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  1. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's safe to post even in here... Going off the basis that this is a "discuss anything" sort of area of the forums (within reason).. Although my original thread located under religion (my religion) was merely an attempt at being funny, do you all believe the warning I was issued to be justified? I can see how my statements could be seen as insults or an attack, but in fact they were not, I was just pointing out that certain people come across to me as "possible" deceptive humans based on the way they write, the wording they use etc. What do you guys think? A warning was definitely due for my behaviour in there, or was it kind of unnecessary and a simple locking of the thread would have sufficed.. I would love to hear some feedback
  2. Agreed. Do you spend some time looking up different words in English that could be used in any of your sentences to throw in here & there to try and appear smarter? To me, it seems as if your trying too hard... I'm not picking on you but just couldn't help but notice you overly complicate what should be a simple sentence. To quote some random scientific findings, and to hopefully further irritate you: "We believe the underlying idea behind obfuscation is to muddle the truth," said Markowitz, the lead author on the paper. "Scientists faking data know that they are committing a misconduct and do not want to get caught. Therefore, one strategy to evade this may be to obscure parts of the paper. We suggest that language can be one of many variables to differentiate between fraudulent and genuine science." "But the change the researchers found in the writing, however, is directly related to the author's goals of covering up lies through the manipulation of language." I'm not suggesting you are more likely to be a liar or want to try and prove something via means of using words which some people may not see often or even understand but... I think those researchers are suggesting this. Your like a car sales-man, trying to oversell something, which to me suggests I should ignore anything you say, you put too much effort into posts.
  3. Actually, on a side note, a lot of the people who claim to be Atheist are no different to that of anyone who follows religion. I can't help but notice more & more people try and push Atheism on others in a way that would suggest Atheism is actually in it's self, a sort of religion, which is ironic. This bugs me, because I would classify myself as an Atheist, however seeing how some people try to push it on others and explain things really does start to look like it's becoming some sort of religion, as opposed to the lack of. It's confusing. Anyway, God praise Allah. May Jebus Crabst be with you all. God bless America, but not anyone else.
  4. "Whatever floats your boat (which, this being a science forum, we all know is buoyancy)." Who feels clever now, albeit funny as it was. "a case study in the subjective and context dependent nature of humor it is then." Yes, you could say that, another way to word it without using so many words in English is: "So it was a joke". But whatever floats your gasoline.
  5. hahahahahahahahahaha ohhh man, nice one! I love how you try explain it to me, "I'm sure the joke will go above most peoples heads, as per usual." - You're a perfect candidate for this statement of mine. I hope you were just trying to entertain me and not actually trying to explain what Atheism isn't. I didn't expect to get a good laugh off this one so quickly, thank you for that.
  6. I haven't started a thread in a while, so here's one: My religion is that there is no religion, there is no god of any kind. I want to start this new religion on the basis that all religion is wrong. I will call this new religion "Atheism". And now I wait for the influx of negative votes, I'm sure the joke will go above most peoples heads, as per usual. Let's see how long this thread lasts before the mods lock it, delete it, or all gang up to click the negative button hahaha.
  7. Ok I'm going to do the moderators job here, we should probably end this particular thread or else get back onto the original topic that was not actually started by me but by someone else. I was just bringing something to attention, which in my views is perfectly valid, I also offered a recommendation which would help mitigate some of the issues here by allowing another area of the forums to be more newcomer friendly and allow them to post their own questions without being ridiculed or threatened for their lack of scientific understandings. What I said makes sense and what I recommended in response to all these posts was actually a good solution. Some of the users & mods will always disagree with me because they can't help themselves, they have ego problems which is ironic since that's supposed to be the case with me while using this online persona. This thread has gone way off course and really needs to end, the points I was making obviously fell on deaf ears, so let's just forget I said anything and please get back on topic or end this thread. P.S. iNow, I got the joke & I must admit I laughed my arse off when I read it.
