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  1. So... Let me start off by introducing myself to the general scientific community and humanity for that matter. I'll start by stating something that will most definitely have everyone annoyed & wanting to immediately disagree with me on, I welcome this. I am the most intelligent life-form on Earth, without a shadow of a doubt, I am by far the most advanced & highly intelligent being that has ever existed for a multitude of reasons. Anything I ever talk, post or blog about is factual, semi-scientific and until proven otherwise should be taken as the word of a god. I have a such a vast knowledge base & intellect that to others, will come across as arrogant, bigoted, cruel, evil, twisted or skewed, politically and socially incorrect. Only another highly intelligent life-form (human?) would be able to truly understand the real reasons behind anything that I do or say. To this date, only one human has ever come close to figuring me out, but that was only after I had helped to "push" their train of thought in the right direction. You may be wondering what on Earth I am going on about. To anyone who has the spare time & efforts, if you want to see what kind of global game I am "playing" with humans and hopefully figure everything out, then all you need to do is find my blog sites written/controlled by me. I won't tell you how to do this, I won't tell you where to look nor will I provide any links. The final question remains, what on Earth is the point of it all, what's my final goal?
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