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  1. I have a question that, for some reason, I simply can't find the answer to anywhere. Despite a lot of searching. For a while I've been researching the phenomenon of pneumatic or hollow bones in birds, and that's all very fascinating. I've also found out that pneumatization can occur in bones not normally pneumatized during a "pathological development". I'm assuming that means as a genetic inconsistency due to some kind of disease. However, what I'm interested in is a more conclusive explanation as to how pneumatic bones did, or at least could have developed. And perhaps how they theoretically could develop in a species that normally does not have them. Thank you for your time
  2. Hello there I'm a creative writer working on a worldbuilding project where I'm trying to create a typical fantasy universe, but based more on realism and "theoretical plausibility" in lack of a better term. Fictional lifeforms are designed with evolution in mind, laws of physics are consistent and so on. To an extent where it's looking more like medieval science fiction. With my limited knowledge in a lot of scientific fields, this naturally creates a few obstacles. Despite that, I'll be damned if I don't at least try. Something I've been playing around with, and what I'd love to hear some input and feedback to, is the idea of creating a type of energy or the like, that could be considered equivalent to magic. What I've thought of so far, is a fundamental type of energy or particle (I'm honestly not sure what the correct term would be) that happens to be an anomaly from our own universe, it just naturally exists in this universe. This energy, while invisible to the naked eye, is able to affect nearly everything physical at a molecular level. It can't conjure mass from nothing, but it's able to move objects as well as cause chemical reactions within them (alter the state of liquids and solids or even provoke emotional responses etc.). It's all still a bit jumbled at the moment. As I'm typing this I'm even having a hard time understanding it myself. The thing I'm struggling with the most is explaining the how behind it. What would be required for an invislbe "energy" to be able manipulate the physical world to such an extent? Or is it simply so supernatural that I'll be better off with a "just because" reasoning? Thank you for your time
  3. These are all fantastic answers so far, thanks a lot to everyone of you who's taken the time to explain, it's helped a lot
  4. Hello there science folks! Pardon if this is indeed the wrong forum, but it seemed fitting. I'm not sure how relevant this is compared to usual sciency discussions, but I am am a humble creative writer in search of answers for a video game project that I'm dabbling in. While it is fiction, I love trying to base it on something that is at least realistic in theory. What I'm wondering is, is there a certain center in the brain that governs aggressive and or violent behavior, or something along those lines? In the sense that a creature could adapt or develop in such a way that it was more prone to aggressive or considerably violent behavior, without necessarily being malicious for the sake of causing harm. In other words would it be possible for a species as a whole to be innately more violent than other species, but without actually being violent for the sake of abuse. And if so, what would most likely be the cause? Think dense brutes who aren't aware that bashing things with heavy objects makes it "not fun" for the things getting bashed.
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