  8. Let me help out here, in case some of you never take the time to actually look more carefully into some of the things being said. You cannot reference everything, especially if some of the data and research that has been conducted is not posted online, it's not freely available to the general public. I can assure you, the military has done some research & experiments, which some of them have indeed yielded "results" which indicate that telepathy is real. But, they were not able to prove telekinesis. There is far more going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of, most of it is military based, but because you cannot see the studies or results for your self, you automatically & incorrectly assume that nothing has been done or that no conclusive evidence has been found. There is such as thing as "top secret", there is also some laws in place that prevent some of the studies, results & technology that have been developed from becoming public knowledge until 30-50 years after the technology was created or after the studies have been concluded. Unfortunately I am still bound by my 2 different clearance levels in relation to my previous job, I cannot provide further information on these subjects without going to jail or going missing. But let me state this now: Your all going to kick your selves when you eventually find out just what has been done and what humans posses in forms of "technology" which is not in public hands. In approximately 8 more years, the world will get it's first announcement on something which may make you re-think your current stance on certain subjects. Just because you don't have access to certain information or can't find it on Google, doesn't mean it's not there already. I know for the majority of the population it's a "seeing is believing", but you can't see it even if it's going on because you don't have the clearance for it and the right job. Certain positive & negative vetting clearance levels mean not even people in government including the president or prime ministers can know about it. Some of them will never pass these kinds of clearances due to past history, associations, potential for blackmail, family, friends, mental health & behavioural reasons. Why do I bother to say these things now after so many of you have jumped on the "no evidence to support these claims" wagon.. You will have to wait a long while to find out. With this being said, I am no longer going to participate in these forums, none of you are even remotely scientific, your all fakes with ego issues, your all arrogant and just can't see it. Good luck to you on your quest to simply deny everything and hurl abuse at people in some form or another, whatever makes you "feel smarter" than the OP. "God said, let there be light! And there was light, then man invented the light switch." - The Angry Intellect
  9. Do you know what your doing? You're being a politician, not a scientist, you just made up some sh*t that you "think" is what I was thinking and threw it into some quotation marks as if to say this was said by me in some way. You're trying to put words in my mouth that were not there to begin with and then show it to others as if it's an accurate translation of the point I was trying to make. What I "was" saying by not wanting to reference other threads is, there are far too many examples and random threads to which I have seen this stuff go on. I am not going to spend ages looking for all the examples and then stick them in here, if you are not aware of any such examples where this sort of behaviour has occurred and you seriously want me to "prove it" to you by finding them all as opposed to you just opening your eyes and actually reading everything, then kindly, go f*** yourself. I'm done with this topic, some of you are clearly blind & have communication (and personal) issues. Grow up.
  10. I know I said I would not post again, sorry to break my word. However I have a solution or offer to which may solve some of the issues at hand. First off, I'm not targeting any specific mods and I was not just mentioning mods in all my posts, I was also referring to some of the more well known (long-term) users of this site. In general, I strongly believe that most people would appreciate some of the users and the mods not "jumping the gun" so quickly on certain threads, it also seems to be targeted, for instance any post or thread I make seems to have me on the "hit list" that I'm sure the mods have somewhere For everyone, users & mods alike, if you seriously need me to cut & past or quote the different posts that many of you have made which got me to bring this to your attention in the first place, then your lying to your selves. That's the truth, your simply lying. That or your completely oblivious to the way in which some of your posts are perceived by everyone else reading it, which is generally taken as being blunt, arrogant, harsh and sometimes just unnecessary. Some mods do target certain individuals, don't try tell me otherwise, you're not fooling anyone. Back on topic, I have a solution to which you may or may not like, I can't convince you either way but here it is: Why not have another section in the forums which is easily visible & pinned near the top, which is for all these people who seem to get confused about "speculation" to be able to post their own thoughts or theories in, which is exempt from strict rules such as citing or referencing anything they may say. Have it clearly labelled so everyone understands what it's for, and have a thread within that section (also pinned) which states to all users that this area of the forum is exempt from certain rules and may contain science fiction or threads from users who do not have a proper scientific understanding and the threads may not make sense, but are merely there for anyone who wishes to contribute to that thread. If you wanted to go a bit further, you could go through the speculation (or other) areas and find threads which "do not conform to the forums general rules" and move those threads into the new section for the people that may wish to continue speaking on those threads. That would help to clear out some of the rather odd or completely made-up "theories" that some users post, and also give them a room to breath easier without being harassed or shut down. It would also make me feel a lot better knowing that the mods are not breaching basic human rights with their abuse by giving those kinds of users a space of their own. (I'm just kidding about this line) P.S. Thanks for the reply Mordred.
