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  1. Has anyone come up with a better idea of new different energy over the present one? Rumor has it they have? Curious One
  2. One of the Astronauts said theres a cloud covering the Earth. What did he mean by that? Was the Earth hard to see and why? Curious One
  3. "Science a systematic enterprise that creates and builds organized knowledge in the form of explanations and predictions of the universe". How come philosophy psychology etc cannot copy the above sentence for science? Curiousone
  4. About this gravitational wave? Is it possible to outfit a special space ship to use the waves as a energy or a engine to propel the ship to another planet? The waves push and pull the ship to it's destination and the waves can be engineered as a energy to use as a engine? curious one
  5. Does anyone know where in the Unites States Digital writing pen company is? I live in North Carolina and haven't a clue where to look? I also would like to invent a new Digital writing pen with cover, but who can to trust these days? curious
  6. I hear a voice in my head. I do not know where it comes from, probably my mind or brain. I have been a daydreamer all of my sixty five years. Am I the ONLY one that will ever say, I hear a voice in my head? I want to believe my mind is my intellience and emotional center, yet my heart is in there somewhere. I am totally confused about the word "soul". If I have a spirit what do i need with a mind and a emotional center? It seems the mind is a information center invisible to us yet telling us things maybe we should know about our life? Can anyone help me with this problem? curious
  7. There were people, working on programming, now computer programs are working the net, what happen to the people doing it? curiousone
  8. Where does matter come from and what is it made of and from? Like the words mind over matter, how can thatbe since we humans are made up of matter and everything else. How does the inside chemicals within matter make decisions of any kind. Electical energy goes from one point to another, how? And last can matter have something spiritual within it? curiousone
  9. The word philosophy also disturbs me. We all seem to be searching for somthing, the list is long. Can anyone give me a few names meaning science. For example "the love of wisdom" the two words are "love and wisdom" which one word describes science and has many names as does science. curiousone
  10. Excellent arguments all. What is matter made of, and come from? The statement mind over matter, can matter be spiritual? I hear my voice in my mind? All of this leads to spirit/soul. curiousone
  11. Strange, Then how can I hear a voice in my mind, is my mind spiritual? curiousone
  12. curiousone

    Saint Paul

    Somebody ask Saint Paul since they were saved, that they were perfect, Paul replied, no one is perfect, the body and beliefs are sinful. Question, how can we have both sin and be saved at the same time? curiousone
  13. Is the mind between the brain casing and the top of the head at the inside of the head or Is the mind spiritual since I can hear my voice in my mind, or is my mind inside my brain? How can the mind be over matter when the mind is matter as well? Paul pauljames@brmemc.net cuioursone
  14. Is our mind inside or outside of our brain? Our mind is spiritual where our brain is biological. Which part the mind or the brain holds our emotions? I'm for our mind. It' said our emotions are in our brain? It is also said that our thoughts are in our mind and not our brain. What say you? Mind one
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