the system compared to any previous version of Windows. Another smart move by Microsoft is allowing a certain amount of the public to become part of their testing team, to use millions of technical minded users & their systems as a testing bed for the latest updates or patches before it gets released to the general public. This allows us to provide feedback in relation to every aspect of Windows, not only do they find "bugs" faster with many minds looking into each new update, but they also allow us to offer suggestion to improve on any part of the system. With everyone in the world that uses Windows being on the exact same version with forced updates to ensure that everyone is using the latest updates etc. Microsoft can concentrate their support and development efforts on just that Operating System, which will also be extremely attractive to anyone who wants to make Games or Apps for Windows, knowing that what they develop will be useable on everyone's system & will also be offered to a much wider audience than was previously possible, allowing the Game or App maker to generate more interest & income, it also takes some of the testing and cross-platform coding requirements off the developer, which saves them time & money. Microsoft will be releasing another major update to Windows 10 later this month, which will include all the new features and bug fixes that we have all been working on. Windows 10 will also be "The final Operating System" - It will forever be dynamically changing, slowly morphing & improving over time into a newer Operating System that many years from now might not be too similar to the initial release of Windows 10. With everyone paying a monthly fee, there is no need to worry about upgrading or "forking out" a bunch of money to have the latest thing, everyone will get it at the same time (after being tested by a world-wide team consisting of about a million people on all kinds of different hardware to ensure the quality/stability of the latest updates). I have personally tested Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, many different variants of Linux, all at the same time (multi-boot) on the same systems to do a stability and performance (including start up & shutdown times) comparison. Windows 10 is indeed faster than the rest at shutting down & starting up even on much older systems, we are still working on improving the performance aspects of many applications within Windows 10, it will only get better as time goes on. The new Edge browser is also approx. 33% faster than chrome and even faster than that when compared to Firefox or Internet Explorer... However it still has some random web site and some flash & javascript coding issues which will make the browser hang or go super slow, with the next update it shall be better, still not perfect, but better than it is now for everyone using Windows 10 already.
  13. Thank you for the feedback CharonY, that was a very smart & correct response. They too thought it could have been a problem with the electrodes or even the whole machine, they have since used a few machines and tested me multiple times with the same outcome. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it at all or even how it could cause such a strange & permanent effect but: When I was about 12 years old, I had cerebral Malaria, luckily for me I survived it, however my brain is now ever so slightly "swollen" and is larger than most peoples. This does not make me smarter, in fact it just causes me to have headaches & migraines frequently, changes in weather also negatively affect me. After I had survived that, when I was about a year older I had suffered a huge electric shock from mains power. It didn't kill me obviously but that may have jumbled up my brains normal electrical activity. There is a few other very unusual things about me but I will not go into all of those, since being able to hear dog whistles and feel large sources of electricity in the air are not very useful or relevant to the subject.
  14. Thanks for the feedback ajb. I am not really looking for a diagnosis or proper medical advice, I was simply curious to my predicament. Just probing to see what theories or insights anyone might have on the matter. You never know where someone with answers could be hiding, some of the greatest ideas and feedback I have ever received have come from completely random people in the most unusual of places.
  15. I'm repeating what the doctors have said and shown me with charts, which did show the different levels of brain activity. What they showed me with all the different regions of the brain having the line at the top of the chart in each and every one of them, does suggest that what they are saying is correct. But at the same time, if that was all showing what is really happening inside my brain, then yes... It doesn't make sense, and "normally" I would have some problems or not even be able to function, this is one of those things that confuses them & myself. It's extremely odd. And to the moderator that left the friendly warning, do you realise I am not the one throwing insults around, some other people start that and continue it, the only time I do respond with a "sort of" insult you arch up at me only. Taking sides? We are also going off topic here, I would actually just like to find out if anyone has any possible theories behind why this is, or how it is that despite the given results, I don't have any obvious impairments, and I am still alive. I understand what the doctors told me, and I agree with them 100% - It doesn't make any sense.