  11. Right. Whatever you say. Go look at any thread, pick one at random, the way in which you guys respond is completely unnecessary, you simply interject like a commentator sometimes offering nothing of value to the conversations except to interrupt them or shut them down in some way. That's not the point of a moderator. No one reading any particular thread is forced to do so, and believe it or not, if you just sit back and watch, you will see that the people participating in the threads can work it out on their own, eventually getting things sorted out or helping the OP to understand things better. But not if you (the mods) jump in, yell something, keep telling people to cite things, giving warnings when they really didn't even say anything bad and were not out of line. If someone doesn't want to post in a thread, they won't. If they don't want to read what the "users" have to say, they won't. But you will find that most of the time you guys cut things short or lock threads when it could have got interesting and was actually being openly discussed by the users of this forum at their own will, nothing is forced up on them. What moderators SHOULD BE DOING (yes I used caps) is checking for threats, bad language perhaps, spam or other dangerous links/content being posted and if things get way out of hand & the thread catches fire and everyone gets smallpox, only then you should interject, not before hand just for you to have your "say" and express your authority for your own amusement. Otherwise... What do you contribute? Besides the obvious, which is telling people "no" and always repeating that they need to cite references & provide links to studies etc., issue uncalled for "warnings"..... I was new on here just about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I know that this post and some before it have "gone off-topic" but I'm simply pointing out what others surely must see. You just need to scale it back a bit guys. Can you understand this? Or would you like me to post a link to a site explaining it in further details for you.. I won't post again about this matter, just letting you know from a "newcomers" perspective that the moderators and some of the other regulars need to tone it down a bit, it seems unnecessary & a bit harsh at times. And furthermore, I'm The Angry Intellect.... Here I am explaining to YOU that what your doing is harsh, how ironic.
  12. Are you being serious right now? Wow, you really ... I have no words to describe how straight over your head this has gone, the more you speak and the way in which you do it just better illustrates my original point. Goodnight. P.S. In case you didn't notice, I don't push my blog, I only point it out to certain people when the very subject they are talking about or the questions they have, however strange they may be, are actually talked about on my blog, that's all.
  13. Well, in a testament to my post about it, the moderator replied in such a way that had me thinking "seriously? Your doing it again right now, I have nothing else to say in response" I'm in such disbelief that he cannot see through the many different threads in areas all over the forums where my statement doesn't ring true. Just the response he gave me in relation to my post was like.... WTF, really?? I have seen some others talking about similar matters on random threads. The moderators seem to "pick" on certain people and to anyone who is not a member or is a newcomer it just looks semi-harsh if not slightly brutal. Go read my profile.... If you still don't understand, then the statement in my profile was intended for people like you my friend. I have nothing else to say, except seriously... Just back off with the excessive enforcement and "warnings" you guys give out constantly, it's unnecessary and makes you guys appear extremely over zealous and abusive. I'm NOT going to dig through the countless threads all over the forum to point it out, you guys have serious attitude & enforcement problems.
  14. Sirona.... Are you my female clone?? Your posts in here are exactly the same as my personal views. Nice going, you doppelganger.. Although you don't look like me, I swear you're stealing my thoughts or some how know exactly what they... hrmmmm
  15. I have another theory for it's movement. Not sure if others have mentioned it before, I admit I skipped through some of the pages, could not read all the posts, far too many.. Wireless device interference or microwave energy, which does affect very light metal objects to a small extent. The only real way to prove this in a serious way, would be to put the object in a shielded room, one that doesn't have any electronic devices or wires in the room, protected from electromagnetic interference and any airflow, perhaps also in a vacuum sealed chamber inside this room with very weak LED bulbs lighting the room to not produce enough energy or heat that could possibly interfere with it, and have you sitting outside the room (but close to the object if you like) looking through glass and try affect it then. This sounds like a lot of work, but would have to be done in order to try and actually "prove" telekinesis - Which the military did also study back in the days and found no evidence to support it, telekinesis seems impossible when you conduct the experiments properly over a longer period of time. As for some of the OP's questions regarding telepathy and the likes, he would be better off visiting my blog (link in my signature) - to which I have recently posted something that I worked on with an organization, which was founded by some of the people that created the training/methods for RV (Remote Viewing) for the Army, before it then evolved into TRV (Technical Remote Viewing) and once more into what it is today. (After the military stopped all funding & research into TRV.)
  16. I'm not trying to become another target for the mods to attack here, but could you "moderators" & some long-term members take it a bit easier on some of the not so scientifically minded individuals that probably just come to these forums to post questions about something... Considering they probably got confused with the term "speculation" and thought it meant you can come into this section to post things that don't have any theories or studies backing them up. I believe they are more so just wanting to post their own "theory" or curious thoughts to the more educated & informed people residing in the forums for their feedback on the particular question... Instead of receiving a subtle (passive-aggressive?) response which they all seem to get whenever they speak without citing or referencing anything............................... What I'm getting at is this: Stop being self-righteous pricks towards newcomers who just want someone smarter than they are on the particular issue to give them some feedback. I'm sure many others reading this feel the same way. Some of you do come across as excessively harsh. Feel free to click the negative button or delete my post, you usually do.
  17. I agree with what has been said above by others. To be able to generate strong enough gravity waves to be used as a forms of communications would require far more energy than anything we could imagine. Probably have to harness all the energy of all the stars in our own galaxy to do this... Think about the size of Earth... its tiny, and we are yet a tiny speck on that tiny planet, even a far more advanced alien race would have difficulties harnessing enough energy to do this. Why bother, when you can use a trillion x a trillion fold less energy to produce something like a laser or radio waves for communications. Before we bother trying to use gravity to interfere with another dimension or parallel universe, we first need to know if they even exist and fully understand how they function in relation to our own universe before trying to communicate between them, since we don't even know if other alien races exist within our own universe let alone our own galaxy. Doing that would be like a single cell organism trying to build a rocket to get to the centre of the galaxy... not really going to happen any time soon or even in the foreseeable future. I'm guessing you watched the movie "Interstellar"... Even being able to do what was shown in the movie, creating a wormhole that when you go through it to another part of the universe, you then find & fall inside a black hole only to be thrown into some super-wacky space/time distorted area where you can magically use your hands to press on visible gravity waves to produce an effect back on Earth many years prior.... That's a complete load of crap times infinity then multiplied by space cake and dusted with diamond bacon pieces. Not gunna happen.