  16. I believe you are confusing intelligence with magic, but more importantly, your responding in the exact way I had already predicted that most people would have after reading my original thread. With different kinds of "challenges" or insults mixed with sarcasm and a general dislike for anyone that would claim to be the most intelligent person. This is a natural response for a human to give, agressively responding with statements and skepticism instead of what an intelligent person would do, which is to keep what your really thinking at bay and instead of insults or abuse, they would ask some probing questions like "Why do you believe you are the most intelligent life-form on Earth?" or "What is it about the way you think that could make you asume such a thing?" and so on, until they had received enough information from the person claiming to be so intelligent to then be able to sum up their true intelligence (I call this a threat assesment) and respond to them accordingly. Some people on this forum don't act in a way that would make me perceive them as being very smart or intelligent. Just instant insults or challenges masked within an aggressive animal like reaction. But anyway, that was another thread, in this thread I was simply asking the general community if they would have any theories behind this. Incase you didn't actually read this thread, I had already mentioned that the doctors did not know, their knowledge isn't endless, they can compare my results to other peoples results and make a judgement or assesment and respond accordingly, but they simply do not have any other information for me on the matter. If they had explained anything further (which I did ask of them all) and had given me something to go on, then it is safe to assume that I would not be here on this forum posting the questions that I have. If you were even slightly "intelligent" you would have come to that conclusion yourself instead of asking (insulting) questions of why I am on here asking random people about it. And yes, if you also couldn't figure out that last line, It was a masked insult designed to irritate you further. P.S. If I were a god, I would still go walking around or flying around in a space ship - because sometimes it's fun to pretend your just a person, to blend in... so when you finally do something "magical or god-like" it leaves more of an impression on someone.
  17. Well first off, I said I was the most "intelligent" life-form on Earth, not the smartest, there is a difference. Just because someone is intelligent, it does not mean they know everything, it all comes down to education and experience. I do not have a good enough understanding on how the human brain works, and from what the doctors have told me over the years, it seems as they too don't fully understand how it works as they have all mentioned that "given all information and results of these tests, from what we understand you should not be functional, at the very least you should have a mental impairment. But we can see that this is not the case, we don't know why." So here I am, on a science forum hopefully asking in the right area for some possible feedback which could help shed some light on it. According to the doctors, which also say the same thing as you just have as to what would/should happen... They are wrong. They don't know why or how it is given that in all other cases with results such as this the person would have mental impairments or motor control problems or end up dying.. So your asking me what I think would happen if my brain was maxed out all the time for no reason.... I don't know. This is why I am here. I was hoping that someone other than the doctors and the people that performed the tests on me would be able to offer a scientific explanation as to what could actually be going on, and why it is that I'm perfectly fine. I don't know if it has something to do with genetics, my bodies (or bloods) mineral composition, trauma or what. I have absolutely no clue as to what's going on and why all the doctors keep saying that I shouldn't be alive.