  18. uhm. I may not be the smartest person alive, but most of what you said seems to me like you were just throwing random words together. virtual particles? distorting orbits? eh?? I have no idea if gravity could one day be manipulated to be used as a form of communications. Possibly... But from what a little grey birdie once told me, they already use "light" as a form of communications. They encode data into light streams coming from stars as a means to send their information/communications between planets & galaxies. Not exactly sure how they do this, something along the lines of "attaching" modified particles into the streams of light coming from a star and using the stars own energy to propel the particles through out the galaxy. Once a stream is received they do the same by replying with the nearest star to send the reply back towards its source, thus they have a powerful transmission without the needs of artificial power to produce a strong enough transmitter. Don't worry, most people will think this is nonsense or argue that it's not possible. I'm just passing along what the little grey birdie told me. At any given moment, this particular race can communicate with each other across the galaxies without a less technologically advanced race being able to "pick up" on their signals, because they usually look for other types of radiation that they think would be used instead of the light coming from stars them selves. Just some food for thought. Humans are not looking in the right areas for signals, even if they managed to figure out that it's light from stars which is hiding the transmissions, they would still need to figure out the encoding techniques, then decipher the stream... Since they don't use 1's & 0's or English, I'm sure their signals will go a very long time without being detected. P.S. The light bouncing off the moon at night (when there is no direction sun (our local star)) is also bouncing the hidden signals to Earth. Still not sure about gravity, I'm assuming it would require an enormous amount of energy to do this as opposed to using light.
  19. I'm not trying to promote a product on behalf of a company. With respect to Linux and new hardware, I'm not saying the O/S won't work, but many manufacturers are for whatever reason, dropping support for Linux. Any new drivers may not be provided, you can still use the generic built-in stuff that Linux uses, but this does lack in terms or performance and features, including proper offloading support (networking) or hardware acceleration. Another note, Linux is a bare-bone sort of system, to some this may be a benefit, not having all the extra options or properties available to change certain aspects of the hardware functionality... But to most people including I.T. experts who like to change the network adapter settings or the sound cards sample rates or other features, this lack of functionality in Linux is annoying. For instance, as I'm writing this reply, I have basically 2 options for my sound.. On or off. I can turn the volume up & down. Can I change the frequencies (sample rates) or adjust any other settings? - No, they simply don't exist. I was having issues with the network adaptor in Linux, I need to turn off TCP & ARP offloading to stop it from dropping out randomly... I can turn off some of it, if I load up a terminal window, and type in a few lines of commands but as soon as I restart, it's back to the way it was, have to type in the commands again, or figure out how to script in Linux, make a script then stick it in the right area and make sure it is applied at start-up... which is no easy task for anyone who is not fairly I.T. savvy. Same goes with the video card, I have an nvidia card in this thing, I can use some older drivers supplied via the repositories but... I want to change certain features, which don't exist in the Linux version of the nvidia drivers... And when you do change them, once you log out or restart, it's back to the way it was. Figuring out how to get these settings to permanently "stick" across reboots is a pain in the as*. What about the latest version of the Adobe Flash player plug-in? Nope... You can't view certain sites or access content, your stuck with flash version 11.2, even stated on the Adobe site when you try to upgrade - "No longer supporting Linux, 11.2 is the final version". Same goes for things like WireShark (networking tool), the newer versions are not available for Linux, sure you could download the source code and then compile a package and make it available.... if you know how or could be bothered to do so.. Despite all Canonical's efforts in trying to make Ubuntu (and other variants) simple, more user friendly and compatible... They are still about a decade behind both Windows & Mac. With plenty of useful and mainstream software NOT available on Linux, with the lack of up to date drivers, lack of flash support and some manufacturers of both hardware & software "dropping support" for Linux... It's not looking good for anyone who wants to continue using Linux further down the road for a proper Desktop setup, not just for basic internet related stuff and some games.. For most hardware & software providers, the reason they no longer care or never did is due to this fact: Linux (all of them combined!) only accounts for less than 2% of the entire Desktop/Laptop market. For the latest features and proper hardware support, Linux is a no no. For business, Linux is terrible, it's severely lacking business-grade features and functionality. For user-friendliness, Linux is still lacking and not so user friendly anyway. For software developers, Linux doesn’t have enough market share to warrant making software or to even "port" the software over to it. For gamers, Linux "might" work if you use Wine and can find the wine trick that works for that particular game, but again using the latest drivers that may be needed.... Nope. HOWEVER.. For the random odd-ball that just thinks he's cool for using Linux or wants to access many web sites and other "shifty" content that could contain viruses or just wants something to play with that’s simple and can't do much... then yeah, sure, use Linux... It also works out great for hackers and "some" I.T. people that may need to use it to access certain systems or raid arrays, but mostly for network issues (configuring switches/routers, diagnostics). As I have said exactly all this time & time again at random places, I will ask it again here: If both Windows & Linux were FREE, which one do you think everyone would use? Now what about if you had to pay up to $250 to use Windows, but Linux was FREE... which one do you think people would want to use? Wait, hold the boat, what's that Angry Intellect... People ARE paying good money to use Windows and Linux is already FREE??? Gee I wonder why that is. And no, it's not marketing, it's because of the reasons I just mentioned. Along with many random glitches, bugs, installation problems (with half of the flavours of Linux) and lack of up to date hardware and software support. The only argument anyone could have for not wanting to go with Windows 10 (or Mac if your a simpleton..) is because of "Privacy issues". Guess what, Ubuntu also sends out your usage and setup details to Canonical, and Firefox that comes with Ubuntu by default, also sends out these details to Mozilla. Using an iPhone or iPad? Using an Android based phone/tablet? Windows phone/tablet? THEY ALL SEND OUT TONS OF INFORMATION ABOUT YOU BACK TO THE COMPANIES. With Windows 10, They do inform you of what gets sent out, how it is used, where to find the privacy agreement and even where to go and what to click to DISABLE this kind of feedback to Microsoft. They explain what it does and what will happen if you turn it off, it's entirely up to you to decide if you want it left on or turned off. In relation to that silly and fake I might add "post" about "Microsoft admits the spying cannot be stopped in Windows 10"... They never said that, it's a complete load of sh*t. You should get your news directly from the source, not post something that was entirely fictitious and probably posted on a site that is simply anti-Microsoft or even worse, paid by one of their rivals to put out those sorts of false claims in hopes of spreading fear and distrust with them. You have no idea just how many web sites, reviews and statements are actually all done by people that are paid to do these kinds of things, it's extremely wide-spread and even slipping over to "reputable" sites, with certain editors (writers) of review sites or tech blogs being paid under the table to say these things. It's like watching tennis or soccer.... then finding out years later that most of it was all bullsh*t! A lot of the games, the players and even the head officials had been paid off to throw a match or do something wrong on purpose, cheat in some way etc... But with the internet, with reviews, comments, posts, blogs, articles... This sort of "dodgy" practice has been going on for years and is only getting worse, no one knows & no one cares, because it's so common that everyone has just accepted this fact and the ones that do know, know exactly what to look out for, who to trust and who to not trust, but the larger majority just reads something on a few random web sites and thinks it must be true. FYI: Don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia either... Half the stuff has been edited or changed to tell a different story or "skew" the facts a little. I know because.... I purposely go about changing random articles on Wiki in little bits at a time to see what gets fact checked and what doesn’t. I then show people I know the "changes" I had made and how it's still up there as factual on Wiki for the world to read... I'm not evil, I'm making a point. Another FYI, I have done approximately 700 upgrades on different businesses & companies systems from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10. I only ever saw 2 computers with minor problems relating to the nvidia display driver which needed to be removed then re-installed again, So as a just in case, I remove that driver before I run the upgrades then install the latest one after the upgrade is complete. Every single customer has stated "We love Windows 10! It's just faster then Windows 7, and that new browser is faster for all the sites we access!" - Even I didn't expect that much positive feedback from them, I would have thought some office workers would hate the new design or have some issues with it... But with all the different hardware & software these completely different companies had in use, everything worked just fine, and did provide better performance even on older hardware. I won't be posting anything else in this tread, if you still have issues or comments in relation to anything I just said, then your the one with issues. Everything I talked about is factual, tested, proven in real-world many times over. I still use Linux here & there to keep up with the different systems available, I mostly use it to play around & do the occasional "White-Hat" projects/contracts for counter-hacking & information gathering on behalf of companies.