  18. Just a quick question to anyone who might have the answers for me. Over many years I have been to a few different doctors and had some studies done, most of them involved hours worth of brain activity monitoring. During these tests, they would hook me up to a large amount of cathodes and have me perform different tasks, they would also ask me to close my eyes, open them, blink, move my eyes around, think of different things, and even watched me while I slept, they also used a bright light to shine in my eyes and flash at different speeds with my eyes both open & shut. After many visits and monitoring of my brain activity they brought me into a room with a slide show presentation and said the following: "Do you see this? This is a normal brain going through the course of these tests, do you see which parts of the brain are active and responding to the different tasks at any given time?" "Well that's how the brain should react" Then they changed the slides and said "Now this here is your brain reacting to any task, including what it was doing while you slept, do you see the difference?" To that I said "not really, what am I looking for?" and they replied "Your brain is maxing out with any task, even the parts of the brain that have nothing to do with the given tasks are responding, they are firing at 100%" "While you slept, your brain did not change, every part of the brain has excessive neurological activity, for that reason, you should be dead!" I still had no clue as to why they would say such a thing, I didn't understand any of it - So silly younger me at the time said "So does this mean I'm better than everyone else because more of my brain is active?" The doctor looked at me and starred as she replied with "No, in fact it's the opposite. You should be at the very least unable to function in some way or have a mental disorder, you really should be dead." They continued to say "We can clearly see that despite what we know about the brain, you are functioning perfectly normal, you respond correctly and have normal motor control, you're not impaired in any way what so ever, this really doesn't make any sense to us." So after that short story I just told you, over the years no one has been able to explain to me why that is, why do they think I should be at the very least mentally impaired in some way or even dead? What does it mean in the long run for me? A recent CT & MRI scan of my brain had the doctor tell me "Well your brain is ok, however the brain looks very mature for your age." Again, the more mature and older me replied with "So that means I am more mature and think better than other people my age?" What's with doctors always giving you the strange long stare when they say things like "No, it means your neuro pathways have been over-used & worn out". What a let down that was to hear, why doesn't any doctor just tell me "Yes, you have a better functioning brain than everyone else, your superior". Can anyone on this forum help explain to me why the tests and scans indicate that I should be damaged in some way or even possibly dead... I still don't understand it all.. What's wrong with having the brains electrical activity always maxed out and firing for no reason?
  19. There is another cause for strange aggression to develop in humans & animals, rabies. Once the symptoms set in, the disease can then become one of 2 types of rabies, but the one that causes humans (not just animals) to become confused and respond with aggression most of the time is called "furious rabies" - aptly named so. Otherwise it is unlikely that an animal or "creature" through the process of evolution would come out naturally "aggressive" all the time. However, animals, humans, creatures alike can become aggressive or be more prone to violence if their surrounding changes drastically or when "someone else" comes to visit and decides to stay long-term. For instance if they are removed from their natural habitat and put somewhere else, or if they have an "invader" show up in their territory - another animal or creature that decides to make it's home nearby, could cause the animal or creature to always be on edge and wanting to be more aggressive. Although this is usually a show (display) of aggression, as opposed to an actual onset of physical aggression towards everything else. Your best bet for whatever it is you are working on, is to base this creature around the following premise: It was taken from it's home (with some of it's family/friends) and dumped in a strange place surrounded by other unknown colourful or loud creatures.. Maybe it has "evolved" over the past few million years being forced out of it's home into other areas repeatedly every few hundred years or so - or even more far fetched, purposely taken from it's home planet & dumped into other planets over the course of millions of years in some strange immortal alien race's evolutionary experiments.
  20. I think I'm beginning to like you Sensei. Have you ever considered the posibility that the whole point of that blog site & all it's contents (similar to this thread) is to...
  21. You're a good person, I hope the people you assist on the forums appreciate your help. You will be spared from the nuclear holocaust. (I'm joking) I can see Sensei digging through the blog, wanting to post more random clips from my actual blog site into here to continue the arguments
  22. That is completely stupid. Further more, your friend at the same IQ level "Sensei" had an attempted humour in the form of suggesting that I "try" something which would most certainly kill me (or anyone) - I usually find those kinds of people lurking in YouTube or on forums mostly populated by the "younger" generation with very little to offer anyone.
  23. Your absolutely correct. Your partially onto the reason for this thread.
  24. You're right actually, it is a form of "trolling". I am most definately "trolling" for something, it seems to elude you all, but no matter I shal wait.
  25. Yes, actually this post has a scientific purpose behind it. So far, I have received the usual responses from the less-intelligent, who immediately took the bait & reponded with some key wording which helps me to identify a few things about some of you. Your responses show mostly primitive emotion/dominance influenced "reactions" to the thread in the form of "challenges" to try and show your status in one form or another, they also help me predict your "age" bracket. I'm still waiting for the proper (more intelligent) responses, no offence to you few who have already responded, your reactions were already predicted as mentioned at the beginning of this thread. I know this latest response could only further enrage your already emotionally flooded & therefor less-logically equipped brain, but it's not your fault. You have no choice in the way that you respond. To be continued...
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