  20. One important thing that humans seem to ignore is that human "emotions" play a significant role in their understanding of "consciousness" and their decision making. I'm just taking a wild guess.... That a more advanced "alien" intellect would not go about research the same way as a human does, they would not have the same agendas or "goals" as a human. The "alien" may also have almost no emotions what so ever, which would not hinder their research or findings. The biggest issue with humans is that everything they ever do or say is based mostly on their own "views" of a particular subject, based on what they "feel" is right or should be done. This is the biggest problem with humanity, their emotions get in the way, for instance with questions regarding "consciousness", it's just a term humans came up with, deciding that if a life form is aware of it's self, it knows its place in the world and can think of cause & effect and that doing certain things would affect other life forms in it's world, then it must be conscious. Aliens with a far more advanced intellect may not care if something is conscious, since it has no relevance to their research or goals in life, they would probably have long since moved on from such philosophical and pointless questions about "consciousness". Just taking a guess... And if someone tries to argue otherwise, they can think twice about what they are saying. Since no one has ever met an "alien" race and could not know for sure, it would be pointless to argue otherwise, since humans simply do not know. All humans can do is take a guess based off what they already know.. I am going to say... Aliens don't think anything of the matter, They simply don't care, it's a human thought. Aliens do not have human agendas or goals, they don't have emotions to guide them down some pointless path. Don't ask why I "think" that, you don't want to know the answer.
  21. Just some food for thought, None of this has been proven as of yet, but researchers are still looking into these possibilities: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachyon http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/particles-found-to-travel/ Just remember, these are "possible" theory's that are still under research to either confirm or deny of the existence of such "faster than light" particles. To this date, I do not believe any researchers have discovered hard evidence to support this theory. Some researchers have once "found" evidence and have done the tests time & time again to confirm it, but in the end, I think it was a glitch in their optical timing equipment that caused all their results... The research still continues..
  22. Strange, I'm going to give up looking for this now. I have searched through so very many web sites and search engines using different keywords all to no avail. I cannot locate or find anything what so ever in relation to the swipe card virus that could transfer into the buildings physical security system and then copy it's self onto other swipe cards. I know it's possible, I saw the guy do it on a documentary style video, he even explained how he did it and why the system would read the information and some how change that data into commands once in it's memory. But for some reason, the video I am searching for or anything like it, seems to be either well hidden or removed from the internet... I know this doesn't sound likely and it's driving me nuts not being able to find it, I spent many hours until this moment when I decided to finally give up. The guy was brittish, and he performed the test (successfully) on a large corporate building somewhere, you first need a valid ID/swipe card, the system must authorise the access to the building, and I can't remember the mechanism behind why it then reads the extended data and translates it into writable code/commands after it had been read into it's internal memory, but I watched him do it and even explain how he did it, but at the time I was just thinking "wow, thats actually possible?", I should have paid a lot more attention, because the video and any mention of it f***ing disappeared from the face of Earth! To pass the virus/malicious code onto other systems within the building, the physical security system had to be connected (which most of them are now) to the internal network or a server. Sometimes there is a separate computer that connects to the physical security access controller and is segregated from the rest of the network solely for ID card management purposes, so in that case all you can do is grant access to other ID cards or stop access, but you would not be able to then take control of any other internal systems. That kind of segregation is happening less & less now as external security & management firms login to the systems remotely & issue new cards or override access, this is what gives rise to the viruses effectiveness, when the system is connected to the internal network. I'm extremely sorry I could not locate the information for you, I assure you it's the truth and did take place as a real-world test, I now have a headache and I am going to sleep, I hate failure, not finding this is literally doing my head in.
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